Sunday Open Thread: Eight Misbehavin’

The Flames got a point last night, their first such standings point in 17 days. Since December 4, they’re 0-7-1. Granted, a lot of the past 17 days has been horrid luck, but occasional lapses have come back to haunt the Calgary Flames in a big way lately.

So our Sunday question is thus: Has Calgary’s losing streak changed your tune about the team, or are you satisfied with the team being at .500 (or thereabouts) around Christmas?

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I would say my answer is “They are who were thought they were, and maybe a little bit better.” So I’m reasonably satisfied with where they sit.

It’s year two of the rebuild. The Flames are a team with some holes. In some cases, gaping holes. But they’ve also banked a lot of points and they’re significantly ahead of where they were last year standings-wise, and very likely in terms of the progression of the team as well.

To be honest, this was always going to be a group that had a tough road to the playoffs. The fact that they’re still in the picture this late in the season is pretty impressive, regardless of how percentages-based or bounces-based the wins were.

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  • ville de champignons

    Not in the least concerned about the losing streak. With a couple of exceptions the Flames have been in every game during this skid and show more potential than most rebuilding clubs at this stage of a rebuild. A couple of home playoff games would be fun, but getting into the lottery and somehow coming away with the first over all pick would be better. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next few years for a change.

  • Grant

    She’s 9 losses in a row boys after the Kings game!! After the first quarter of the season they had every bounce , great goaltending and players playing way over their heads.
    They are no longer sneaking up on anyone and goaltending is not what it was.
    Look at the first 2 lines . Are they really legit 1&2 lines.
    They are hard working but just not enough horses to keep it up. Corsi stats don’t lie and they are near the bottom of the league, just as their play has suggested lately.

    • RKD

      Yay, Captain Obvious returns.

      Thanks for the insightful summary. Did you dig that up on

      The top 2 lines are the best this team has to offer, so who would you expect them to ice?

      Do you watch flames games, or just post here when they get on a losing skid? I only ask because they haven’t looked half bad in most of the losses, so I’m grasping at what your actual point is, besides “see, your team sucks too…”

      This team is in the second year of a rebuild and is headed in a great direction, just to remind you of the thread topic.

      • Grant

        Yes I do watch flames games and they have played well and surprised a lot of people. As for captain obvious I simply pointed out that these 1 and 2 lines are not top six forwards with the exception of a couple of guys. This team is back to reality. Who cares if this is year two of rebuild. This team has sucked for years, even when they had the stars!!!

    • RedMan

      “…Look at the first 2 lines . Are they really legit 1&2 lines.”

      you must be new to the Flames – so I will fill you in.

      this is a rebuilding team.

      Not every team can be like yours, and always win every game and retool on the fly.

      you must feel proud of your boys.

      we are happy with ours too. So don’t waste time feeling bad for us – we are relatively happy.

      thanks for stopping by.

  • Nick24

    This losing streak has really been unfortunate for the Flames. To any one not paying attention to them, they’d see we’ve lost 8 in a row and think, ” boy, that team is bad”. But this is the best Hockey they’ve played all year! Could you imagine if they were actually getting comparable results to their play?

    I think that the worst part about this is that you can’t look at a certain area of their game and say that’s where they need to improve, because there’s not much you can do about having worse luck than Wylie Coyote.

    However I’m still very happy with how the Flames have played this year, and I still have no clue how good, or how bad, this team is.