Round One Schedule Released

Our good friends at Sportsnet and the National Hockey League announced last evening – around midnight in fact – the schedule for the opening round of the playoffs. As a result, we know the when and where of the first round contest between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks

Schedule and broadcast info after the jump!

  • Game 1: Wednesday, April 15 in Vancouver, 8pm MT, CBC
  • Game 2: Friday, April 17 in Vancouver, 8pm MT, CBC
  • Game 3: Sunday, April 19 in Calgary, 8pm MT, CBC
  • Game 4: Tuesday, April 21 in Calgary, 8pm MT, CBC
  • Game 5*: Thursday, April 23 in Vancouver, time TBD, CBC
  • Game 6*: Saturday, April 25 in Calgary, time TBD, CBC
  • Game 7*: Monday, April 27 in Vancouver, time TBD, CBC

So it appears our suspicions based on building availabilities were about on the money. It’s a game every second day, no matter what, likely because of the really quick travel between cities.

The CBC/Sportsnet crew assigned to the game is Jim Hughson and Chris Simpson (with Scott Oake), so all you people who don’t like how Hughson calls Vancouver Canucks games, begin your belly-aching. I was hoping for Romanuk and Johnson, but they’re doing Montreal/Ottawa instead for some reason. Oh well.

In terms of our usual Sportsnet Flames crew: Kelly Hrudey is assigned panel work in Toronto, while Rick Ball is doing the Tampa Bay/Detroit series.

So prepare your excuses for work and loved ones – doctor’s appointments, piano recitals, whatever you want to use – because the insanity and exhilaration of playoff hockey begins in earnest on Wednesday night.

See you then.

  • RedMan

    the 8:00 PM start for Alberta games is frustrating…

    and I like Hughson’s calls…

    Vanouver fans really think that Baertschi is going to be a difference maker in the series and create a real laugh at the Flames… there is a chance they are right, but there is also a chance that his defensive weaknesses are a difference maker as well… GO FLAMES!

  • ville de champignons

    Great. Jim freakin’ Hughson.

    I can just hear him talking glowingly about Bieksa or the twins, the loves of his life:
    “I was having lunch with Daniel the other day, and he had the funniest story about this thing Henrik does.”

    It’s all good though, the fawning (and the existence of Burrows) will just make victory that much sweeter.

    • FeyWest

      No point hanging onto a prospect if you’re not going to play him.

      I think Utica is in the AHL playoffs, and Baertschi’s 13 points in 12 games down there probably means they want him playing regularly for the stretch drive.

  • ville de champignons

    Sven: I scored 2 goals in the game last night and was the First Star! So, why am I being sent down?

    Benning: Because you scored twice against an AHL team (Oilers)and an AHL Goalie (wHATS ‘IS NAME?)…you are suited for the AHL!