Many Flames On Friedman’s Awards Ballot

Once again, the venerable Elliotte Friedman has released his weekly 30 Thoughts column. This week’s edition features Friedman’s in-depth discussion of his NHL awards ballot, which he gets as a member of the PHWA.

As always: not voting for your favourite player or organization absolutely means I hate them…and you.

Elliotte is fantastic. He didn’t disclose the order of most of his picks, but mostly noted which players he had present on his ballot.

Friedman lists Johnny Gaudreau as on his ballot for the Calder Trophy for the NHL’s top rookie.

Some mocked Gaudreau’s NHL chances, as sources say he’s not the biggest
guy in the world. But he’s very competitive and a critical part of
Calgary’s best line. In a Hockey Night in Canada interview last weekend,
Flames coach Bob Hartley referred to their 4-3 win in Los Angeles on
Dec. 22 as the biggest victory of the season. They had lost seven in a
row entering that one.

He also placed Jiri Hudler on his ballot for the Lady Byng, given to the NHL’s most gentlemanly player, but declared that he voted Sean Monahan as that award’s top contender.

One of the reasons Calgary signed Matt Stajan to a contract extension
was the organization didn’t want to throw Monahan to the Western
Conference wolves without protection. Injuries allowed only four Flames
forwards to play 70 games — Gaudreau, Hudler, Monahan and Lance Bouma.
That threw more responsibility on the 20-year-old, and he delivered.

While he didn’t vote for them, he noted that he considered both Mark Giordano and T.J. Brodie for the Norris Trophy for the league’s top defenseman, and Sean Monahan for the Selke Trophy for the league’s top defensive forward.

The PHWA doesn’t vote for the Vezina for top goaltender or Jack Adams for top coach, so he didn’t vote for either of those awards.

    • redhot1

      Agreed. On our own team Backlund, Stajan and (when not outsized), Byron.

      Love Monahan and think he’ll be a Selke candidate someday. But he ain’t one right yet. A long way to go before he’s hit his potential, and I’m excited for the ride.

  • Dayzz

    Monny for Selke? As much as I like hearing that, I can definitely think of a few players that should be considered first. That being said, this seems like a definite possibility not too far down the road…

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Also off topic, I use to pick my playoff pool based off of fenwick close and have had reasonable success.

      What is a guy to do now?Calgary has thrown a complete wrench in my thinking this year. They shouldn’t even be in the playoffs based on this metric. They’ve changed my whole way of thinking… and I love it!!

  • acg5151

    Dear Calgary .

    You have one upped E-town again, and i can live with that , your team is
    driven, plays hard, has attitude, Most of which i wish on my Oilers.
    I will not wear a FLAMES Jersey , but i will wear some red.

    Beat those pompus freaking Canucks, for the sake of ALBERTA please.
    You have the team to do it , be relentless as you have been all year.
    There is nothing , repeat nothing worse than the arrogance for no reason at all of Canucks and their fans.

    dis me or not , i am behind the Flames for this series. MAYBE 2.

    GO FLAMES. [ Ouch, that hurt.]

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      The feeling is mutual bro. I recall being in Edmonton in the 90’s at few bars while you had Weight and co making hockey exciting in Alberta. I recall the anger inside of me related to the Button years but the respect I had for such a great group of spirited, gritty and talented players North of the Deer. What I enjoyed was several conversations with locals that expressed in sincerity that they hoped Calgary would improve for the sake of the rivalry, the sake of a good hockey market and fans deserving of a better team and fate. I was so impressed with everyone. Not one person got into demeaning or arrogant trash talk other than a few polite jabs in jest etc. That has not changed and I think it’s the culture of Alberta that is consistent regardless of the rivalry. Respect bro. You’re one of the majority of good people that follow the Oil.

      That said…

      Fun trivia / fact from a friend who is a Canucks fan that told be the best way to piss off a an arrogant nucklehead:

      What’s the franchise with the biggest stanley cup drought?

      Toronto – 46 yrs

      How many years of drought for the Canucks??

      At least Toronto has a few banners.

      Then wait for it…. Wait for it….. X-D

      • acg5151

        As a Canucks fan, it’s definitely frustrating that we’ve never gotten in on a cup win. What’s more frustrating is losing two game 7’s. The last 3 times Canucks/Flames happened, a team went to the Finals.

        I just hope this time it’s not the Flames, but I’m happy that we have a playoff series because it will be fun to watch.

    • acg5151

      I think Flames and Oilers fans share one thing in common.. our mutual hate for the Canucks.

      Just so you know, if the tables were turned, I would definitely be cheering for the Oil.