Weekend Open Thread: 2014-15 Contract Round-Up

The Flames made some more signings this week, inking Sam Bennett, Joe Colborne and Joni Ortio to new deals. With those deals inked and only Lance Bouma and Mark Cundari left to go among the restricted free agents, what better time than the vaunted Weekend Open Thread to talk a gander at the team’s contract situation.

Who stays in Calgary? Who gets dispatched to Glens Falls? Who gets traded away for a bag of pucks or a bunch of sticks? Here’s who is making what (and on what kind of deal) in 2014-15.


  • Jonas Hiller (32): 1-way deal worth $4.5 million
  • Karri Ramo (28): 1-way deal worth $2.75 million
  • Joni Ortio (23): 2-way deal worth $600,000 in NHL ($115,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Brad Thiessen (28): 2-way deal worth $550,000 in NHL ($115,000 in AHL)


  • Dennis Wideman (31): 1-way deal worth $5.25 million
  • Mark Giordano (30): 1-way deal worth $4.02 million
  • Ladislav Smid (28): 1-way deal worth $3.5 million
  • Deryk Engelland (32): 1-way deal worth $2.917 million
  • Kris Russell (27): 1-way deal worth $2.6 million
  • T.J. Brodie (24): 1-way deal worth $2.15 million
  • Tyler Wotherspoon (21): 2-way deal worth $925,000 in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • John Ramage (23): 2-way deal worth $900,000 (with bonuses) in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Patrick Sieloff (20): 2-way deal worth $894,167 in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Keegan Kanzig (19): 2-way deal worth $894,167 (with bonuses) in NHL
    ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt] [Contract Slides Unless He Plays 10 NHL
  • Brett Kulak (20): 2-way deal worth $816,667 (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Ryan Culkin (20): 2-way deal worth $816,667 (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Sena Acolatse (23): 2-way deal worth $700,000 in NHL ($150,000 in AHL)
  • Mark Cundari (24): restricted free agent
  • Chad Billins (25): restricted free agent with KHL contract


  • Jiri Hudler (30): 1-way deal worth $4 million
  • David Jones (29): 1-way deal worth $4 million
  • Corban Knight (23): 2-way deal worth $3.75 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Mason Raymond (28): 1-way deal worth $3.15 million
  • Matt Stajan (30): 1-way deal worth $3.125 million
  • Curtis Glencross (31): 1-way deal worth $2.55 million
  • Johnny Gaudreau (20): 2-way deal worth $1.85 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Sean Monahan (19): 2-way deal worth $1.775 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Sam Bennett (18): 2-way deal worth an estimated $1.775 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt] [Contract Slides Unless He Plays 10 NHL Games] (I’m guessing he gets the Monahan deal.)
  • Mikael Backlund (25): 1-way deal worth $1.5 million
  • Sven Baertschi (21): 2-way deal worth $1.425 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Bryce Van Brabant (22): 2-way deal worth $1.35 million (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Joe Colborne (24): 1-way deal worth $1.275 million
  • Brandon Bollig (27): 1-way deal worth $1.25 million
  • Josh Jooris (23): 2-way deal worth $925,000 in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • David Wolf (25): 2-way deal worth $925,000 (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Markus Granlund (21): 2-way deal worth $925,000 (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Bill Arnold (22): 2-way deal worth $900,000 (with bonuses) in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Kenny Agostino (22): 2-way deal worth $900,000 (with bonuses) in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Morgan Klimchuk (19): 2-way deal worth $894,167 in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt] [Contract Slides Unless He Plays 10 NHL Games]
  • Emile Poirier (19): 2-way deal worth $894,167 in NHL ($70,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt] [Contract Slides Unless He Plays 10 NHL Games]
  • Max Reinhart (22): 2-way deal worth $878,333 (with bonuses) in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Ben Hanowski (23): 2-way deal worth $850,500 in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Michael Ferland (22): 2-way deal worth $798,056 (with bonuses) in NHL ($67,500 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Brian McGrattan (32): 1-way deal worth $750,000
  • Paul Byron (25): 1-way deal worth $600,000
  • Turner Elson (21): 2-way deal worth $565,000 in NHL ($55,000 in AHL) [Waiver Exempt]
  • Lance Bouma (24): restricted free agent


Calgary has 44 players under contract for 2014-15, plus 2 RFAs (Bouma & Cundari) that they plan on signing, so 46 contract spots are accounted for. However, roughly 4 deals (Bennett, Kanzig, Klimchuk & Poirier) can slide this season, so in essence it’s really just 42 spots taken up.

Man, Max Reinhart is underpaid relative to his collegiate brethren, isn’t he?

Man, Dennis Wideman is overpaid compared to…everyone, isn’t he?

I don’t hate the team’s internal salary structure. Not a lot of guys making huge AHL bank, and the hierarchy of NHL cap hits makes complete sense.

    • The Flames can have 50 players under contract,is this correct? If(when) some of junior guys get sent back down do these contracts count against the 50?

      How many AHL deals only can the AHL team have; is there a number? We will need to find a few of those guys to fill out the baby Flames team.

      The big club will carry either 22 or the max 23 so probably 2 goalies and it’s easy to see who they will likely be unless one of them is injuried or plays like crap. 7 defencemen we currently have 6 NHL established Dmen under contract so it is likely those 6 plus one of the kids. We have 8 established NHL forwards and 3 who emerged last year under contract and the Bouma will be signed soon making it a total of 12 and it is unlikely they get sent down; so this leaves 1 or 2 spots left depending on if they carry 13 or 14 forwards so it’s not hard to figure out what the team will likely look like to start the season if everyone is healthy and no one is traded.

    • mattyc

      Glencross – Stajan — Raymond
      Hudler—– Backlund – D. Jones
      Colborne—— Monahan — Baertschi/Gaudreau
      Bollig——– Bouma —- Byron

      Giordano – Brodie
      Wideman – Russell
      Smid —– Engelland


      I imagine this is the opening night roster we see, barring a waiver pickup in September. On defense, I imagine it will be Wotherspoon in the 7th spot, but wouldn’t be surprised to see Cundari. Seiloff with the outside shot, but given he missed a lot of time, and is younger than the other guys, I imagine they’ll let him get back on track playing bigger minutes in the AHL.

      It’s going to be tough for Knight or Reinhart to make the team. They’ll have to outperform 2 of Baertschi, Gaudreau, Bouma, Monahan (the only guys who have 2 ways, unless they blow away Byron, Bollig or Colborne I don’t see them waiving players to make room…).

      • mattyc

        Two guys I think you are missing for opening night are Granlund and or Bennett. Granlund was their best center in the AHL last year and he did not look out of place in his 7 game cup of coffee. I could see the Flames giving Bennett his 9 games if he earns it. Bouma like Colborne was much more effective on the wing, Byron would likely center that line.

    • JumpJet

      mattyc wrote:

      It’s going to be tough for Knight or Reinhart to make the team. They’ll have to outperform 2 of Baertschi, Gaudreau, Bouma, Monahan (the only guys who have 2 ways, unless they blow away Byron, Bollig or Colborne I don’t see them waiving players to make room…).

      I could see any and all of those guys outplaying David Jones. And if the Flames put him through waivers, I guarantee you he clears.

    • mattyc

      Bold prediction: Baertschi is traded by Christmas. I just don’t think he can compete with the newest crop of young guys and his apparent relationship with Burke can’t be a good thing for job security.

      • The worst time to sell something is when it’s perceived value is at its absolute lowest (which is most likely the case for Baertschi at this point). You will never get back what he is actually worth (or will be worth) if you deal him now. Recognizing a loss on a 1st round draft pick only 2 years after his draft is senseless. He will be (at least) a 2nd liner someday for someone. I really hope it’s us.

        • supra steve

          Agree that it would probably be unwise to move Sven, who was drafted in 2011, three years ago now. Time flies.

          Disagree on the Flames finishing above the Oil, not gonna happen.

          • To be completely honest I wouldn’t be comfortable putting money on either side of that bet, but I would still rather go with the unproven team than the one that has proven to fail over and over.

            Time does fly though. 3 years now… doesn’t feel like it.

          • Willi P

            All of the “experts” said the Oil would be a playoff team last year (and finish well ahead of the Flames). Between Dallas “Big Head” and antics of 8 year old Taylor “Puck Hallg”, anything could happen.

      • I’m surprised this got an overwhelming amount of “trashes”. It’s a likely scenario. I love Baertschi but at this point the goal seems more or less for him to become an offensive top 6 player. I wouldn’t be surprised to hearing his name being talked about in trade rumors come the deadline. I don’t know anything about His relationship with Burke but I agree with the logic, I’m guessing his patience level is slightly lower than Feaster’s. I’m curious to know BT’s position in Baertschi.

        • The Last Big Bear

          With our perceived depth of smallish LW it could well be that Sven gets traded and while I too am a Sven fan he needs to step it up. This season a number of prospects need to be given a fair chance to prove themselves at the NHL level; these include Sven, Johnny, Rhino, Knight Granlund, Ferland, Wolf(no use keeping him around playing in the AHL if he can’t play in the NHL next season),and Hanowski. That’s just the immediate ones, next year their are the likes of Agostina, arnold, vanB, Klimchuk and Bennett to push for spots. Then add Janko, Hunter and whoever we draft this year.

        • Willi P

          Let’s be clear. I didn’t say give him away or take anything that is offered. I think he’s a decent commodity but the expectation is a decent return. The Flames have a good stable of young, smallish forwards and my opinion is that Sven isn’t at the top of the list. Get something you need (power forward) for something you have a lot of.

    • Fire It Up

      I am an absolute die hard flames fan.

      I am absolutely shocked at the lack of interesting posts flamesnation is posting. Come on guys this used to be my favourite site but now I’m going on to Oilersnation and getting more interesting articles than the fancy stat journals you guys are producing here. They had a talk about Draisaitl vs. Bennett and using very small amount of the beloved fancy stats was able to make a very interesting read and had WAAAAAY more comments than any of the stuff that has been written on flamesnation for months. It’s sad this used to be my favourite website and now even my rare visit I always come away disappointed. Go Flames but really upset with flamesnation.

      • fancy stat journals

        I don’t think there’s been an article on FN that has mentioned “fancy stats” in at least a month.

        It’s July 26th. There’s been no meaningful news about this team in the last 4 weeks. OilersNation also has 10 times the readership of FN and most of their writers are part time or full time (paid) contributors. Most of our writers are volunteers. Some of them are on vacation. We have a couple of series of articles planned for August, but you have to understand – this is the doldrums of hockey coverage and nobody on this site makes an actual living writing about hockey.

        • RexLibris

          I will write a Flames article this very moment!

          Let me just check my Bag O’ Ideas for possible subjects.

          Let’s see, Why the Flames Should Trade Sven Baertschi for Dany Heatley….Proof That Jim Treliving is a Ventriloquists’ Dummy….An Historical Review of the Mark Jankowski Draft Decision….Why Craig Button Was the Best GM the Flames Ever Had….or….An Eight-Part Analysis of the Flames’ Draft Record In the 7th Round When Compared to a Random Selection Process – with graphs.

          Meh, I’ll just throw them all in a hat and pick one. I’ll be sure to include at least one reference to FancyStat arcana and add a rel or % to it, just to give it some more cred.


          • The Last Big Bear

            Then write one. Hijack this thread and write one and see how many responses you get. Of the one’s you listed I doubt any would get much traction. It’s difficult to come up with great ideas. I too get board and go and read at oilers nation, much of what is there is rehashed stuff they have been talking about for a long time(it’s easy to keep bashing Lowe) or is irrelevant or pretty minor.

            • RexLibris

              As Kent mentioned, this is July. Making hockey matter is tough sledding. Many of the writers are on holiday and those that aren’t can’t manufacture news (this isn’t HockeyBuzz or FoxNews).

              I’ve got a couple of things developing, just waiting to see how some of the data rolls out.

              If I had enough time I’d probably try and replicate some of Jonathan Willis’ processes for determining an approximate production level for the Flames’ forwards this coming season.

              Unfortunately, with so many roster spots undetermined or likely to be filled by rookies, this would require a tonne (yes, it’d be metric) of legwork and background that I don’t have time to manage right now.

              I’ll park the idea and if August is slow then maybe I’ll see what I can get done.

              And the ideas floated earlier were tongue in cheek. No way I’d be able to get more than 5 chapters about Flames 7th round draft picks. Even with graphs. πŸ˜‰

        • EugeneV

          The fact that Oilersnation has 10x the readership just shows how little there actually is to do in Edmonton.

          If they actually do try to get out of their parents basements.

          How’s that for “insightful entertainment” Lombardi?

          Sorry about the use of a stat, though.

      • Fire It Up

        Yeah, and in that Bennett vs Draisaitl article was this little gem…

        “Which player will offer the wider range of skills? Bennett. He’s already a demon on the forecheck and creates a lot of his offense off broken plays and jailbreaks. That’s a heavenly skill, we see it with Hall and Nuge a lot.”

        The Hall and Nuge backchecking ‘stat’ made me laugh. At least the Flames Nation writers don’t spew nonsensical bs….well, other than Lambert.

      • mattyc

        I sometimes agree with you but totally understand Kent’s defense of the writers. I sometimes find the best pieces come later on when someone hijacks a thread and we get our own discussion going, unfortunately we sometimes just use trashes or props instead of discussion. Why don’t you put yourself out a hijack a thread and see where it goes. I for one would respond if it was a good hijack.

        • mattyc

          Just my opinion, but the Trash and Prop buttons are not my favorite. I find that instead of posting a measured response, people just click like/dislike. I know I’m guilty of it.

          • The Last Big Bear

            I tend not to use the buttons unless someone is doing a straw poll. If I have something to say I reply with a comment for me it allows for an exchange of ideas and sometimes takes the thread off in different directions(hijacks the thread) and creates new articles.

          • They get hijacked all the time. When we as readers get an idea and if others respond to the idea either in a positive or a negative manner and the banter gets going the thread is temporarily hijacked, whether it gets back to the original thread is really up to the readers and contributors. For example this set of issues on tehe number of stories here vs oilersnation is a hijack as it has nothing to do with the original story but it caught some peoples interest.

            • Derzie

              We don’t have to as someone else has to discuss whether or not we should trade Sven.(this has been talked about before) So what do you want to talk about? My faovorite would be the validity of why the flames should roll for lines rather than have 2 scoring lines a defensive line and an energy line 9that averages less than 6 minutes a night) BTW “oilersnation” had 2 threads today and 2 a day for most of the week on such interesting ideas such as: which winger will score more. when a forth line is not a forth line, who will make the team out of camp and so on.

      • What the hell should they write about? I am amazed (and grateful) of the things they can actually squeeze out of the extremely quiet July/Aug months on this site. I always half expect that when I come on the site daily that there will be nothing new and then I find usually that there is! Upset? Grow up. This site doesn’t owe you anything.

        How about showing some appreciation, contribute something more “interesting” yourself to discuss or just leaving the site entirely?

        Sorry to Ryan, Kent and the gang if you disagree. I took umbrage to that particular post.

        • mattyc

          well said.

          This post (which, in fairness, is pretty much a capgeek copy paste job), is just here to promote discussion. You can either piss and moan about it, or actually contribute something meaningful (which is what imo sets this site apart).

      • RexLibris

        Well said. The Flamesnation dip into mediocrity began when Mr. Pike took over the site from Kent. Pike’s “articles” are terrible slap dash jobs of lists and unformed thoughts. Oilersnation has a group of very capable writers by comparison.

    • Derzie

      Oilers suck but their Nation posts rule. Lots of humour and conversation. Also, counting salaries of athletes is pointless unless the cap is a problem. Unless you are an owner. And owners have no time to blog so that is ruled out.

    • mattyc

      @Baalzamon, @couchedpotatoe

      I definitely see D. Jones as someone who could lose his roster spot. Problem is, we’re about 4 million above the floor (assuming Bouma sings 1.2 million). I’m not holding out a lot of hope they move D. Jones to open up a spot.

      I’m also not really convinced they’ll bring in Granlund this year. I think Gaudreau and Baertschi will pass him, and I don’t see him suited to 4th line duty…

      I’m pretty confident we won’t see more than a couple games out of Bennett this year. He’ll have his time, but theres too many functional players ahead of him.

    • The Last Big Bear


      I completely agree with you regarding the names on the roster, although Id expect the lines to break down a little differently.

      There’s going to be some real knock em down and drag em out battles at camp this year, especially for the “undersized rookie LW” spot (between Gaudreau, Baertschi, and Granlund), and for the “4th line grinder centre” role (Arnold, Bouma, Knight, maybe even Granlund here too).

      As of right now, I couldn’t even make a prediction who’ll get the spots, its anybody’s ball game.


      I don’t care if they have 10x the readership. They’re Oilers fans. Most of them can barely read, and I doubt they have much disposable income for buying sponsors’ products after they’ve spent all their money on sweat pants and malt liquor.

      • It really seems like there are way too many bodies to fill the 3rd and 4th line while the 1st and 2nd are not ideally suited for that role for the most part. It is good to have so many NHL ready bodies but I seriously hope we can have some that separate from the pack.

    • On paper the Flames actually have a really solid lineup. Hiller looks good in a Flames jersey and I say we finish higher than the Oilers again this year.

      Then what happens is EDM finishes dead last and CGY wins the draft lottery.

    • thymebalm

      I’m interested to see if a return to league average goaltending brings us back to just missing the playoffs instead of just missing the lottery. That’s the fear anyway.

      Hiller/Ramo look good for .910~ next season, which is a world of difference from the last two years.


    • The Last Big Bear

      Gotta be honest, I don’t want to see Wolf play for the Flames.

      The guy’s highlight reels make me want to puke. Cheap shots, sucker punching guys who don’t want to fight, head hunting, I pretty much hate everything I’ve seen.

      Remember when Ference got knocked off the puck with a clean hit by Stempniak? So he just grabbed Stempniak and started knocking his teeth out? Yeah, that’s straight out of Wolf’s play book.

      And I hate that ****.

      If he puts on the Flaming C, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s one dirty hit away from me boo-ing him until my throat is hoarse.

      • The Last Big Bear

        Good point Bear but don’t forget where he played. It’s not hard to play that game in Germany against soft Europeans and transplant Canadians but try that stunt with the big boys and he’ll learn a very quick lesson. I can count the number of tough guy Europeans on one hand and for good reason.

          • Scary Gary

            Big Boy??? Is this WW? I think it’s a fair statement that someone like Wolf can play a big game in Europe but it doesn’t necessarily translate to North America. I wasn’t commenting on skilled Europeans who are able (for the most part) to transition well, but someone who plays a tough game in Europe against teams without an enforcer will be in for a shock when he tries that over here. I don’t think that’s too hard to comprehend is it Alt?

      • RexLibris

        Then if we follow your suggestion we should continue to get knocked off the puck and get our teeth knocked out. Get real!

        Guys like Wolf will make sure tree huggers like Ference pay the price!!

        • The Last Big Bear

          Wolf is basically a Matt Cooke who’s willing to fight, except Cooke is actually an NHL-calibre player while Wolf probably isn’t.

          Having a total scumbag skating around on your team gets more people hurt, not fewer.

          • RexLibris

            If he’s a Matt Cooke type player than I, am with you.

            I see him as a long shot that will play in the AHL,and possibly show he has more to offer than what you’re suggesting. PROSPECT.

          • Scary Gary

            Your a very astute and knowledgeable hockey fan. Wolf has not even attended training camp nor has he even played one mere game with the Flames and you have already judged him as a non-caliber NHL player and scum bag.

            You are very talented indeed.

    • RexLibris

      Just had a look at Wolf’s stats to familiarize myself with him as a player.


      He and Van Brabant should make quite the interesting pair in the AHL.

      If either or both play in the NHL I suspect the officials will be paying very close attention as both have, shall we say, somewhat specialized resumes.

    • RexLibris


      Wideman (retained 20%)

      2015 3rd
      Martin Frk, RW

      DET 2015 3rd
      Eric Roy

      Cody Franson
      Tyler Biggs

      Jones (retained 50%)
      2015 5th

      Magnus Nygren
      Travis Moen

      IN: Franson, Nygren, Moen, Biggs, Frk
      OUT: Jones, Wideman, Roy