Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: LA

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He started the season with 9 goals and 13 points in 14
games after missing games due to a hand injury. The fan base collectively hollered “trade him now!” They
didn’t trade him. Since then, he’s scored 4 times in 28 games, and now, it’s likely that the Calgary Flames want to trade him. The circumstances surrounding Mike Cammalleri and his
potential departure are odd, to say the least. It seems
like every week, a “prominent hockey analyst” reports something
different about the 31-year-old winger. New teams, new asking prices and new
wrinkles in the situation enter the fray weekly. Reports a few weeks ago even
suggested the Flames may no longer trade him all-together, and that an
extension to remain a Flame was in the works. That, however, makes little
sense for the team nor the player, so for this exercise we’ll assume he’s on
his way out the door.

If he is indeed to be dealt by the March 5th trade deadline, where
could he go and what could the return look like? We’ll be breaking down the
most likely destinations for Cammalleri and would the potential return could
look like, starting with the Los Angeles Kings today.

Why LA?

It’s probably the most obvious destination, because it’s no
secret that the Kings are in the market for scoring – sitting 29th in goals
for, overall. Bringing back the game breaking winger, who began his NHL career
with a crown on his jersey, into the fold could very well be an option explored
by Dean Lombardi and the Kings brain trust in the coming weeks.

One might argue that the Kings are better off chasing other
scorers available on the market like another former King, in Matt Moulson or
Islanders snipe show Thomas Vanek in their search for scoring, but Cammalleri
could be a more attractive catch for a number of reasons. The primary reason
being the potential to re-sign the player and the player’s playoff dominance. Cammalleri
has made it no secret he enjoys California
(who doesn’t, really) and he’ll no doubt take a salary cut next season, which
could amalgamate into an extension. Assuming Cammalleri cuts down to around $4 or
$4.5M per season and the fact that the relatively heavy Willie Mitchell and Matt
Greene contracts are coming off the books, the Kings could comfortably fit
Cammalleri into their line-up for years to come. To the playoff point, the
Kings are clearly “going for it” once again and Cammi is a point per
game scorer in the playoffs. He also has more points in less playoff games than
both Moulson and Vanek combined. The optics of a Cammalleri deal are looking
pretty good for the Kings, not even mentioning the return for the Richmond Hill, Ontario
native could be considerably less than that of the other two aforementioned

The Return

Best Case Scenario

The Iginla: 2014 1st
Round Pick + B/C Prospect (Nicolas Deslauriers, Derek Forbort, Nikolai

At this point, I think a 1st rounder for Cammalleri would be
a real nice grab. The prospects listed above are either extremely high risk
(Prokhorkin) or not really blue-chippers (Deslauriers) so the 1st would be to
balance out the scales. I really doubt they net a 1st, but it’s a possibility.

The three prospects are also the types I think the Flames may
target when making this deal: good potential players who carry a risk component
making them expendable in their current organization.

Nic Deslauriers is an offensive defenseman with average
defence, but is coming on 23 years of age and is yet to establish himself as a
full time NHLer. He does sit second on the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs in
scoring, which is an impressive feat for a blueliner. The 6-foot-4, 200 plus
pound Derek Forbort is a former 1st rounder but hasn’t developed quite the way
the Kings would like, showing little offensive ability. He’s scored just once
in 51 AHL games this year and had just six goals in over 100 NCAA games. He’s
not quite Kanzig territory, but probably not too far off. Forbort is an
effective shutdown guy however and could fit nicely in Calgary’s bottom two pairings in the near
future. Nik Prokhorkin is a highly skilled, dynamic forward who was a caught in
an odd contract dispute that derailed his draft +1 season. He could be an
impact player but the Kings might not want to deal with the politics and
potential headache that part of the package deal.

Corey Pronman ranked the Kings prospects at Hockey
Prospectus this summer, you can have a look for yourself and identify potential

Realistic Scenario

2014 3rd Round Pick +
A/B Prospect (Zykov, Pearson, Vey) 

The Kings lack a second round pick in both the 2014 and 2015
drafts so after the Top 30 selection, the 3rd rounder is the next best thing.
It’s a pretty lackluster piece in the grand scheme of things, so it would need
to be accompanied with something significant to really justify
making the deal. I would suggest Tyler Toffoli as a return but I’d imagine
that’s the non-starter for the Kings considering the rookie winger’s performance
this season.

Other than Toffoli, the Kings boast a decent compliment of
top forward prospects, most prominently their 2013 2nd round selection,
Valentin Zykov. Zykov is a high octane, offensive minded winger who’s had a
good – not great – season in the QMJHL this year. He currently sits with 18
goals and 49 points in 40 games. Poirier has been better, in comparison, but
the offensive tools on the six-foot, 207 pound Russian native are undeniable
and unmistakable. He won’t be a piece the Kings will be eager to part with, but
would be a solid catch if pried out of Hollywood.
Tanner Pearson was a great story of an underdog rising from the shadows in his
draft year and has since been picked in the 1st round (2012, 30th), established
himself as a top prospect and scored his first NHL goal. Pearson had a strong
rookie AHL campaign and continued on the solid play into his sophomore season,
currently sitting on 16 goals for 29 points in 38 games. He’s probably not NHL
ready at this point but isn’t far from it. One of Pearson’s frequent linemates
in the AHL is another top Kings prospect by the name of Linden Vey, whom the
Flames may have interest in. Vey is a point per game in the AHL this season –
28 in 28, with 10 of them being goals – and is a decently sized skilled
forward. Standing six-foot, 200, Vey was a dynamite WHL scorer before
translating his skills to the AHL. This is Vey’s third AHL season and he’s
steadily improved in each of the last three years, to the point where he may be
ready for a taste of the National Hockey League.

Sum It Up

The Los Angeles Kings
appear to be the most sensible destination for Cammalleri when considering all
the factors involved. There are, however, other options for the Kings on the
open market should they choose to pursue a scorer. The aforementioned Moulson
or Vanek scenario’s could be determined as better options by the Kings, thereby
voiding the possibility for Cammalleri. Should Los Angeles decide on Cammi being the best
fit for their organization, they posses a decent arsenal of assets to make it
worth the Flames’ while.

  • Michael

    Returning a first round pick looks good on paper, but the LA pick is likely to be another late first rounder in what seems to be a ‘weaker’ draft. The Flames have a number of mid range prospects, so I think I would focus on getting the best available prospect rather than the draft picks.

  • Michael

    Ship him out with Stempniak, these guy will walk if they aren’t traded and we will get nothing in return. Teams will be pretty desperate as the Mar. 5th deadline approaches.

    I wish they would send Toffoli our way, maybe the Flames would have to package Cammy with something to make that work.

    We thought Myers or Kassian were coming here in the Regehr trade, didn’t happen we got Byron and Butler. We thought Bartkoskwi and Khudobin would be here in the Iggy trade, he refused Boston and we got Hanowski and Agostino. We still got first round picks out of the Iggy and Jay-Bo deals. If L.A. wants to give us a first for Cammy, I say hell yeah!

    • T&A4Flames

      I think people forget that last years draft was touted as the best draft in a decade; lots of depth in it. We likely got at least 3 bonafide great to good prospects out of it. This year, not so much in quality at the draft. I would think 1st rounders, especially ones expected to be late picks, will go much easier.

      I would be very happy with a return of Zykov and a 2nd.

      • T&A4Flames

        I knew last year’s draft was excellent and the Flames won that hands down. I’m just saying the return in trades should at least match what you draft. If we are trading core players, albeit some past their prime we should get more than underwhelming prospects. If certain guys aren’t expected to crack an NHL roster why bother trading for them in the first place. I would have taken some younger, proven guys already playing on a regular basis. If the pick is what you want then take the pick, unless you really need to fill out guys on your farm system.

  • T&A4Flames

    Trade Cammy to the Blues and pry Ty Rattie in return! That will stop my personal whining about the JBo trade and why we also didn’t get Rattie in that deal. Please……

  • Danny Lawson

    I believe hopes for a 1st round in exchange for Cammalleri seem a little optimistic for a UFA who game the past 2 seasons has slipped considerably. Lets face it, he’s not the same player he was 3 seasons ago. A more realistic return, IMO would be a 2nd round pick.

  • T&A4Flames

    He’s going to Anaheim. Emerson Etam. RW will not get the future he needs there. He will start here.
    We get youth and upside, and size. They get short term higher end talent to maybe win the Cup.

    • T&A4Flames

      Agree Anaheim, ranked #3 by HF, is a far better trading partner from a Flames perspective than LA (#26 by HF).

      Anaheim can not only offer picks ranked about the same (#25 vs #30?) they also have numerous players to throw in to make a deal.

      Sami Vatanen, Shea Theodore or Lindholm on D..or F Rakell, Noesen or Etem..take any two of these and fax your sheet to the NHL!

  • T&A4Flames

    I think Burke is leaning towards a better prospect at the expense of a higher pick. I actually prefer your realistic scenario to your best case… Sign me up for Etem in a trade with the Ducks!

  • Christian Roatis

    The recall of Ben Hanowski today is certainly a bit of a surprise to this Flames fan.

    Had figured on the “Abbotsford Express” getting a good workout after the trade deadline, with a number of the prospects there getting a shot with the Big Club after whatever moves are made. With Hanowski’s being an RFA, that might figure into this move, but could also possibly be a showcase ahead of the trade deadline. I would be disappointed if it was the latter. I like his size (but does he have ‘truculence’?)and he doesn’t appear to be a defensive liability.

    My forward picks ahead of Hanowski to make their season debuts would have been Granlund and Knight, in that order.

    • loudogYYC

      I wouldn’t get too carried away on this one. McGrattan got hurt in practice today and the recall came 2 days after Ortio & Smith came up. My guess is he’ll have to replace the 7 minute per game physical presence. I hope he shows some promise cuz I have close to zero faith in this guy. One of the worst skaters I’ve ever seen on the Flames..

      Regarding Cammo, I kinda hope it’s not LA who gets him simply because I don’t like their prospect pool outside of Toffoli, who they wouldn’t give up.
      I’d love to see us get a 2nd or 3rd pick along with a high end D or RW prospect. Now’s the time to start graduating kids to the NHL. Anaheim, Ottawa or Pittsburgh I hope!

        • seve927

          Yeah, I’ve thrown that one out there before too. Seems like a good fit for both sides. They’re in pretty good shape on the back end, Flames need a young right-shot D with some offense. Might take more than a Cammy rental to get it done though.

        • Parallex

          Burke: Hey Troy, McGrattan is hurt and we’re not sure Glencross can go who do ya got for us?

          Ward: We don’t have any goons for you.

          Burke: Damnit! Well who do you have that’s big (I love big… and truculant… and big…. Mmmmmmm Big… biggity biggity biggity).

          Ward: That’s all you want… someone that’s big?

          Burke: Well I suppose it’d be okey if he could play 7 minutes a night and not be embarressing too.

          Ward: How about Hanowski?

          Burke: Is he big?

          Ward: Big enough.

          Burke: Sold!

          Or at least that’s how I imagine it going.

  • Nick24

    I’d be real happy if we got Zykov. He’s obviously not NHL ready, but he’s got good size and a pretty good shot. Not to mention he plays the right side!

    Linden Vey wouldn’t be a bad pick up either, but I feel like that would further add to our current log jam of future 2nd/3rd line centermen.

  • Parallex

    I’m not terribly upset that it’s Hankowski who has been brought up. He needs to be reevaluated at the NHL level and he brings some size and a history of being able to score a bit at every level he has played. He had a very good run with the Heat about 6 weeks ago. If it was strictly on merit it should have been Granlund or Knight, or the tweeners BJones or Street but we know what they are. Hopefully he will get a handful of games so they can assess whether to resign him.

    • I hear yah but I doubt if he will get any games. I like his size but he is way too soft and I doubt you can teach truculence at 24 yrs old.

      As well I don;t believe the Flames consider Cundari, Berra as prospects either. Basically what we got for Iginla and Jbo were 2 first rounders. And no high level prospects!! I really think that is a big reason Feaster is gonzo!

      • Parallex

        Primo, here is where we often disagree(over the need for truculence vs physical presence); from what I’e gathered from listening to interviews with ward and listening to bits and pieces of Heat games he is much more involved than he was last year. He showed marked improvement in his fitness this year and that helps him be more involved. It is easier for a player to adjust that part of his game than it is to teach a player to find the back of the net and the scoring lanes. I’m not saying he will ever be a really NHL player but I am saying he should be given a chance and now is a good time for another taste.

  • Parallex

    When discussing the idea of trades you need to discuss what your organization is missing. What is it that this organization needs. Goaltending unless we get a certified number 1 or a blue chip prospect I’m not sure we need to acquire a goalie in trade. What we could use is a couple of top 4 type defensemen who are on the large and potentially physical side. We could use some natural right wingers with both some size and skill and we could use some more depth on both other forward positions. We also have to be realistic in assuming that a team looking at a long playoff run does not want to give up much from their current roster. So we need to look at their AHL Teams and prospects that are still in the CHL and NCAA.

    So if we look at the Kings as this story focuses on them we see at the AHL the following prospects that might meet our organizational needs:

    Forbot 6’4″ 218 15 points and 34pims D
    Deslauiriers 6’1 230 36 pts 76pims D?
    Shore 6′ 195 28pts 13pims RW
    Suborin 6’3 208 19 pts 73pims RW

    After that you need to look at their other prospects. Comparing this to the potential out of St L I would prefer that list.