Prospect TV Schedule Rundown


The Flames are off again today. Now, while we’ve seen the hometown hockey heroes on the television all season, unless you live in a particular area of the continent it’s unlikely that you’ve seen the Flames prospects play very much.

Thanks to TV, that’s about to change. Sportsnet (and Shaw) have a glut of junior games that are coming up on the docket, while the NCAA will soon be broadcast on TSN 2 (as the other sports network tries to remain relevant to hockey fans…and justify starting up another 57 channel feeds).

Here’s a quick glance at what teams you can see on TV for your PVR pleasure. [We briefly mentioned NCAA games before, but now the Sportsnet games have been announced, so we have a better picture of what’s what now.]


You can get your Canadian Hockey League fix – predominantly via Sportsnet and predominantly focusing on the Western Hockey League.

Upside: the Subway Super Series begins on Monday, allowing a RARE and great chance to see Rushan Rafikov play! Downside: the first game, in Saskatoon, isn’t available in the West region, despite the fact that it’s being played in that region. (It seems like an oversight.)

No games from Charlottetown (in the Q) or Oshawa (in the OHL) on Sportsnet based on what’s been announced.

  • November 10: Team WHL (Morgan Klimchuk) vs. Team Russia (Rushan Rafikov) (5pm MT; all SN regions except West)
  • November 11: Team WHL vs. Team Russia (5pm MT; SN One)
  • November 13: Team Russia vs. Team OHL (5pm MT; SN One)
  • November 17: Team Russia vs. Team OHL (5pm MT; SN West)
  • November 18: Team Russia vs. Team QMJHL (5pm MT; SN One)
  • November 20: Team Russia vs. Team QMJHL (5pm MT; SN 360)
  • December 12: Swift Current vs. Brandon (Eric Roy) (6:30pm MT; Shaw)
  • January 7: Medicine Hat vs. Victoria (Keegan Kanzig, Austin Carroll) (8pm MT; Shaw)
  • January 10: Brandon vs. Red Deer (7pm MT; Shaw)
  • January 11: Brandon vs. Calgary (1pm MT; SN West)
  • January 23: Kamloops vs. Victoria (8:30pm MT; SN West)
  • February 20: Kelowna vs. Victoria (8:30pm MT; all SN regions except West)


Not to be out-done by Sportsnet having a stranglehold on almost literally every other source of hockey, TSN snapped up NCAA rights for TSN2. I hope you like Boston University, because you could see them three times in 11 days in February.

Upside: we may get a handle on whether Brandon Hickey is any good or not. There’s also a few games on the Big 10 Network, which is available on Shaw last time I checked, all of which involve Matt Deblouw’s Michigan State team.

No Providence College or Colgate games, at least until the playoffs.

  • January 3: Union vs. Boston University (Brandon Hickey) (5pm MT; TSN2)
  • January 17: Michigan State (Matt Deblouw) vs. Penn State (3pm MT; TSN2)
  • January 24: Michigan State vs. Ohio State (5pm MT; Big10)
  • February 2: Boston University vs. Harvard (6pm MT; TSN2)
  • February 7: Michigan State vs. Michigan (6pm MT; Big10)
  • February 9: Beanpot Finals, which could include Boston University (5:30pm MT; TSN2)
  • February 13: Boston University vs. New Hampshire (5pm MT; TSN2)
  • February 14: Michigan State vs. Penn State (4pm MT; Big10)
  • February 20: Michigan State vs. Wisconsin (7pm MT; Big10)
  • February 26: Michigan State vs. Minnesota (7pm MT; Big10)
  • February 27: Michigan State vs. Minnesota (7pm MT; Big10)
  • And also Hockey East playoffs and the Frozen Four starting in March on TSN2.
  • piscera.infada

    I know the flames have a lot of interesting prospects right now but in all honesty now that Johnny Hockey is playing on the Flames I’ve lost a lot of desire to follow prospects.

  • piscera.infada

    Greg Chase of Hitmen to Victoria for Keegan Kanzig and others? Would see less of Kanzig if this happens.

    I agree, with Johnny here less interested in US College Hockey…Boston College would be more interesting than B.U.

  • everton fc

    FN fans..seems like a bit of a slow day here. If you really want some incredible entertainment have a peek at Oilernation….the comments from the fans are beyond unbelievable…there is an imminent huge explosion going to happen in Oilerville and it isin’t going to be pretty!

  • Okay, kids.

    It’s been a few days.

    I am busy compiling “stuff.”

    First off, if you are looking for a Stanley Cup Champion in your playoff pool, make sure you pick a team that has scored more goals in the regular season than they have surrendered. Also a good idea to look for a team that out-shoots the opposition during the regular season. That gets us back to “possession.” It is not quite a given, but it is almost as such that “possession” can be quite accurately measured in “shots for and against differential.” When this stat fails, either a team is shooting above the norm or not, or a goalie is playing over his head or not. And that same stat is an argument for or against Corsi.

    I’ll be back.

  • Big Ell

    I agree with Gerard that Oiler Nation is incredible, very depressing for those guys.

    Poirier had 2 assists to bring his AHL totals to 4 goals 4 assists in 4 games. I am getting excited about this guy.

    And Pronman tweeted this about “Impressed with Hickey-CGY for most of what I’ve seen, but brutal giveaway leads to a nice Fitzgerald-BOS breakaway goal.”

  • I am simply compiling stats anyone can look at. I don’t have the time to tell you whether or not Brandon Bollig is a possession nightmare or a possession god. I have the time to look at teams as a whole, however.

    I have no issues with the fact that people like you have the time to tell me that Bollig sucks.

    At the same time. people like you make a complicated ordeal out of something that can generally be explained in the shots for and against column.

  • everton fc

    Poirier or Knight gets next call up, depending on how injuries and perhaps even trades change the face of the team. Van Brabant is also starting to score. How many Jooris’s can you have??

    Still don’t think Sven earned his look. Poirier may be the better player already. If he keeps it up, and Sven “don’t”, Poirier will get his opportunity, just like Ferland did. Would love to see a “kid line” of Poirier/Granlund/Ferland. Ferland playing the right wing, of course.

    I also like Van Brabant as a 4th line guy up here. Decent kid. Works hard.