Prospect Round-Up (November 1 2014)

The Flames are traveling today, as they whisk their way to Montreal to prepare for their game tomorrow against the Canadiens.

In the meantime, decompress, have a cup of coffee and enjoy this super-brief look at how the Flames prospects are doing this weekend.

THE AHL: 2013 1st round pick (the second of three Flames firsts that year) Emile Poirier has been medically cleared and has officially joined the Adirondack Flames. The Baby Flames have been short-handed with just 11 healthy forwards – between injuries, recalls and the craziness of Trevor Gillies – and Option B would’ve been using seven defensemen. The Baby Flames play the Utica Comets tonight in Glens Falls, then hit the road for a five-game road trip. They are 3-5-1 through their first nine games.

THE WHL: Eric Roy had an assist in Brandon’s 5-4 overtime win over Lethbridge, the Washington Generals of the WHL. Roy’s an overager and you’d expect an offensively-tilted 20-year-old to be gangbusters on a stacked team like the Wheat Kings, but for whatever reason Roy has yet to dominate really. Brandon plays in Medicine Hat tonight… 2013 1st round pick (the third of three Flames firsts that year) Morgan Klimchuk had two assists in Regina’s 5-2 win over Saskatoon. Klimchuk had a wrist injury and missed a few games earlier this season, but he’s amassed 8 points in his 7 games since returning, and most likely he’s just getting his sea legs under him game-wise. He’s a 1995 birthday, so he has the ability to return to the WHL next year, though he most likely won’t (as his NHL deal would begin to run next year). Regina hosts Swift Current tonight… The Victoria Royals were off yesterday, but host the Tri-City Americans tonight.

THE QMJHL: Mason McDonald got yanked last night in Charlottetown’s game with the Moncton Wildcats. He gave up three goals in rapid succession early in the second (including a short-handed goal against), blowing an early 2-0 lead. Moncton won the game 7-4. The Islanders are off today and play again at home against Halifax on Sunday afternoon.

THE OHL: Hunter Smith and the Oshawa Generals were off yesterday. They visit the Belleville Bulls tonight.

THE NCAA: Michigan State lost to Ferris State 1-0. Matt Deblouw had a shot but no points (because his team got shut out). The Spartans rematch Ferris State tonight… Colgate continued their strong start to the year, beating Mercyhurst 3-0. Harrison had no points. They rematch tonight… Boston University beat Providence College 4-1 in a clash of Flames prospects. 2012 1st round pick Mark Jankowski returned to the PC line-up and was minus-3. Jon Gillies faced 41 shots and made 37 saves (but lost), while John Gilmour was minus-2. BU’s Brandon Hickey was even.

EUROPE: Djurgardens IF beat Brynas 7-4 on Thursday night. Adam Ollas Mattsson was even with 3 shots on goal, and he’s barely 18… HK Ryazan lost to Yuzhny Ural Orsk 2-1. Individual stats are not available, but I can’t imagine Rushan Rafikov did much. Ryazan is back in action tonight.

  • RedMan

    looking forward to seeing Poirier get back in action… lets hope for a quick shaking of the rust and a dominant presence that forces a call up sooner then later. One can dream.

    • RedMan

      What is the basis for your Jankowski assessment?? Do provide?

      The kid is 20-21 yrs early years of college and is physically growing. Writing him off like you have is ridiculous!

      • RedMan

        The time for being patient with Janko is nearing its end. He needs to be dominant this year. Is it still early? Yup. But it isn’t looking great either.

        • loudogYYC

          Not that I think Jankowski was a good pick at 21st overall, but I don’t think his time is up yet. He was accelerated into the NCAA to develop better physically so although this is year 3 for him, it’s kinda only year 2.

          Maybe I’m just being optimistic, but I can see Jankowski being the up and coming prospect of 2017, kinda how Granlund and Ferland are now.

          • loudogYYC

            I do not disagree at all. I hated the pick with venom, but it is what it is and the only thing to do is to be patient.

            That said, he absolutely needs to take a huge step forward this year. Reread what I said, I haven’t written him off, but it’s close to getting to that point. I mean, sure, anything can happen and he might flounder this ear and explode next year and everything is awesome, but IMO he needs to take a massive step now or never.

            After all, even if he does take that step (and I hope he does), lets face it, Janko will still need next year in NCAA and another two years in the minors. He’s that big of a project.

          • ChinookArchYYC

            And loudogYYC.

            I was immediately unhappy with the Jankowski pick for 2 reasons. 1. It was a very risky pick and 2. Because of how the pick came to be. Feaster was trying to save face and get back the 2nd round and trading down.

            In the end it’s not Jankowski’s fault how he was picked, but echoing what was already said, he really has to put it together very soon. He seems to have the tools, so I still have some hope.

        • ChinookArchYYC

          Wrong, wrong, wrong, we can be as patient as it requires. If you haven’t learned that from TJ Brodie, Giordano and Backlund yet I bet you never will.

          Secondly, Jankowski played opening night (assist), got injured and JUST came back to play his second game of the season.

          • ChinookArchYYC

            Opinions are never wrong. This website is set up to enable free expression….but I do agree with your point. Jankowski should and will be given more time. He is young and in early stages of his development.

            He is also a Feaster/Weisbrod pick and so far I like there record for success at the drafting table!!

  • RedMan

    Great update…keep em coming Ryan.

    May I suggest you combine the prospect update with an Adirondack update. The interest is very strong in both areas….thanks

    • RedMan

      See ‘The AHL’ in Ryan’s post as well as current Flames roster – Ferland and Granlund… You can alos follow the baby Flames summaries and pregmae stories on Twitter: @ahlflames

      Glad to hear that Poirier will be back in action for the Baby Flames…the way the injuries have gone may see him with the big club soon…

    • loudogYYC

      Now there’s a pick I loved. I admit to not knowing who he was before he was drafted, but about three minutes after that (and some quick read-ups) I liked and defended what Feaster did there. Count me in the camp of never having liked Shinkaruk. Too many Flames fans overrated him because he’s a Calgary boy.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Poirier looks like a lock to me to be a 2nd or 3rd line NHL winger some day. He’s just too good with the puck at high speed to not be able to translate at least some of that to the NHL.

    I’ve never been terribly convinced by Roy, but he was a later round pick so no harm, no foul.

    Morgan Klimchuk doesn’t seem to have one thing that stands out as being NHL-level, so im not really sure what his “in” is going to be when looking for an NHL spot (other than being a 1st rounder). I’ll admit that I have only seen a handful of his games, but he hasn’t jumped out at me as being a future full-time NHLer.

    Regarding MacDonald: Goalies are voodoo. I will not pretend to make any judgements about a teenage goalie (also because I’ve only ever seen him once).

    I am baffled by the interest in Tim Harrison. But I’ve only ever seen him at Flames camp-related stuff, so maybe he’s showing something in NCAA play that I’m missing,

    I’m in the middle ground on Jankowski. In no way do I think he will be the best player from his draft. That’s just silly. But I also think he has a pretty good chance of becoming a full-time NHLer some day. Even if it takes him until he’s 24 or 25 like Colborne.

    Gillies is a goalie. Voodoo. No comment.

    I think Gilmour might be the Providence College player who has the best chance of being a full-time NHLer some day.

    I’ve never seen Ollas-Mattson play. But playing in a men’s pro league as a teenager, and not getting killed, that’s a good sign.

    Rushan Rafikov intrigues me. He might actually be the best Flames defence prospect right now. Not that the bar is very high, but still…

    But at the end of the day, the straightest road to victory is when your best players are your best players. And Sam Bennett (one way or the other) will have a bigger impact on the Flames organization than the rest of these guys combined.

    • loudogYYC

      Re: Klimchuk – brains! The guy is ALWAYS in the right position.

      On top of that he has better than average speed, slightly better than average hands and average size.

      Dude should turn into a top flight 3rd line winger.

  • loudogYYC

    I’m seeing no reason, other than injuries, as to why Poirier, Granlund, Ferland and either Knight or Reinhart shouldn’t all be in the NHL full time by next season.

    Sven too, but it will be for another team, I think.