Sunday Open Thread: Playoffs or Bust?

It’s Sunday, so let’s ruminate on some things before we delve into the meaty topics again on Monday.

First off, if you can, head down to the ‘Dome today at 1pm (or turn on Sportsnet), because the powerhouse Brandon Wheat Kings and the Calgary Hitmen are having a game. You can see three Flames draft picks – Keegan Kanzig for the Hitmen and Morgan Klimchuk and Eric Roy for the Wheaties.

Secondly, given that publicly, the Flames have really leaned on the playoffs as something they should achieve, will the reason be a disappointment if they don’t make it? Is it truly playoffs or bust? And has your personal tone changed given the Flames’ recent slide down the standings?

Personally, I fully expect the team’s tenor to change depend on where they are at the trade deadline. I mean, I do not expect them to sell off the farm to upgrade the NHL team, and if they drift down the standings, they drift down the standings.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Brad Treliving busted out the term “accumulation phase” when he was on with Pat Steinberg and Peter Loubardias earlier this week. The team is still building. The acquisition of Drew Shore isn’t a “let’s make the playoffs!” deal. It’s another building block, and likely precedes similar moves down the line.

When the team’s in or near the playoff pack, management saying they’d like to make the playoffs is entirely logical. Everyone would like to be in the playoffs. I’d like to win the lottery. Some things are just more likely to happen than others. If the odds get longer, the tone is likely to change.

The next seven weeks leading up to the NHL’s trade deadline are likely going to be very, very interesting for the Calgary Flames.

    • Burnward

      Completely agree.

      I wouldn’t shop Huds for any reason. I think any team wanting him has to come to us.

      The basis for considering it that there is probably a price for everything or everyone, in this instance.