2014 Development Camp: Tim Harrison


A year ago, the Calgary Flames selected winger Tim Harrison late in the 2013 NHL Draft.

Nobody had ever heard of him and his introduction to Flames fans was at 2013’s development camp, where he opened a lot of eyes with a bunch of hits. He went off to college and was an energy player (and a favourite of the coaching staff, based on how quickly he moved up the line-up card) for the Colgate University Raiders. In his freshman year, his team made it to the NCAA Tournament despite being a young squad with few established college stars.

I caught up with Harrison at Flames development camp at Winsport.

Last year when you were picked, the big question on Twitter was “Who is Tim Harrison?” After a year at Colgate, do you feel like you’re defining what that means?

I don’t know about defining, but just trying to play my game, just show people what I’m all about – kind of a fast-paced energy guy looking to move up the ranks. So yeah, you could say so.

You didn’t rack up a lot of points at Colgate as a freshman, but do you feel you were able to make an impact on a team that went pretty far in the NCAA Tournament?

Definitely. And that’s the most important thing about it, I think, as a team we went pretty far and we didn’t really, there wasn’t any individuals on our team. We were a core group, just a band of brothers. In terms of me personally, I think I fit in right where I was supposed to be, right where coach needed me to be. Obviously there’s stuff I can improve on to move up and make more of an impact offensively, but I think at the role I was put into, I worked as hard as I could and did what I can to make the team better and help us get wins.

What are your hopes for your sophomore season at Colgate?

I definitely want to produce offensively, but also just work on my defensive game and work on my all-around two-way game. Offense and defense. Back-checking… I want to get bigger, faster, stronger and I want to be able to stay over the puck and protect the puck, in the corners and with bigger defensemen, and not get bumped off as quickly as I did freshman year. And I think with my training in the summer – and obviously development camp has helped me improve, just kind-of getting more leverage and more momentum over the puck, leaning over it and using my big body to my advantage.

  • everton fc

    Harrison seems a likeable bloke. “Good in the room”. But with 0 goals and 5 assists at Colgate, not to mention he was a unknown 6th round pick… It seems Flames fans are really praying some of these youngsters pan out.

    Count me in this group, of course… But would other teams be posting on a 6th round pick w/Harrison’s #’s? We are certainly at a lower ebb than in years past. Glad there seems to be some rays of hope in the system.

    • Avalain

      Honestly, I think we’re posting about Harrison simply because it’s summer and there just isn’t all that much to talk about. May as well be as thorough as we can be.

  • MC Hockey

    You’re all wrong, Tim Harrison will be this decade’s Brian Propp or maybe Morris Lukowich, but bigger! Seriously he shoots right and is big and plays RW so he’s a 3 tool player!

    • McRib

      Hahah, Morris Lukowich was my elite goal scoring coach in Bantam and Midget for three summers in Calgary. During that time I also played with Jordan Eberle for a year and Luke’s shot at 48 made Eberle’s look average.

      If Luke were to play in today’s era (which allows for smaller players to succeed) he easily would have ended up with 800-1000+ career NHL points. Morris Lukowich also taught me a ridiculous amount about Hockey! Anyone with kids who are looking for resources to improve sons or daughters games Morris Lukowich still runs a “Maximum Goal Scoring” clinic in Calgary that is worth every penny and more. For three summers I was in a group with six other players coached by Lukowich and every single one of them went on to NCAA/WHL/AHL/NHL (except me, injuries). Which was no coincidence, as Lukowich taught us things that few Major Junior Coaches or even NHL coaches for that matter do on how to score at the NHL level.

      Tim Harrison seems like a great kid and he actually impressed me last year at this camp; however he needs to improve substantially from his five points last year before I think he can play pro. I understand he was in a no offense checking role, but he needs to change his coach’s opinion of him by scoring without any help in that role to “earn more ice time in offensive situations”. Funninly enough he should hire a scoring coach similar to Morris Lukowich, Hahah.

      • everton fc

        Great post. Thanks.

        I like Harrison, too. Wonder why no one’s picked up Lukowich at the Junior/Minor/NHL level. Then again, he seems the family-man. Not wanting to go that route, content with his local hockey school. Can’t say I blame him. A lot to be said for working close to family & home. Probably the toughest part of the job for NHLers, and all pros, who actually have a balanced, healthy family-life.