Post-Game: Zdeno’s World



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Tonight’s Flames-Bruins rematch in Boston went exactly the way you thought it would – the Flames lost to a vastly superior opponent again for the second time in a week, falling 2-0 in Beantown.

The Rundown

The Flames actually kept pace pretty well in the first, matching the Fenwick and Corsi attempts of the Bruins for long streches of time. The amount of action overall was little, though, with shots being 10-9 for the Bruins, all at even strength. Both Rask and Berra made a couple of nice saves, but ultimately neither gave any ground.

Great work, boys. Via imgur.

The second period was a little bit more eventful, though, as the Bruins would break through a little less than midway through the period while on the PP. Zdeno Chara knocked home a David Krejci shot while in front of the net to give the Bruins a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. The Bruins would take control of the game from here on out, though, and by the end of the second they would have a 15-shot attempt lead on the Flames. 

The dominance continued in the third, with the Bruins extending their lead less than two minutes into the period off of another Chara PP goal – his 9th of the season. It was basically a carbon copy of his previous goal, with our old friend Jarome Iginla dishing it off to Krejci before Chara scored again on the rebound. Even though the Bruins were up by 2 goals for 18 minutes, they still matched the Flames attempt-for-attempt throughout the period. The Flames were simply outclassed tonight by a better team.

Why The Flames Lost

Zdeno Chara is one of the greatest defenseman of this generation and he had a damn fine game tonight. His Corsi% tonight was just shy of 80 and he scored both of his team’s goals. Chara’s ability to shut players down is astounding: 

The Flames fell victim to him, the depth of the Bruins’ offense and one Mr. Tuukka Rask tonight.

Red Warrior

Mikael Backlund had another great game tonight, going 50% in Corsi despite starting in the defensive zone 55% of the time. He led Flames forwards in ice time as well, with 21 minutes. 

Sum it Up

The Bruins are one of the best tems in the league. The Flames are not. Thus, this loss is not unexpected. Surprisingly, this is only the first time the Flames have been shut out the entire year.

The Flames play next on Thursday versus Detroit. Game time is 530PM.

    • crapshoot

      Yeah, because Berra sure as hell deserves your hate after a game where he makes 29 saves and goes .935 against one of the best teams in the league. That’s pretty harsh.

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you about the starting goalie vs Detroit, I like Ramo better at the moment too, but we might want to save slinging crap on Berra for a game where he actually deserves it.

  • prendrefeu

    Well thank goodness we have drafted and aquired some players in the Chara mould. Breen and Kanzig are probably pretty close or will be once they fully develop. Generational players to be sure!

    Berra played pretty well.

  • prendrefeu

    seems odd to me that they’d sign Klimchuk before Poirier.

    Then again, I suppose it’s a tad easier to reach Klimchuk since he plays in Regina. The Pats were in town tonight, weren’t they? Was Klimchuk travelling with the team?

    • prendrefeu

      I was thinking/wondering the same thing: Poirier would be a really great signing – not only does he have some skill, he has that #truculence for ol’ Burkey.

      And when are the Flames going to get Gaudreau signed in ink?

      • prendrefeu

        gaudreau can’t sign until he is done at bc. he won’t be done until april at the earliest.

        poirier doesn’t have to be signed until 2015. no worries. entry-level deals are generally standardized contracts, so this is really just a step in the development process.

    • prendrefeu

      No he wasn’t travelling with the Pats. An article on said that he has been out of the lineup the past couple of weeks with a lower body injury, but he is close to returning.

    • Parallex

      It makes far more sense for Poirier to sign after January 1.

      An 18 or 19 who sign an entry-level contract (age calculated on Sept. 15 of the year he signed the contract) but does not play in at least 10 NHL games, the contract will slide and be extended a year but IIRC the extension does not apply if the player turns 20 between Sept. 16 and Dec. 31 in the year he signed the contract. Poirier’s 20th Birthday? December 14 of next year.

      Any agent that would recommend that Poirier sign in 2013 is an agent that ought to be fired and find a different line of work as he’d be costing his client hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • aloudoun

    If anyone is watching 24/7 with the Leafs and Red Wings this means the Flames will be one of the teams the wings play on Sundays Episode!

    24/7 is awesome. I would love to see the Flames get on that show.