Roster Update – April 22 2015

It’s an off-day for the Calgary Flames and the team’s roster has grown with the addition of several “black aces” to the roster.

Since I was asked how many players are on the roster right now, here’s a quick update:

Four goaltenders:

  • Jonas Hiller
  • Karri Ramo
  • Jon Gillies – brought up from Providence College (NCAA) after signing an entry-level deal.
  • Joni Ortio – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.

17 defensemen, 12 of which that are able to play:

  • David Schlemko
  • Kris Russell
  • Mark Giordano – Injured Reserve (bicep tear); skating
  • Dennis Wideman
  • T.J. Brodie
  • Ladislav Smid – Injured Reserve (neck)
  • Tyler Wotherspoon
  • Corey Potter
  • Deryk Engelland
  • Raphael Diaz – Injured (lower body)
  • Mark Cundari – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended; only played 50 AHL games this season due to scratches and injuries.
  • Dustin Stevenson brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended, but on AHL contract and ineligible to play.
  • Patrick Sieloff – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended; played a bit of forward this season, only played 48 AHL games due to injuries and scratches.
  • John Ramage – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Brett Kulak – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Ryan Culkin – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended; just recently began skating again after a pretty nasty wrist injury.
  • Kenney Morrison – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended; has NHL deal for next year but playing with baby Flames on a try-out, so ineligible to play in NHL post-season.

24 forwards, 20 of which are able to play:

  • Joe Colborne
  • Mikael Backlund
  • Johnny Gaudreau
  • Lance Bouma – Injured (upper body); skating again
  • Matt Stajan
  • David Jones
  • Mason Raymond
  • Drew Shore
  • Sean Monahan
  • Jiri Hudler
  • Brandon Bollig
  • Paul Byron – Injured (lower body)
  • David Wolf – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Bill Arnold – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Kenny Agostino – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Emile Poirier – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Max Reinhart – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Markus Granlund
  • Austin Carroll – brought up from Victoria (WHL) after their season ended, but not on an official recall, so not eligible to play.
  • Sam Bennett – brought up from Kingston (OHL) after their season ended; quite good.
  • Garnet Hathaway – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended; has NHL deal for next season, but not eligible to play this year.
  • Turner Elson – brought up from Adirondack (AHL) after their season ended.
  • Michael Ferland
  • Josh Jooris

The team didn’t bring up Brian McGrattan because his wife just had a baby, and the majority of the other guys that weren’t brought in are players who have been nursing injuries. Virtually everybody available for the Baby Flames was sent up to Calgary.

    • Gange

      I love the direction the flames are going with our young players and the success they’re having now. Going to be an elite team in the future for sure.

      For some reason though, I get sad thinking about the oilers getting Connor McDavid. They already have a good young nucleus, who are only going to get better, and now you give them more hope and confidence with the next great nhl player. It’s just unfair. Not to mention he’ll bring top notch free agents to Edmonton.

      Part of me knows that “teams” win championships. But the oilers, get a game-breaking X-factor, that I think we’ll be missing when we hopefully go head-to-head with the oilers in future playoff games.

      Point is, a team like Columbus or Calgary deserves a player like him. It’s unfair that a team gets rewarded for being incompetent and now overnight goes from rags to riches.

      • Colin.S

        Eventually you would think they would have to get better. But, they are full of exactly the same type of forward and it isn’t working. The Flames have a lot of special players who are going to get better and quite a few more coming.

      • SmellOfVictory

        The Oilers luck of the draw only means that Calgary must maintain its pace of developing a first class roster. This year is great, with the prospects in the pipeline and future draft choices and well thought out FA signings and trades we will be okay McDavid or not!
        I really feel we are entering a real golden age of Flames history. BT/BB keep it up!!!!

      • Gange

        I’ve got to be honest. This CMcD thing for the Oilers really chaffed me strictly because they don’t deserve and can’t do anything with him. If Chiarelli takes over for Lowe and the mgmt get rebuilt and they can actually make something out of it…I don’t hate it. They’re going to have MASSIVE cap problems very soon.

        Back to the team at hand though, I have two questions:

        Are the Flames outplaying the Canucks (for the most part) because they’re much better than they were to start the year or because the Canucks have just folded?

        Does anyone think that the Flames can beat the Ducks in the second round? (I’ve taken for granted that they can pull off one win in their next three games)

    • Colin.S

      Should the Flames close out the Canucks, all these guys are getting incredibly valuable experience just being around the team for the next couple weeks and also prepping them for next year. Should give some of the rookies a head start on prepping for next camp and knowing just what they need to do to have a shot at making the team next year.

      A lot of bodies to manage though.

      I wonder just how long the FLames have to stay in the playoffs for Gio to be cleared for play, next series? West finals? Cup Finals?

      • SmellOfVictory

        I wouldn’t worry much about managing bodies. My guess is that 1/3 of those players (most of the Black Aces) are up strictly to get more practice and workout time with the Flames staff. Maybe they’re even running scrims with them while the team plays.

        As far as Gio, he’s only been out for two months, and recovery time for his type of injury is expected to be 3-5 months. I’d guess, best case scenario, he might be able to play in the finals if the Flames make it. But even that is a long shot. I realize he’s skating, but a bicep injury isn’t going to affect that to any great degree; what it will affect is his ability to do anything at all with his stick or the puck, and to hit or take hits.

        • SmellOfVictory

          Sounds like you are his doctor and have all the medical facts….you have no idea of how severe his injury was nor the degree of the damage….is it a tear? Partial? involve a tendon?

          Let’s not make assumptions….it’s possible what you say is accurate…it’s also possible that he will return in round 2….

            • RedMan

              I agree, and in fact would be surprise if he was back in time for some very unlikely finals – this is the type of injury that one needs to be extremely careful about re-injuring or aggravating – needs to heal completely or he could screw it up real bad.

      • SmellOfVictory

        I was wondering the exact same thing, where’s Hanowski? Is he hurt or has he fallen out of favour with management, not sure. Anyone heard anything?

    • aye

      I’m actually expecting the Flames to take the series in Calgary, so I wonder if they can rest the entire team and send out all their call-ups for game 5 (seeing we actually have a full team). If nothing else, to do some more bruising and set them up for the kill in game 6. Maybe they’ll even totally confuse the Canucks, and maybe Ortio or Gillies can steal a game, and won’t even need the big boys. Ha ha, just fantasy.

    • Gange

      My first comment is let’s not look past this series yet – the Canucks may have looked poor in the last couple of games, but now they are a cornered animal… The last win is always the hardest in a series…

      As for McDavid – I look to another professional sport – the NBA and Lebron James. He got drafted by a hopeless team (Cavaliers) and that team remained hopeless but with a great player. Lebron had to go to Miami to learn how to win… My point is having McDavid is not a fait d’accompli – especially with the Oilers track record…

    • Gange

      Just a thought. I think this series is a lot closer than everyone is portraying. Game one was a coin flip. The Flames got a timely goal late to put it away but it could have just as easily gone the other way. IF the canucks win game one we’re looking at a 2-2 series with Canucks having home ice advantage.

      Flames should be careful not to view this series as a blow out. It isn’t. If they keep playing hard and getting timely goals they’ll be fine. GFG!!!

      • RedMan

        I’m confident that the Coach isn’t going to let them focus beyond this game. some of the big difference between this team and the the flames of recent past is that they don’t play up to or down to other teams, they have shown they can stick to the plan, they play a full 60 and never give up, and they all play their roles, in all 3 zones. this team, while definitely not the best of the 16 to make the post season, is consistent and persistent, a handful for sure.