Sunday Open Thread: The Comeback Kids

We’re basking in the afterglow of a wild and exciting shootout win by the Calgary Flames last night at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

The big comeback has led us to put together this primer on Calgary Flames third period performances. Enjoy!


The Flames are air-tight when leading after 40 minutes. They beat Chicago in overtime, and beat Winnipeg, Carolina, Montreal and Arizona in regulation. In four of the five games (all but Carolina), they were out-shot by the trailing team in the third (because score effects).

In games Calgary leads after 40 minutes, they’ve out-scored their opponents 7-4.


The Flames are shockingly good when trailing after 40 minutes. They’ve come back from three one-goal deficits (against Nashville, Washington and Florida) and two two-goal deficits (against Chicago and New Jersey). They were unable to come back against Vancouver (one goal), St. Louis (four), Columbus (three), Tampa Bay (one), Washington (one) and Carolina (two).

In the five successful comebacks, the Flames were out-shot in the third of three of them.

In the six unsuccessful comebacks, the Flames were out-shot in four of them.

In games Calgary trails after 40 minutes, they’ve out-scored their opponents 16-7. That’s crazy.

TIED AFTER 40: 3-1-2

This may be more impressive than the five wins when trailing: the game has been up for grabs for the Flames six times in the third period. They captured 8 of a possible 12 points. That’s pretty strong.

Twice the Flames were out-shot (they went 1-0-1), three times they out-shot their opponents (going 1-1-1), and once the shots were even.

In games Calgary is tied in after 40 minutes, they out-scored their opponents 7-3.


What’s the most impressive achievement of the Calgary Flames in the third period? Their perfect record when leading? Their record when trailing? Their record when tied?

Would you, like me, wish they were leading more often?

Fire off your take in the comments!

And now, this:

  • Burnward

    Derek wills says flames were playing rope a dope with Devils…hahaha he’s the worst. By the way if ramo doesn’t make some of the saves he does flames lose by 3. And he wants seto on a conditioning stint in the a…. Wills is the worst, worse than steinberg.

  • Burnward

    I loathe the Oilers, but watching that video is painful. Absolutely cringe-worthy. Talk about a deflated team, that doesn’t evenbegin to describe it. They basically go out every game expecting to lose.

    I had no problem with the Oilers rebuild, and expected a lot more by now, but that was also predicated on them having competent management. That to me, is their true problem. Huge changes are needed and Lowe and MacT are not the solutions.

  • BurningSensation

    Keep in mind that landing Malkin for Mono-JonhhyG-a 1st and GIo, the Flames would be running a center ice of;


    Which is pretty close to ‘stamp my playoff tix’.

  • BurningSensation

    Last but not least, a trade involving an elite center is almost unheard of. Thornton to San Jose (a cautionary tale for Pittsburgh), and Seguin to Dallas are the only two I can think of, and both involved Boston (make of that what you will).

    Put the shoe on the other foot, assume at the end of the year Monahan has numbers virtually identical to Jonathon Toews sophmore year (30+goals, checking the elite, etc.).

    What kind of deal would it take for you to part with him, if there was no similarly elite player coming back? (answer, there probably isn’t one). Having a power C in hand is typically worth more to the holding team than just about anything another team will offer if that offer doesn’t include an equivalent replacement.