2014/2015 Calgary Flames Tribute Montage

It’s a lazy day, there’s a feeling of mild melancholy in the
air. What do you do? You fire up the ol’ YouTube and watch some 2004 Flames Cup
Run videos and get both emotional and fired up at the same time. 

At least I do.

The tremendous montages and tributes seemed to forever
immortalize the run and allowed to us to relive its glory whenever we felt like

While it’s not in 03/04 territory just yet, the 2014/2015
season has had a magic all its own, and years from now we won’t be remembering
the arguments about PDO or Corsi and we won’t be savagely defaming the dumb guy
on the internet trying to question the merits of the playoff berth.

Instead we’ll be left with memories of Gaudreau’s hat trick
in LA, the 4-0 comeback in Ottawa and Hudler’s empty net Saddledome detonator
goal. Not only will we remember them, but we’ll wish to relive them.

Like we do with ’04 tributes, I wanted to create something
we could look back on in 10 years and be slammed by euphoric nostalgia with.
Not just a collection of highlights slopped together with some background
music, but a trip back in time. An experience that puts a smile on your face
and chills in your spine every time you click play.

Fitting an entire season of unlikely comebacks and great
moments wasn’t easy, but I think I was able to capture the big highlights. I chose
a song that gets progressively faster and louder to build up intensity as the
video went along, climaxing with Hudler’s empty net goal and coming back down
with the Foo Fighters, who’s song featured in what is probably the most popular’04 tribute montage.

The ’04 videos unfortunately all end the same – with
crushing defeat – so I also gave the final celebration more time so we could
really soak in the sweet taste of victory and re-experience the emotions we –
and the players – all felt at the time.

So I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and I hope
in 10 years when you’re feeling kind of down or just want to relive the magic,
this video does the trick.

It’s been an incredible season, and I hope in mid-June I can
come to you all with my 2014/15 Flames Stanley Cup Montage.

Till then, here’s to the regular season that was and thank you,