Gaudreau Named NHL’s Rookie Of The Month

For the second time this season, Calgary Flames freshman Johnny Gaudreau has received monthly honours from the league. The NHL announced today, via press release, that Gaudreau has been named March’s NHL Rookie of the Month.

Gaudreau, 21, had 16 points (7 goals and 9 assists) in 15 games in March, which saw his Flames club go 9-3-3. Yes, all of those games without captain Mark Giordano. This is the second time this season Gaudreau’s been named Rookie of the Month, the prior instance being in December.

After 76 games of his rookie season, Gaudreau leads the NHL’s first-year players in scoring with 60 points. He’s the only rookie who’s been named Rookie of the Month multiple times this season.

  • RedMan

    If the flames make the playoffs, he has a chance of being recognized as the Rookie of the Year. Without making the playoffs, I would say there is zero chance. Eastern bias.

    • RedMan

      I think he also plays on what was considered the weakest team of any Calder contender as well. Without him, do the Flames get anywhere close to the playoffs?

    • supra steve

      You forget where Johnny originated. Coming from a team in Boston in the NCAA, winning the Hobey, winning an NCAA championship, he has name recognition in the east. Any Canadian writers know about his games at the WC and WJC.

      He is the kind of player the NHL wants to pin the award on; long-shot to make the NHL, small player big heart, mad skills, modest individual, impact player, name recognition.

      • RedMan

        You don’t have to sell him to me, I am a fan as much as anyone here. I am simply suggesting that the award doesn’t always go to ho who deserves it.

        Eckblad is the clear winner now unless Gaudreau takes the team into the playoffs. if he does get the team into the playoffs, there is probably a 50/50 chance.

        Remember the year Iginla got ripped off? by one idiot voting him 5th… can’t remember the award, maybe heart trophy or something? My heart says JG, but if I were betting, I’d be taking Eckblad based on the idiots that vote for it.

        • Franko J

          “Eckblad is the clear winner now unless Gaudreau takes the team into the playoffs. if he does get the team into the playoffs, there is probably a 50/50 chance.”

          The problem with that statement is that the deadline for PHWA to get their ballots in is before the end of the season. Some may already have submitted them.

          I remember Oiler’s mouthpieces grousing about Nail Yakupov not even getting consideration 2 years ago….but he went on a scoring tear the last week of the season after most ballots had been submitted.

          So, if Johnny has not made an impression on PHWA members by now, then he won’t win even if the Flames make the playoffs and win the first round…
          But here is hoping that he has and wins the Calder!

  • supra steve

    Looking back, and knowing now that there was some buzz about Gaudreau as the 2011 draft approached….It’s hard to understand why someone didn’t take a risk on this kid before the Flames 104th overall pick rolled around in the 4th round. Kudos to the Flames scouting and management team for getting him there, well played.

  • supra steve

    He performed exceptionally well in the month that the going gets tougher as teams crank it up a notch to make the playoffs or move up in the standings.

    If the Flames don’t make the playoffs (which doesn’t seem likely now!) it won’t be for a lack of trying or skill on Johnny’s part!

    Kudos to Johnny Hockey!

  • supra steve

    Doom to those who said he needed to go the minors.

    Doom to Oilers trolls who said he was too small and would never make it period.

    I will say though, it’s pretty amazing that he never really hit a wall at any point in the season. He did have a couple of lulls in his points totals, but he never looked tired and was still generating chances.

    Without a doubt, the most exciting Flame to watch since Fleury.

  • supra steve

    I will preface this by saying I hope I’m wrong and that he makes me eat my words.

    I don’t think he wins the Calder.

    Defence and Center are both “harder” positions to play than wing. He didn’t so outscore Forsberg (and may yet not) that he wins it on offence alone. He plays in the West out of sight and out of mind of the voters for this particular piece of silver.

    There. I’ve said it. I feel dirty.

    • Parallex

      I’ll plagiarize myself and cut’n’paste what I said about Gaudreau in the Lawson Crouse articule…

      “Yeah, but the thing to remember is that writers determine the winner and writers love (above all else) a good narrative. Johnny Gaudreau has a heck of a good narrative… tiny, soft-spoken American kid from New Jersey, drafted far from the first round with electrifying talent takes a team expected to dwell in the bottom of the standings back to the playoffs”…

      Since the Flames are the “feel good” story of the NHL this year they get a fair amount more coverage then they’ve gotten recently + the eastern American media is already aware of him via his NCAA accomplishments. I dunno… I think if the Flames make the playoffs they won’t be able to resist giving it to him.

      He’s a feel good story,
      He’s a underdog story,
      He’s a success story.

      I just think it will be hard for a bunch of professional storytellers to pass on that kind of narrative.

    • piscera.infada

      Basically what @Parallex said above. I would also like to point out that for the most part (and when he had the majority of his points), Forsberg has also played on the wing. For a brief time, he was moved to second-line centre and his points took a nose dive.

      Frankly, I see Ekblad being the player that a lot of the Quebec and Ontario media will vote for though (they have a tendancy to vote against western Canada–remember the Iginla-Theodore Hart fiasco?), so I do agree with you to some extent. Ekblad is younger, a defenseman, and has that recent name-brand recognition, but honestly I don’t think he’s had the impact in Florida that Gaudreau has had in Calgary. I’d hate to see where the Flames would be sans-Gaudreau, and I think that all that really matters here (win or lose).

  • Captain Ron


    You really meant to say “Rookie of the year” right?

    Instead of fading away the man is rising to the occasion and upping his game at one of the toughest times of the season.

    Can’t wait to bear witness to the rest of his career here.

    Go Johnny!

  • RedMan

    i wish you were all right about the eastern guys already loving J.G., but all you have to do is hit the top 10 NHL news web sites and you will find plenty of media types already crowning Eckblad. Makes me sick but it is what it is.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not disagreeing with anything that anyone is saying here about JG or even his popularity down east, but just listen, and you hear it about Eckblad. Unless JG gets his team into the post season, I believe the decision is already made.

  • RedMan

    I don’t get how Eckblad gets all the credit when a player like Klingberg has better counting stats, plays tougher comp and plays in tougher circumstances… I don’t get it.

    • piscera.infada

      Name recognition man. These are the same (eastern) voters who are already trying to justify Karlsson being in the Norris talks again–a guy who played all year, but was only effective for roughly 35% of the season (but don’t worry, Gio can’t win because he got injured after 61 games).

      Seriously, I think a lot of Calder voters just vote for the first overall pick if no one in their market is a candidate. Ekblad’s been good, but I would agree Klingberg is a better regular contributor, and in my opinion Gaudreau and Forsberg are more important to their team’s success.

  • Franko J

    After the play he made the other night against Dallas to preserve the win, proves that he is more than one dimensional. Whether he wins or doesn’t win the Calder, it just shows that team goals are more important than individual accolades. While the bottom feeders are waiting for the “next one” in this draft, I truly believe the Flames already have a player of “generational talent”.