Flames Trade Deadline 2015: A Recap

The 2015 NHL trade deadline will probably be best remembered as the day where the Calgary Flames announced Mark Giordano’s season had ended.

That’s probably warranted, given that’s the single largest news item of the day, but it does overshadow the work done by Brad Treliving and his staff this past week. They had two players that didn’t have a future in the organization and turned them into three draft picks in the first three rounds of a deep draft.

Here’s a glance at how everything turned out and where we go from here.


Here’s what Calgary did today.

  • Assigned F Markus Granlund, F Emile Poirier and F Michael Ferland to Adirondack (AHL), so they are eligible to play in the AHL playoffs.
  • To stay at the NHL’s minimum roster size, they recalled F Drew Shore from Adirondack (AHL), so he’s not eligible to play in the playoffs.
  • Traded F Sven Baertschi to Vancouver for a 2015 second round pick.

The club also announced that D Mark Giordano is undergoing surgery and is out for the rest of the season.

These moves come in the wake of the team’s largest transaction of the season, the trading of Curtis Glencross to Washington for 2015 second and third round picks. The Flames now have one first round pick, three second round picks and two third round picks in this June’s NHL Draft.


As of right now, the Flames roster sits at 20 healthy bodies.

  • Goaies (2): Karri Ramo and Jonas Hiller
  • Defensemen (7): Kris Russell, Dennis Wideman, T.J. Brodie, Corey Potter, Deryk Engelland, Raphael Diaz and David Schlemko
  • Forwards (11): Joe Colborne, Mikael Backlund, Johnny Gaudreau, Lance
    Bouma, David Jones, Mason Raymond, Sean Monahan, Jiri Hudler, Brandon
    Bollig, Josh Jooris and Drew Shore
  • Injured: Mark Giordano (upper body), Ladislav Smid (upper body), Paul Byron (all-over-body)
  • Non-Roster: Matt Stajan (personal)

I would expect a few recalls will be coming – likely at least two forwards, probably two of Michael Ferland, Emile Poirier and Markus Granlund. When Stajan returns, that’ll give the Flames decent forward depth. As for defenders, it’ll have to be a by-committee job, which is a tall order when you consider they’re replacing a Norris Trophy front-runner.


Honestly, given what we know about Giordano now, I think Brad Treliving did the best he could. Both Glencross and Baertschi didn’t really fit into the team’s plans – nor did either of them seem likely to sign with the club. For two players that were going to fly the coop anyway, Treliving got three key draft picks in a deep draft. And he didn’t give up any roster players outside of Glencross; I had considered he may try to move either Karri Ramo or Mikael Backlund, and they were getting inquiries about defenders, but standing pat keeps the team’s roster about as strong as it can be, with two solid goaltenders and some center depth. The defensive group is the team’s weakness right now.

Could he have gotten the Flames more immediate help? Possibly, but the prices that were thrown around were pretty ludicrous and for a team in the second year of a rebuild, they seemed much too high for the team to be paying. The picks give Calgary flexibility as they head into the summer.

For now, without their captain and best player, the Flames have a tough 20 games ahead of them. We know Mark Giordano is a world-class player. How good is the rest of the team without him? We’re about to find out.

  • amaninvan

    People can analyze the numbers, pull out the old “he needed a change of scenery” crap, blah blah. But the bottom line is the Flames poorly utilized a highly skilled player like Sven and it’s no wonder he wanted out. We saw other guys who should be below him on the depth chart get calls to the big team and play on the top lines, yet Sven was stuck playing with mediocre linemates for 10 minutes a night, if in fact he was lucky enough to get called up and dressed at all. I’ve been fairly supportive of BT and Hartley, and I generally like with both guys are doing for this team. But this Sven debacle it’s a serious black eye on the team and the decision makers behind this trade. Poor ass asset management, and more than that, a major disrespect to player. Sven deserved better, plain and simple.

    Personally, for myself living Vancouver, I’m certainly not looking forward to seeing Sven wear that stupid Orca and being given a real, credible shot to make their team, sadly playing for one of the flames biggest rivals (and my most disliked team). Once the team made the decision to trade him, who decided to give him to a divsional rival? Just stupid, just silly. It would have made more sense to ship him out to an Eastern team. Even if it meant a lower return.You don’t help supply your rivals with ammunition, that’s just basic good sense.

    Really what would have made more sense is to give this guy a fair shake and see what you have talent wise before you ship him out the door because, what? Someone in the organization doesn’t like him, or in somones mind he hasn’t paid his dues? That’s just dumb.

    • everton fc

      Agreed 100%. When they brought in Mason Raymond it was a terrible move and still is.

      They essentially benched and demoted Baertschi for being weak on the puck and inconsistent – and told him to earn a roster spot while they signed one of the most soft, inconsistent players in the NHL.

      THen when they called Sven up they put him on a line with Bollig and Setoguchi. The second time they call him up he’s SCRATCHED for Bollig (as is Wolf, BTW, who seems to also be getting dealt a shitty hand from Hartley).

      Brandon Bollig has brought exactly one thing to the Flames – staged fights – and yet they’re worried about Sven Baertschi being “too one-dimensional”? Forgive me if I see some irony.

      Sven Baertschi is a flawed NHLer.
      But he’s already a better NHLer than Mason Raymond or Brandon Bollig. I’ll stand by that assessment. Hopefully whoever is drafted with the Canucks’ 2nd rounder is a better NHLer than Sven Baertschi and by extension Mason Raymond and Brandon Bollig, but that’s high expectations for a second rounder.

      I’m not impressed by the Burke/Treliving “big” obsession. Our better players this season have included Paul Byron, Johnny Gaudreau, Jiri Hudler, Kris Russell, Rafa Diaz and our worst players have been Bollig, Engelland, Smid, and McGrattan while even Colborne has been a poor fit.

      Detroit is running a top 6 with Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Tatar, Nyquist and yet their team is insanely good. Wierd, that?

      NOw look at the Lightning:


      Them’s some small players too.

      Size is good when it’s complemented by talent. But the Flames abandoned Sven’s talent for size alone.

      Am I bitter? Maybe, maybe not. Mostly I’m just not sure I trust the current regime in the grand scheme but I’m still willing to give them an opportunity. Regardless – much of this year’s success was certainly due to players brought in by previous managers (Ortio, Giordano, Brodie, Wideman, Russell, Gaudreau, Monahan, Ramo, Hudler, Stajan, Backlund, Jooris, Byron). You could even argue that without Feaster’s 2013-14 squad in place, we don’t get Sam Bennett.

      Was Feaster the right guy going forward? Who knows. But he did have a plan in place, and then Treliving came and disrupted that progress during the offseason and ultimately it led to Sven Baertschi’s departure. It’s also led to Tyler Wotherspoon seeming like an up-and-up NHLer to probably being the next guy wanting out.

    • Management and coaches must’ve concluded they already gave Baertschi a fair shake months ago and it fell through. They noticed there was little interest in him around the league. This would explain why the traded a first round prospect for a second round pick.

      • Derzie

        He was drafted nearly 4 years ago and hasn’t developed to be able to make it full-time to date. Players don’t remain static. If they’re not improving, they’re regressing.

        • RedMan

          Just watch Sven improve with the Canucks! His coach in Utica is Travis Green who was his Asst Coach in Portland.

          Jim Benning called him the most dynamic player in Junior Hockey when he was scouting the WHL for the Bruins, a guy who loved playing hockey and enjoyed going to the rink. With the Flames, Sven lost all trust in his coaches and the organization and wanted out.

          Benning projects Sven as a future core player in the top 6 of the Canucks. He said a second round pick will take at least 4 years to develop – 2 years in Junior, 2 years in the AHL, so giving up a 2nd rounder was a no brainer Sven has put in his 4 years and is close to making the jump to the NHL.

          This could turn out to be a disaster for the Flames like the Brett Hull fiasco. Sure Sven thought he was a sure-fire NHLer but the Flames did not help his development either. Brent Sutter could see him exuding skill and jump.. Burkie and Hartley just loved putting the screws in him.

          Sven’s situation is a prime example of Defense-minded coaches that Larionov referred to in his essay that kill the creativity of the NHLs best talent.

          • piscera.infada

            I just find it interesting that so many people will bring up this “Hartley loved putting the screws to [Sven]”, as if Hartley has no vested interest in icing the best team possible.

            First of all, I find it extremely convenient that several young players have come in and been put in the position to succeed, and have succeeded under Hartley over the last two years, yet Hartley has for all intents and purposes “destroyed Sven”. In fact, I would say that Hartley has been the best coach in recent Flames history at incorporating young players onto the team. Even players like Backlund that were once viewed as in his “doghouse” have progressed under his coaching. Sven seems to be the lone exception to that trend. For all his talent, you have to ask yourself a serious question as to why that is. I don’t see it as wholly a function of not getting his opportunity. As I said, the organization has played yo-yo with players like Granlund, Ferland, and Wotherspoon the last two years, and they don’t seem to be “lacking all their confidence”. Jooris came to training camp this year with the expectation from the coach being 1 preseason game. He was sent down, came back, and played well enough (even when he wasn’t scoring) to stick with the big team. Likewise, Bouma started as a fourth-line player and sometimes healthy scratch, and moved up the lineup (no, he’s not a top-six forward) to become a permanent fixture on this team.

            Moreover, I’ve always found it interesting that when you hear players from the Baby Flames discuss their time in the AHL, you never hear Sven’s name come up when they’re discussing their time there. Granted, this is a whole lot of intimation, but I always noticed that when player were asked who they enjoyed playing with on the farm you’d get the Poirier’s, Ferland’s, Shore’s, Knight’s, and even Hanowski’s, but there would never be a mention of Sven. Again, I agree that could mean nothing at all, but it could also mean that there is a larger organizational dynamic at work here.

            Look, I’m far from happy Sven got trade, and as mentioned before I’m viscerally angry it was to Vancouver (I gladly would have taken less return to send him out East). I also see shades of Neidereitter here, and I understand those of us who believe he still has the potential to succeed. I also agree that Brian Burke’s comments last season were out of line, and completely contributed to this mess, and I believe Burke needs to have some accountability for that.

            That all said, I don’t believe the player is infallible in all of this. There are numerous signs that he did not fit into what this team was trying to build. Could Vancouver put him on a line with the Sedins and could he absolutely crush it in that role? Absolutely, but the Sedins have also turned also-rans into stars when they play together. The reality of the situation is that I hope Sven finds his groove, but I also don’t think his “ceiling” was so high that he is un-tradeable. While I acknowledge that there were issues associated with Sven’s development, I think you have to put a lion’s share of that on the player–there has been far too much success from the young players in this organization over the last few years to think that they are the exception, not Sven.

      • amaninvan

        I guess I’d be curious to know what months you are referring to. I’d certainly like to know what exactly caused it to ( in their opinion and your words) “fell through”. If Sven was given an extended look with top 6 minutes, quality line mates, power play time, and favorable zone starts, I personally can’t remember what “months” those were.

        If Sven had been given this fair shake, and fell on his head, at least the team and it’s fans (myself at least) wouldnt be here left wondering What if, What could have been. It’s the unrealized potential and the Flames inability or unwillingness to test it properly that leaves me shaking my head.

  • Frank Miron

    I am disappointed in today’s efforts.

    First, the Flames did nothing to address the loss of their top defencemen. A few servicable options slipped by that would have required little in return. I am thinking Zidlicky and Michalek. Even should have got Wiz from the Jackets although that would have been a more expensive option. Otherwise, it leaves fans wondering if BT has given up on a playoff berth.

    Second, I hate that Baertschi is going to the rival Canucks for a pick in the 45-50 range. The kid still had big upside. The fact that BT announced that Baertschi didn’t want to re-sign should not be an excuse for a poor return. Other teams wouldn’t have known that.

    Gio news topped off a bad day.

  • T&A4Flames

    BB completely misjudged the temperament of Baertschi. Or, he just didn’t care. The tough love angle failed miserably. Ripping a kid publicly is just retarded and ignorant. That goes for any player really. That stuff should be kept behind doors. He lost his confidence; the coaching/management succeeded in tearing him down. The real fail was when it came to building him up again.

    Baertschi’s ability to set up players is going to look good playing beside Horvat and Virtanen. Crying shame.

  • T&A4Flames

    A few other thoughts:

    If your comparing Klimchuk’s stile of play to Gary Roberts, it needs to be pointed out that Klimer doesn’t have Roberts size to go along with the style.

    I’m not sure I would trade multiple picks to move up. The D in this draft Is deep, very deep. 3 swings in the top 60 should bring at least top pairing potential player

    I think we could have matched or bettered some of the trades for youth. Connolly out of TB, we could have easily matched and bettered with all the extra picks we got. Despres. Seriously, we couldn’t do something better than Lovejoy? DSP couldn’t be had with Sven and someone else since Sven was going anyway?

    Here’s hoping we find quality trade partners at the draft that can swap extra D prospects for our extra C or LW.

    • piscera.infada

      I’m assuming the Despres “trade” with BT was why they were “discussing Russell” earlier in the day. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t have made that deal.

      • Greg

        For Russell, no. But given Lovejoy was all it took to get Depres, I’m pretty disappointed they couldn’t make something work. Wideman with half his contract retained for Depres? Maybe you take back a contract they don’t like?

        I guess they felt without Gio in the lineup, they could t afford to lose anyone else on the backend. But one could argue the season was lost without Gio anyway, and adding Depres would be exactly what this org needs to start plugging D pipeline for next year. Should have done it.

        • piscera.infada

          I know this isn’t a great response, but you can say that for every trade because you aren’t involved at all in the negotiations. I mean, I could just as easily say “more could have been involved in the Glencross trade”, but I doubt anyone’s going to buy that.

          It’s entirely possible that Sather asked Treliving about Despres for Russell, Treliving tired to extract more, and Sather walked away.

          It’s very difficult to lambaste the guy for a trade he didn’t make, simply because you think there’s something there. I’m sure there are several times that trades don’t fall into a GM’s lap. For example, how many GM’s would have given up a lot more than Erat and Latta for Filip Forsberg, right?

    • RedMan

      I recall the Roberts comparison/analogue during his drAft year, but otherwise not claiming he is or isn’t. What I have seen is he is fast, smart, tough and can score in his times here and he’s doing well in Junior. I believe we’ve got a player there and I’m glad to let him percolate and develop. We’ll get a much better feel in another year or so.

      As for the 2015 draft I was checking mock drafts of the seven rounds last night and I would say a couple things. First there are far more projected D in the mock draft than any other position. Secondly, looking at projected picks all the way into the forth round it seems like there are some excellent D prospects. We could easily pick 3-4 in the 1-3 rounds and end up with a great mix of D prospects. Finally if we end up dropping down a few spots over the last 20 games to around 10(currently 16) we’ll have a shot at one of the top 2-3 D in the whole draft.

      As for the TDL I’m very happy with our results, especially the GlenX return. I’m disappointed in Sven but not everyone turns out and we got a good pick out of it. Looking at the upcoming draft our chance of finding a great D prospect with the pick is pretty good. I’m ready to move on.

  • RKD

    I understand why Baertschi requested a trade but why did it have to be Vancouver, no other team was offering that for Sven. Baertschi is now going to join guys like Horvat and Shinkaruk. Hope this trade doesn’t burn the Flames down the road. Sven had good chemistry with Monahan, this has Brian Burke written all over it. He didn’t like Jay Feaster so he fired him, he didn’t like Sven Baertschi so he got Treviling to trade him. Burkie still controls this ship, his comments to rip Barts in the public were foolish, Nazem Kadri still isn’t a 200 foot player. None of the other Flames young propects and players got ripped in the media.

    • piscera.infada

      I have no problem with the Sven trade. I also hope he doesn’t burn us, just as I hope Iginla, Glencross, Cammalerri and etc don’t burn us. I also hope we get a great player out of our 2nd round pick we got for Sven. He’s gone now, I’m moving on.

      Faster was fired because BB didn’t like him? No, more like because he was poor at several aspects of his job, ie trades. Personally I believe the BB/BT management is doing a pretty good job.

      As for the public BB comments, sure I agree that’s best done behind closed doors, but then again Sven made his own bed in Penticton and he had several opportunities after….

  • febreze

    I’m devistated about Gio in the context of this season but for a team in the second season of a rebuild his absence allows a different kind of assessment of the players around him. As important as he is it seems like this organization can at least be reminded that no player is bigger than the team which in a way caused a bit of harm during the Iginla years. What a bad day though.

  • RedMan

    While this “Sven” thing is troublesome, I have issues with Sven himself. After scoring 3 goals in 5 games, he came back the next year with an attitude, which first rear3ed it’s ugly head at the young-stars tournament where he made it very clear he should not be playing there. Plus, his conditioning was pathetic.

    then after being sent to the AHL again, and pouting, he got a call up after which he again had a bad attitude when sent back down. after this, his dad started beaking off about his poor son being mistreated and needing to be traded.

    It’s not easy obviously becoming an NHL’er, and just like the rest of us schlups who have to put up with crap to earn our daily bread, he had to bend over and put up with some handling of himself that he didn’t think was right. He never did recover from this in this organization.

    Sven blew it, and instead of getting his poop in a group and figuring it out, he allowed the bad attitude to take over.

    I was as mad as everyone about this trade, but when i heard that he had demanded a trade, I feel differently.

  • playastation

    I’m disappointed that Sven got traded as I kept tabs on him since he was drafted. However, this rhetoric about him not getting a chance is BS. The flames have been successful this year partly because they’ve stuck to their motto of “always earned, never given”. This has created great competition in the organization. So, how do you give top minutes to a guy who was one of the highest minus guys on your AHL affiliation, (which he was earlier in the year) and keep preaching that motto? He also wasn’t tearing up the league. When he started playing better, he got called up. Everyone says that Detroit is so good because they are patient, and allow their prospects to mature before bringing them up. Sven didn’t want to do that.

    Also, the idea that Sven is going to become the next St. Louis is extremely unlikely. A serviceable NHLer, likely, but there are a ton of guys who lit it up in Junior and couldn’t make the transition in the NHL. Anyone remember superstart Rob Schremp? I think he’s playing in Europe now.

    • T&A4Flames

      Sure, Sven was given chances. But he wasn’t put in positions to succeed like some of the other prospects. Call ups were supposed to be positional from what we were told. So if a bottom 6 went down a bottom 6 replacement was brought up. Sven, if he’s going to be successful, is going to do it by being a top or middle 6. Not a 4th line grinder. Playing with McG and other offensively challenged plugs did him no favours.

    • smith

      Some opportunities were better than others. Jooris for example was second line in his first game. Granlund played a lot of second line and was no better than Beartchi.

      Monahan last year started with a great shooting percentage. Baertchi had bad luck. Baertchi was sent down even though playing well. Is it coincidence that Monahan’s points dropped off a cliff as soon as Baertchi was not playing with him?

      THis was a player the organization did not like for one reason or another. It is a shame because he has a lot of skill.

  • Some of you are starting to sound like Oilers fans.

    We shouldn’t have traded Ramo. Hartley should push these guys to play even harder for that playoff spot. It’s still theirs to take. The bright light has been on Gio all season. He won’t be our leader forever. Maybe someone steps up now?

    This draft is deeper than the top 4 picks. Getting a 2nd for Sven is better than getting nothing for Sven when he walks after this season. And he absolutely would have walked. That pick alone could end up turning into one of Nicolas Meloche or Parker Wotherspoon. No, they are not projected to be SJones or Ekblad, but they are certainly projected to be a lot higher than what Gio was at the time.

    If any of you really are Oilers fans that converted during this season… please get out.

    • T&A4Flames

      That’s a good point about emerging leaders. Gio going down right now could prove to be a good thing in the long run. Often it takes a leader to be out for a long time for youngster to suddenly realize he can lead as well.

      Re: Sven. Where was he going to walk to exactly. He’d still be under CGY’s control as an RFA. Now, yes, it gave then become public that he wants out. But BT could have tried to package him in a deal to a cap strapped team for a decent player. Risky obviously, but a possibility. I’m not saying this is ideal, under the circumstances BT probably did the right thing, by the organization and the player. My argument was simply the perceived mis-treatment of Sven.

  • piscera.infada

    People questioning if Baerstchi got a fair shake, all of the guys that passed him on the depth chart earned their way from the 4th line up to the 1st 2nd and 3rd lines. You know why? Because they made their linemates better. They didn’t necessarily get the points but they made their linemates better. Sven FAILED to do this. You know who else fails to do this? Phil Kessel. Sven shied away from contact and board battles (even in the offensive zone), coasted on back checks and cherry picked a lot. These kind of players will put up points in the regular season but fail in the playoffs.

  • JMK

    How do we know Sven wasn’t tried on top lines in training?? Maybe during the preseason? Just because he was put on the 3rd and 4th lines all the time doesn’t mean he wasn’t given a shot. You all seem to be saying Hartley had something against him, but maybe he wasn’t putting in the effort during training. Hartley wouldn’t want to sacrifice his top 2 lines just to try and develop the kid. Hartley wants to win. Young kids like Jooris and Johnny have come in and done great. Jooris is the prime example, he wasn’t even on their radar before this season but he came and made the effort. Sven requesting a trade speaks volumes as to how much effort he was putting in.

    • T&A4Flames

      Actually, just beause he was put on the 4th lines all the time DOES mean he wasn’t given a shot. Hartley said himself that Baertschi needed to be a top 6 forward if he wanted to succeed in the NHL.

      So why would being on a line with BRANDON BOLLIG and PAUL BYRON be considered an opportunity? That was a line destined to fail no matter if you put a prime Wayne Gretzky on it, because Brandon Bollig should NOT be playing in the NHL.

      The top 2 lines have had holes all season. A lack of scoring chances because the Backlund line relies on north south 3rd liners like Jones and Bouma (which, BTW, is holding Backlund back too).

      A lack of size becauze Hudler is not a good complement to Gaudreau.

      A lack of awareness and puck control as Mason Raymond is not very good unless he’s scoring a goal a game, which has happened for exactly four games all season.

      The way people talk about the Flames’ roster you’d think our top 6 was rolling Ovechkin, Lucic, Nash, and Giroux on the wings and Baertschi just couldn’t match up.

      He DID match up. He wasn’t given any confidence though.

      • JMK

        I love how certain everyone is that this is a terrible trade. The reality is you have no idea (not until it unfolds). And unless you have inside info from a member within the organization you’ve no idea whether Sven deserved to be given lots of ice time. If Sven was playing crap in training it would be bad for team morale and the motto “always earned never given” would be meaningless!! Does anyone here know whether Sven was doing well in training or not? His ice time and position on the team could exactly reflect how much effort he was putting in.

        Are Ferland and Poirier not getting a fair shot either since they are on the 4th line?? I would say no, they are getting NHL experience and the opportunity to show how good they are. Jooris, Gaudreau and Granlund all stood out watching preseason games. They earned 2nd line minutes. I was rooting for Sven but the only time I got excited about him was when I watched his junior highlights.

        If Sven DID match up as you say why wouldn’t they put him on the top line? Especially Hartley who was negotiating a new contract. If Sven would improved his chances of winning and negotiating a better contract why wouldn’t he put him on the top line. To me unless someone has actual real inside info rather than speculation, Sven didn’t want to be here and wasn’t putting in the effort. He requested this trade, not the kind of attitude you want to see.

      • Rockmorton65

        But did he do what was asked of him, while on the 4th line? It seemed to me that he was only going to put in the effort if he was in the top six role. If he requires ideal conditions to become an impact player, then he will never become an impact player. I got tired of hearing how he was so delicate and needed to be treated with kid gloves.

        Look at Bouma and Jooris. These guys do have some skill, but they made the team on heart. If Hartley asks them to block shots, they block shots. If he says to tie someone up in front of the net, they do that too. Whatever they are asked to do, they attack it with the ferocity of a wild dog. 4th line, top line, doesn’t matter. That’s what the coaches are looking for. Bouma and Jooris we’re not “put into a position to succeed”. Neither was Monahan, Gaudreau, Bennett, Granlund, Ferland, etc. They all earned it and proved they could do what was asked of them. Baertchi failed to do what was asked of him and is gone.

  • scoopz

    I was absolutely shocked when Sven got traded, but I really think there are some great defenders to be had in the 2nd round, even if we have to swap a low second+ for a higher one.

    Central Scouting has these guys listed in the 31-60 slots:

    31. Ryan Pilon

    33. Mitch Vande Sompel

    38. Noah Juulsen

    45. Nicolas Meloch

    46. Parker Wotherspoon (Tyler’s little bro)

    47. Travis Dermott

    51. Matt Spencer

    53. Vince Dunn

    59. Oliver Galipeau

    60. Alexandre Carrier

    There are some serious potential gems in there, especially through Wotherspoon. Pilon has a really nice pedigree and plays with Klimchuk in Brandon right now and I bet he sneaks into the first round.

    This is a very deep defenders draft. If the season ended today, we’d be looking at pick 15, 45, 48, and 50 in the first 60 picks. There are another 14 D ranked 61-90 as well, so there should be ample opportunity to draft a darkhorse.

    I realize the Flames need a young, top 4 guy now, but those aren’t easy to come by. The scary part is the damage management could do chasing someone else’s prospect, only to see our pick go on to become a stud top-pairing guy.

    Someone’s drafting a future franchise blueliner in the 2nd or 3rd round this year; that’s a certainty. It could be the Flames, it could be someone else, but it’s happening.

  • scoopz

    actually, not that I would like to see the Flames fall down the standings, but if we snuck into the top 10, they might be able to draft both Brandon blueliners (Provorov and Pilon). Although, there would have to be some moves to get both.

  • playastation

    The comments today are mind-numbing.

    One person is mad we didn’t make a push for the playoffs.

    How long is our playoffs gonna last without gio? 9 days? Seems worth trading picks for.

    Sven didn’t want to play here. Regardless of how good you think he is. If he’s not gonna play here, then he’s not gonna develop here, and he won’t do what’s asked of him. Seriously. Its not rocket science.

    Imagine everyone playing on the oilers right now and how inspired they are to play for the oilers. That’s Sven on the Flames. Any second rounder that wants to be here is more valuable than that.

  • playastation

    The other thing that’s being missed here is the opportunity. With the cap expected to not be going up, we should see some deals like the Boychuk and Leddy ones present themselves. Calgary could spin the three picks they received from the two deals into a pretty good player or two that other teams just can’t keep, and still keep their original picks.

  • flamesfan98

    I think the flames did a great job on the draft. They didn’t go crazy and make 5 trades on deadline day but at the same time they didn’t do too little.they also got great value back for glencross and reasonable value back for beartschi. I would like to see the flames draft defensemen Ryan pilon from the Brandon wheat kings. He is projected to go 2nd round this year and is right behind Ivan provorov in points and plus/minus I have seen him play when he was still on the hurricanes and he is something to watch!