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It’s back to work time at the Nation. Unreasonable
optimism is beginning to build here in Edmonton, Brian Burke is already irate about something or other down in Calgary and in Vancouver ocean kayakers shrug indifferently at one other when the Canucks are infrequently mentioned. 

We have some big things planned for the Nation Network this
fall. Existing sites are being rebuilt. Sexy new looks are being designed. We
have also purchased one of the largest hockey sites on all of the internets and
we will be announcing all of this fun in the next couple weeks.

As part of our rebuild + relaunch plans we are doing a super
annoying 4 minute survey. You know the kind that we all hate to do.

It’s important that we gather
this information to:

Make sure that things you like are made even

Make sure that things you don’t like are sent
straight to hell

Understand how people are using the Nation
Network for good or evil

Steal your personal information

In exchange for your valuable time we are giving away (10)
iTunes Gift Cards and (10) Nation Gear items. In addition everyone who
enters the survey will get a discount of 20% towards future Nation Gear

We humbly beg you to take our quick survey. It will provide
us with key data to drive our future plans. And hey, if you wrote a survey your
ol’ pal Wanye will be first in line to fill it out for you too.

Please click here to take the super fast survey.

A deal is a deal.