Mason Raymond signs with the Flames

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Toronto’s loss is Calgary’s gain as Mason Raymond signs with the Flames.

Since this deal involves two Nation Network teams, here’s the deal from both perspectives with input from myself and Kent Wilson.


The Calgary Flames have signed Mason Raymond for three years and $9.5 million. You have to think that Raymond’s camp is absolutely thrilled with that. The rumour was that Raymond’s asking price was three years and $9 million, so he gets a little bump there. The part where Raymond’s camp is thrilled is how the season began.

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Following a tenure with the Vancouver Canucks that saw him suffer a career-threatening back injury against the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final, Raymond signed with the Maple Leafs on a measly PTO (pro tryout) contract. He ended up earning a spot on the Leafs in camp and earned himself a one-year, $1 million dollar deal. It was a smart deal on Raymond’s part: Just sign somewhere, see if you can still get it done, and if you can, reap the rewards.

Before we get to Mason Raymond’s production, let’s get to what might be the most important number with him: 82. Raymond played in all 82 of the Leafs’ games this past season. He hasn’t played more than 70 games since 2009-10. He’s healthy and that was the biggest question mark with him.

Raymond awarded the Leafs with his second-best season in goals (19), assists (26), and points (45). Those totals say him finish fifth in Leafs scoring, although both Tyler Bozak and Joffrey Lupul likely would have passed him if not for injuries.

Dave Bolland began the season with Raymond and the pair were hot out of the gate, as were the Leafs. Raymond never really went on a huge slump but he never had a huge hot streak. His most productive game with the Leafs was a four-assist performance in a surprise 7-3 drubbing of the Blackhawks.

From a Flames Perspective

Calgary lost Lee Stempniak at the trade deadline and then Mike Cammalleri to the New Jersey Devils today, so they desperately needed to add a top-9 winger to fill out the depth chart. Not to mention some money to get to the cap floor.

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The Dollars and terms aren’t outrageous, making Raymond an ideal stop-gap player as the club rebuilds. He’s not going to score 25-30 goals like Cammalleri, but he’s a fast, capable NHLer who will at least replace Stempniak’s contributions.

A quality first signing for Brad Treliving.

  • Colin.S

    I don’t think you can find a negative to this signing (unless theres a sneaky NTC/NMC clause there). Really like the signing, wish that it would have happened last year.

  • redhot1

    Great signing we need him and a healthy Glencross to offset the loss of Cammy’s goals. Mason has speed and skilled hands and just came off a career year scoring 45 points. Now BT add a d-man or two.

  • beloch

    First, left wing is now looking pretty stacked, even if Cammalleri goes. This acquisition chops his agent’s negotiating leverage off at the knees, so he’s almost certainly gone now.

    Second… Ew… A Canuck! Sorry. I can remember cheering against Raymond many a night. That’s probably a good thing from the Flames persepective.

    Third, Raymond has not been deployed against top competition or really driven play North for several seasons. He’s possession stats were good (with the Canucks) and poor (with the Leafs), and seem to follow his teamates. He’s not a possession juggernaut. If the Flames deploy him in the squid’s place and expect him to provide shelter for other players, he’s probably going to get beat up rather badly. Raymond is soft (possesion-wise) and requires at least some shelter.

    Finally, if Raymond can keep producing at around 0.5 ppg his contract will represent good value, and might be very tradeable at the deadline. The Flames could pick up a nice asset for nothing as the result of this signing.

    • SmellOfVictory

      He won’t drive a line, but he was 5th on the Leafs in terms of Corsi diff for forwards, playing middle six comp. That’s not mind-blowing, but it does indicate that he’s probably an alright player. I’m sure he’ll look better on a team that’s not coached by Randy Carlyle.

    • McRib

      Interesting I knew the family growing up and have only good things to say about them. Mason Raymond in particular is a great guy, played on a couple summer teams growing up with him and have nothing but great things to say about him from personal experience. Know a couple guys that were very close with him and he has always stayed in regular touch with childhood friends, never forgetting where he is from. He always played very well against the Flames when he was with Vancouver, I hope he can bring that energy for us on a regular basis very happy with this signing.

      • McRib


        I can only judge based on the way his mother spoke to my mother. It was at a golf course, and she was incredibly arrogant; talking down to my Mom and bragging about her son who played in the NHL. It’s fine to be proud, but she was just so mean. It’s good that you have a good relationship with the Raymond family, but I’ll always be on the side of my own family. So kiss my A** Mason Raymond.