Flames Recall Markus Granlund From Adirondack

In a move that seems a bit odd to me, the Calgary Flames announced this afternoon that they’ve recalled Markus Granlund from the Adirondack Flames. Presumably he’ll fly in tonight and join the team on the ice tomorrow.

No corresponding assignments were announced, so this appears to be a straight-up addition to the roster and the burning-off for the third of the team’s four non-emergency recalls.

Granlund, 21, has been recalled four previous times this season.

  • October 29 – January 7
  • January 8-22
  • February 2-5
  • February 19 – March 2

The Finnish product has 13 points in 35 NHL games this season (and 16 in his 44 career games) and 17 points in 21 games with the Baby Flames. He’s shown offensive flashes, but both his defensive game and face-offs arguably need work.

The reason the move confuses me is that, since no injury announcement has been made, one has to surmise it’s to give Calgary extra bodies. They already have two – Drew Shore and Emile Poirier – in terms of forwards. No idea why they need a third right now, particularly with Paul Byron reportedly making progress towards a return. And even moreso considering the Adirondack Flames are besieged with injuries right now.

UPDATE: Per Diana Nearhos of the Glens Falls Post-Star, Adirondack’s injury list:

  • Bryce van Brabant
  • Taylor Vause
  • Brian McGrattan
  • Ryan Culkin
  • Joni Ortio

The Baby Flames presently have 11 healthy forwards, 8 defensemen and three goalies. Presumably a defender will play up at forward again tonight against Rockford.

    • beloch

      Unless things have changed, trades can still be made after the deadline. The players obtained just aren’t eligible to play in the playoffs. There isn’t a lot of incentive for the Flames to make a trade right now though, so I bet it’s just a case of the flu or somebody took an arrow to the knee.

  • Lordmork

    With Shore in the pressbox, why call up another centre? Plus, the baby Flames need all the goal scoring they can get. I’m starting to wonder about the Flames asset management.

  • RedMan

    Um, who were the other two call-ups? Poirier wasn’t sent down prior to the deadline (he isn’t eligible for the AHL playoffs thanks to that) I’m pretty sure Shore was one of them, but who else?

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        Nope, The only transactions since the deadline are Shore being brought up, Doug Murray’s tryout and now this recall. Ferland was called up on Feb. 23. I thought the same thing though.

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      You missed the transactions that put Ferland and Poirier in the AHL long enough to qualify for the post0season play. Basically a paper transaction. Shore and Potter not eligible, though.

        • RealMcHockeyReturns




          2015-03-18 Markus Granlund (C) DEL Recalled from loan by Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-14 Brant Harris (RW) ADD Signed to PTO
          2015-03-13 Clay Witt (G) ADD Signed to ATO
          2015-03-02 Drew Shore (C) DEL Recalled from loan by Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-02 Emile Poirier (RW) ADD Returned on loan from Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-02 Emile Poirier (RW) DEL Recalled from loan by Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-02 Markus Granlund (C) ADD Returned on loan from Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-02 Michael Ferland (LW) ADD Returned on loan from Calgary (NHL)
          2015-03-02 Michael Ferland (LW) DEL Recalled from loan by Calgary (NHL)

          The posting of these didn’t show up right away, but they are there.

  • Greg

    Puzzling. A) they’ve been unnecessarily pillaging adirondack’s roster to a point that may cost them a playoff spot. B) these kids just keep sitting in the press box.

    Maybe they figure being around a tight playoff race here is better for their development then a sinking one in a town they’ll be leaving anyway?

    Or maybe their gonna start playing them on the blue line? :S

    Would really like to hear BTs rationale on this.

    • piscera.infada

      I’d like to say at the outset that I have very little experience handling NHL prospects, so my input into this may be misguided.

      While I agree in part that this move is somewhat puzzling on a prima facie level, I would assume there is a rationale. Is it at all possible that while playing NHL games is ideal for a prospect that it is possible to still assess them relative to the rest of the team through working with coaches, through video-time, and through working with strength and conditioning guys at the NHL level? Is it possible that Treliving wants to give a few of these guys a few final assessments before he looks at any offseason moves to shore-up areas of weakness? Is it possible that Hartley wants a few more options for the stretch drive? Is it possible that there are injuries or fatigue that they want to account for? Is it possible that the team can also assess other players on the farm by giving them more minutes and more opportunity in Adirondak?

      • Parallex

        IMO It’s hard to justify recalls as necessary when you can already dress a full line-up and still have guys in the pressbox prior to the recall and then elect not to play the guys you recalled.

    • everton fc

      I think if we drift out of the playoffs, most of these young guys will be sent down to Addy if they are still in the playoffs. As for them being here, I think the staff is hedging against injuries, thinking these guys will be NHL game-ready, familiar with a few line mates, and so on. This way, you’re not bringing up a fresh face…

      Just my “two cents”.

    • Greg

      2 very valid points. Esepcially with BT stating on a few occasions that he’d rather young players play and not sit. That alone makes this roster move open to question.

      Has more information been made available on this?

  • Burnward

    Not to be overly flippant…but who cares where Adirondack finishes?

    They’re stocking up for the NHL push. 60+ games in the AHL has shown the kids and the team plenty already.