Flames Advance To Second Round For First Time Since 2004

It wasn’t easy and, at times, it wasn’t pretty, but the Calgary Flames have punched their ticket for the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

The Flames advanced to the second round of the post-season, their first such trip since 2004, by virtue of a 4-2 series win over the Vancouver Canucks. They clinched a series win earlier tonight with a 7-4 victory over the Canucks at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

The Flames will face the Anaheim Ducks in the second round. We’ll have more details, breakdowns and schedule information as they become available.

  • prendrefeu

    Justin. . .guess we will get that regression next year?

    Kent. . .You still “okay” with Monahan playing last year, as long as we “temper” our expectations?

    Lambert. . .you are a loser.

    Ryan. . .you are the closest thing to an actual writer here.

    Keep being negative Flames Nation “writers”. . .eventually, you will be proved “right”.

    Go Flames!

    And all you stats geeks and “writers” enjoy this (or be miserable. . .who cares?) and keep telling each other how smart you are!

    I love this team! This site does not deserve such a team.

    Banned from FN (proxy server posting) and loving life.

    Go Flames!

    • I rarely respond to these taunts, but I will this time around.

      I’ve dedicated 10 years of my life to writing about the Flames. I’ve spent untold hours pouring over charts and game video to try to understand the game better. I was one for first ever independent writers to be accredited to cover the team in Calgary. I’ve shared what I’ve learned and my honest thoughts about the club in literally thousands of articles.

      I’ve built up at least two different fan sites in dedication to this cause. I have mentored numerous aspiring writers and taken time to answer personal emails when people had questions. Some of my writing has influenced how others view and analyze the game, both in the media and now in front offices of the NHL.

      And you think you have better fan cred than me?

      Buzz off. You flirt with this team when things are going well. My love for the Flames and the sport runs deeper than you could possibly fathom.

      • And thank you for all of that Kent, it is very much appreciated.

        On a personal note, I have none of your cred, but having cheered and stayed dedicated to the team from the very beginning, including decades of pain, it cheeses me when certain band wagon enthusiasts, who were at one time nowhere to be found, can’t understand where a cautious attitude comes from. If the team does falter next season, you’ll see a lot of posters either disappear or start pointing fingers supporting the popular narrative of the week. Narratives with no basis in fact, of course.

        It was yourself, and writers like you, who stepped up bravely and took a balanced, objective, unbiased look at things. No one is right all of the time, but you’ve been far more right than you have wrong.

        Again, thank you!

        Go Flames Go!

  • beloch

    The Flames have lost to Anaheim like 20 times in a row, so they’ll beat the ducks in four.

    Kelly Hrudey

    It’s gonna be a tough series, but I can’t wait. Here’s hoping CBC gives us a new colour commentator!

  • SydScout

    these guys NEVER QUIT!

    Proud. Go Flames GO!! All you folks in YYC, have plenty of beers for us who can’t be there. Trust us, we’re so jealous of you in CowTown!

  • OtOil

    What a game! They just kept believing and never quit! Finally started converting their chances, including a great assist from Stajan to get things going then a great goal to finally pull ahead.

  • Colin.S

    First game is next week Wednesday (now some are saying first game won’t be before Thursday) in Anaheim, how close is Giordano? Could he be that close? Could he be the boost that gives the Flames that much more momentum?

  • MonsterPod

    This is year two of our rebuild? Good God, what a season! So proud of the franchise and the city. I echo SydScout.. as a Calgarian living in Ontario (for 21 yrs now), I wish I could be there celebrating with you all.

    Lets go Duck Hunting!

    • SydScout

      That echo is going around the world! We’re partying in all corners of the globe (yes geometry nerds, we know a globe doesn’t have corners but given how this team has defied all ‘experts’ I wouldn’t put it past them)

  • Howie Meeker

    Tonight I was with a Canucks Fan and when it was 3-0 I told him it’s time to bet……dinner and drinks were great! Thank you boys, we know you will give it all and leave your hearts on the ice…a very proud flames fam says a job well done!

  • Howie Meeker

    Tonight I was with a Canucks Fan and when it was 3-0 I told him it’s time to bet……dinner and drinks were great! Thank you boys, we know you will give it all and leave your hearts on the ice…a very proud flames fam says a job well done!

  • Ryles

    Awesome win tonight boys. #findawayflames. Any chance we get Bouma, Diaz, or Byron for second round. Haven’t heard anything on them and go out until late 3rd.

  • RKD

    Finally, I have waited 11 years for this moment! This team has an ‘it’ factor lead by a lot of young skilled players, wily veterans, tough players, strong defenders and good goaltending. Go Flames Go!!

  • MonsterPod

    I am a fan who totaly appreciates what tonight is. We just won our 2nd, 1st round series in 26 years!! That is sweet!!! After all the upsets and flat out chokes in the past. it was great to see the flames move on to the next round. The Ducks will be tough. I never seen the sweep of the Jets coming.
    But they are beatable. I respect the Jets, but they played sloppy. They looked slow, and couldnt stop anyone if it mattered. And it did for them.
    Not saying our flames may do any better, but they do have legit speed and tenacity. Could give the ducks problems. I hope.
    Go flames go

  • Ryles

    Canuck fan here. Congtrats you guys were the better team. Gotta mention the crowd in Calgary is unbelievable. Even down 3-0 they were still loud. Going to a playoff game in cowtown has definitely become a bucket list kind of thing, even as an opposing fan. Cheers

  • MonsterPod

    What makes this series win SO SWEET is that it was driven by a team of energetic young players like Mony, Johnny, Ferlander ans Sam Bennett at times and not by superstars on their last legs…this leaves us with lots of optimism for the next series AND the future!

    Happy for Matty AND for Gio whose leadership and influence carried over to the rest of the team after he was injured…the Defence delivered in spades!! And it was nice to see Gio skating hard with 2 hands on the stick..even if he doesn’t play another game this season, all bodes well for next year!

  • For those who have a rough time with conversational nuance and a victim complex:
    Friedman’s comment was likely about how the Flames have been proving “experts” who make predictions wrong all season. His comment can be read as “this team is unpredictable and surprising and the last several years have failed us in our ability to predict their success this year.”
    The other flapping lips only gave him 4 seconds to speak so he said this in a pithy way.
    By the way, Kent, you’re the greatest. Cool logic mixed with emotion in your analysis. A great mix.
    If someone wants to only read “rah rah rah” that is fine, but just decide you don’t like complex analysis and move on.