FGD: Flying Out of 2013

Pic via Camera Slayer

The Calgary Flames are sending 2013 out tonight, hopefully in style, against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are one of many middling Eastern Conference teams that are barely above the .500 mark but still have playoff hopes. To be honest, the Flyers likely aren’t that much better than the Flames, but they benefit from playing the Eastern teams more.

In terms of line-ups, Ray Emery will start for the Flyers and Reto Berra goes for Calgary. If Kevin Westgarth arrives in time, he’ll slot in for the home side, so presumably your extra bodies for the Flames are Chris Breen, Markus Granlund and, possibly, TJ Galiardi.

The puck drops at 7pm MT and the game will be carried on various Sportsnet properties.

Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year’s everyone!

  • Spaz

    I think you’re selling the Flyers a bit short, they had an abysmal start to the season (3 wins in October) but have been playing at a much better rate lately. Not saying they’re a world beater but 17 wins in the last 25 is a bit above .500

  • Spaz

    Well if you’re tossing in a face puncher you might as well ask for Simmonds back.

    Hell their third line of Read, Couturier, and Lecavalier for the dancing bear straight up!

  • RedMan

    Looking forward to the game, as usual.

    Flames need to put a few in the net just for sake of morale. Hopefully tonight.

    Blessing to all, and hope your new year is happy and prosperous.

  • cunning_linguist

    It’s pretty obvious, here’s what’s happening:

    Burke had a meeting with Ownership. He tells them “guys, this Connor McDavid kid is the key to making the Flames a Cup Champion again”. He then proceeds to lay out a plan whereby he fires Feaster, takes over as interim GM and makes our roster as terrible as possible. Trading Cammy, Stajan, Stemps, even McGrattan (anyone with any possible trade value) in exchange for prospects and picks in the 2015 draft (as it is much deeper than the 2014 draft).

    The only problem: The NHL won’t permit a team to tank obviously, no throwing games. It would be dumb to just call up kids and throw them all to the wolves as you waste valuable development time down in the AHL. Instead, Burke outlines a brilliant scheme whereby he will insist upon his old Toronto model of SIZE + GRITCHART + FACEPUNCHER = SUCCESS, a model he has since learned will not build a contender. This strategy of filling the Flames roster with dancing bears will allow us to tank for a bunch of awesome top 3 draft picks over the coming years, while simultaneously protecting the kids down in Abby from “losing culture”, staying under the NHL’s “no intentional losing allowed” radar, and providing entertaining, albeit losing, physical facepunching hockey for the fans.

    At least I sincerely hope so.

  • Burnward

    Odd move but does it really make a difference? The Flames are going to miss the playoffs and get another lottery pick. We all knew this before the season began.

  • Burnward

    Going to be a long go for the Flames. They need so much and beyond a few pieces including Gio and Monahan they don’t have much. I’m not a fan of Glencross and I’m indifferent on Cammy and Hudler and the goaltending situation is very suspect so household changes are needed. This is not an easy task but time will tell.

    On a more positive note, great win by Team Canada and Coach Sutter today. Still lots of tournament left but good victory to silence the comments of many, including WW. Happy New Year folks.

  • Burnward

    Took me until now, or maybe it’s the intoxicants, but I think I finally figured out who I should be comparing Monahan to in his prime.

    I’m going with Patty Marleau.

  • Burnward

    Uninspired ho-hum crapola for the third straight game. Is this the 2014 “hockey” approach under new management? At least at the start of the season there were a few goals. Paint drying, glaciers melting, ugh. Dull and painful like Burke putting on a tie the morning after a whiskey tear. Yikes.