Flames Recall Michael Ferland and Emile Poirier

Ladies and gentlemen, the Calgary Flames announced some roster moves this morning, including a recall that paves the way for the NHL debut of a recent first round draft selection.

The club recalled Emile Poirier and Michael Ferland from the American Hockey League’s Adirondack Flames. Paul Byron has been placed on the injured reserve and Matt Stajan has been placed on non-roster parental leave to make room.

Poirier, 20, is in his first pro season after spending his junior career with the QMJHL’s Gatineau Olympiques. He was Calgary’s second first-round selection in the 2013 draft – taken after Sean Monahan but before Morgan Klimchuk – and was chosen with the pick the Flames acquired in the Jay Bouwmeester trade. He’s been impressive in the AHL this season, racking up 30 points in 42 games as a rookie, despite missing a chunk of the early part of the season waiting for clearance after off-season shoulder surgery.

Ferland, 22, has been recalled once before this season. The 2010 pick is in his first full season as a pro after spending his first entry-level year bouncing around four teams and three leagues (and dealing with legal issues) and his second entry-level year dealing with a knee injury. He had an assist in 10 games with Calgary, but was quite effective. He’s got 15 points in 32 games on the farm this season, as well.

Byron’s injury occurred just shy of a week ago, Stajan’s on temporary leave due to the impending birth of his child, and neither Poirier or Ferland requires waivers to go back down, so don’t expect this recall situation to last too long.

But at least we get a chance to see Poirier play in the NHL.

  • prendrefeu

    Bummer on the injury front, as always. Injuries – to any one – are never good things.

    But to quote the Islander’s chant in regards to Poirier and Ferland coming up to the big stage:


    I wish them the best in the opportunity to shine.

    • RKD

      I would hope we had a better option for that dynamic due than Byron. Seriously, we may not even re-sign him. Harley loves him, but he isn’t a Burke type player. I don’t think BT is that impressed with him, considering how much ice time he gets.

      Replace Byron with Sven or Johnny or Granlund and you might get the drool going.

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        You could add in Mason Raymond instead and still get the speed factor.

        I liked Byron because he is a good possession player and will help a young line get out of their own end (they’d be sheltered anyways).

        Plus they can keep up with Byron and maybe finish some of the many 2 on 1’s that line would have!

        • Scoring_guru

          I think the last time Byron showed any finish was playing with Sven. If it came down to Sven or Byron playing, I would choose Sven. Bigger player, skilled passer/shooter, and he is getting better defensively. By next year, Baertschi should be in the NHL full-time.

          • Bean-counting cowboy

            that’s what I mean… they could finish for Byron. Baertschi would look good there too, but I worry about it being too young of a line for road games. Would like that line at home though.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Realistically, Poirier probably stays down next year to work on his game (because he can) and just get better and better.

      But how about Byron/Bennett/Jooris.

      Probably the most quick, tenacious forchecking line the NHL has seen in a while.

      • everton fc

        Poirier will be here next season. He has nothing else to prove in the AHL.

        How about this line:


        Much better.

        Jooris will replace Stajan as the line centre at some point, unless they move him to wing and give that role to Arnold, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Arnold can make the jump. The new NHL will include 4th lines that can play more than 10 minutes a game. Byron/Arnold/Jooris might put up some points.

  • Könniek

    It is so e exciting to have a team with so many young options. I am of the generation weaned on the terrible 90’s and don’t remember a time similar to now.

  • RKD

    It’s about time, I hope these guys can inject something into our lineup for this roadtrip. I think Emile could be a threat. Ferland will give us the size and power on this two week journey. Aside from Stajan and Byron being out, the reality is that if Glencross is moved for a pick they will need a body to replace him.

  • Scoring_guru

    Just to keep tempers in check as anyone that has watched the call up situation son far this year. .

    Just because they are up doesn’t mean either will play a minute as the horribly handled recent call ups of Wolf, Sven and Spoon has showed.

  • everton fc

    Obviously “The Brass” have been reading my posts! 🙂

    Could be that Glencross will get moved, as well. Meaning Ferland may stay. Hopefully. He’s a better option than Sven, in my opinion.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Poirier is a stone-cold lock to be an NHLer.

    His wheels alone will get him some decent time in the big show.

    You can’t teach size, and you can’t teach *that* kind of speed, so someone will always give a kid the benefit of the doubt if he’s got one of those attributes and a bit of talent

  • everton fc

    A bit premature to say Poirier has “nothing left to prove” in the AHL. He’s never even played an NHL game. It’s not like he’s on a 100 point pace down there either.

    He’s had a solid season but he’s still 20 with two years left on his ELC.

    Reality is we only have so much space on the big club, and we’d have to cut/trade someone to make room for Poirier full time. 14 spots, 16 forwards before even getting to Poirier or Granlund.

    It’s an eventual decision that shouldn’t be rushed.

    • everton fc

      Barring Treliving absolutely GUTTING the team (or rather trading a couple very specific people) or a preposterously good training camp, Poirier will start next season in the AHL. Which is fine.

      The Flames, as they often do, have too many forwards (I say too many in the sense that, when everyone’s healthy, there aren’t enough roster spots for all the blokes who deserve to be playing). Next season, they’ve got Hudler, Jones, Jooris, and Shore who will probably be the four RWs (along with Byron, if he’s retained), some combination of Gaudreau, Bouma, Baertschi, Raymond, Wolf, Bollig (sigh), Ferland, and Colborne making up the LWs (Colborne can play the other positions too, of course), and Monahan, Backlund, Bennett, and Stajan down the middle. I mentioned the other positions to illustrate why I put Jooris and Shore on RW.

      Could Poirier outplay either Jooris or Shore (or both) and take the roster spot? of course he could. But Shore CANNOT be sent to the AHL next season, and both he and Jooris are better suited to 4th line duty than Poirier is (while simultaneously having proven more in the NHL than Rocketskates has).

  • everton fc

    It’d be nice if this was the last we would have to hear of Byron in red and black but unfortunately he’ll be back all too soon knocking one of these much more skilled and promising kids back to Adirondack. Yay