Ten Years Ago Today: It Was In

Ten years ago today, Martin Gelinas appeared to have scored a goal to give Calgary a 3-2 third period lead.

Reviews of the play were indecisive, and the league really didn’t have the procedural mechanisms in place then that they do now to review plays once the game had continued, so the goal didn’t count. Calgary went on to lose Game 6 by a 3-2 score in double OT, and then Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup in Game 7 at home.


Happy anniversary, I guess.

  • I was watching that video like “Who the heck is #7?” I just couldn’t for the life of me remember.

    Turns out, Chuck Kobasew.

    Oh, and the “not” goal brought back some memories too, I guess.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    The truly saddest thing about the whole thing is that team was a band of brothers and they battled and deserved to win!

    When Ference won with Boston and said it was great to win but wished all the ’04 Flames were there with him it told me how close those guys were.

    Ference being traded was the beginning of the end for that brotherhood and bond within the dressing room. After that everything fell apart..

    Then you see St. Louis last night yelling at Dominic Moore for taking the puck from him in the neutral zone and you know that team and likely even that TB team that ‘won’ wasn’t as close as the ’04 Flames were.

    I’m sad those boys didnt have the cherry on top to their unlikely run and cement that team in history forever.

    But at the end of the day most people will agree, Flames fan or not, we should have won the cup that year.

    We WILL win another cup at some point in my lifetime, with all the talented prospects we are/soon will be developing, so I will hang on to that because you know what the hockey gods owe all us 10+ year Flames fans a cup, there is little doubt about that!!! I can’t wait!


  • mattyc

    We all know the puck was in….but did Gelinas not direct the puck in with his foot? It did not appear to be deflected off his leg but rather directed in.

    Just wondering?

  • EugeneV

    I HATE Gary Bettman, with an unhealthy amount of passion.

    I can live with the lockouts, or the amount of sun belt teams this little twat thinks is good for hockey or the fact that he is even alive.




    As long as he is in charge he will be happy to take our money, our players, and our players children but NEVER allow a CANADIAN TEAM to actually win the CUP.


    Gary Bettman, I hope you trip off a curb and are run over by a bus. or 3.

    Eugene (from Vulcan)

  • RedMan

    I may get roasted for this, but I prefer to think of it as “not in.” It’s easier to cope believing the video evidence was not conclusive and that the gap of white ice that’s seen is due to the camera angle because the pucks was in the air.

    I find that easier to accept than trying to cope with the travesty of justice it would be had it gone in.

    I’ve always wondered though. Pinhole cameras have been around for 20 years easily. Even wireless cameras existed before 10 years ago. So why does the NHL not have a series of pinhole cameras embedded into the posts, corner posts and the cross bar. Dollar-wise, it’s chump change for the NHL to outfit every net with say 11 cameras that look directly across the goal line at each other and straight down at the goal line as well. Fitted properly, the abuse the posts take shouldn’t be an issue either. No more weird angles or the puck being in the air screwing things up, just a clear, definitive look across the goal line.

  • Bob Cobb

    It wasn’t in, Gary Bettman had nothing to do with it, he isn’t against Canadian teams winning the cup. They called it no goal on the ice and there needs to be conclusive video evidence to overturn it.

    As an Oiler fan I may be biased, I still call the 1989 season the season that never happened.

    I don’t troll often but when I do I like to do it at Flamesnation.

    Get bent my friends!

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I remember seeing a computer generated 3D image that showed that it was NOT in.

    I choose to believe that. We didn’t win. But it was a helluva ride.

    • piscera.infada

      I saw that too. They took into account the camera angles as well as the height of the puck off the ice. The one thing they couldn’t account for was the angle of the puck though.

      IMO, the puck was in. Upon a correct replay though, I don’t see any way they would have overturned a no-goal called on the ice. In hindsight, if the Flames players started celebrating it could have gone the other way, or (at the very least) there would have been a lengthy review.

      Too bad. But that run was magical. Here’s to another one in the near future.