Douglas Murray’s Try-Out Ends

There was one fewer body in the Calgary Flames locker room this morning.

The team announced that defenseman Douglas Murray’s try-out has finished and he has left the team. As a result, he will not be signing with the organization. (To be fair, few expected him to, particularly given his ineligibility for the NHL or AHL playoffs.)

Murray, 35, joined the Flames on a try-out back on March 13, with the explanation that the team wanted to see if he could be a potential depth option for them. However, while Murray’s spirit was willing, his skating and mobility remained weak. I can say that he was obviously working his ass off, but he just didn’t seem to have NHL-level skating, despite his obvious NHL-level size.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and now at least Murray (and the Flames) can feel confident that they tried their best, gave it a shot, and are now parting ways in what seems to be a fairly amicable manner.