Flames Sign Oliver Kylington to Entry-Level Deal

In a move that’s been anticipated and discussed for a spell before it was even formally announced, the Calgary Flames have officially signed 2015 second round pick Oliver Kylington to an entry-level deal.

Presumably it’s a three year entry-level deal, but what the deal means for Kylington’s 2015-16 future is a bit unclear at the moment.

Here are his options:

  1. Play in Calgary, his entry-level deal runs.
  2. Play in Stockton – as a draftee from a European team he only has to be over 18 to play in the AHL – and his entry-level deal would slide.
  3. Play in Brandon, the team that drafted him in the CHL Import Draft, and his entry-level deal would slide.
  4. Play in AIK on a loan; when the Toronto Maple Leafs signed William Nylander, he was loaned to MODO for a big chunk of last season before coming over to play for the Marlies. His contract slid for the season, as he didn’t play any NHL games. His deal would likely slide for a year in this case, as well.

Based on our understanding of the terms of the Sweden/NHL transfer agreement, presumably this means that Kylington has escaped from his deal with AIK of Allsvenskan. At time of this writing, that has not been confirmed officially though, so it’s merely speculation as of now. Nope.

UPDATE: The Flames Twitter account has clarified things a bit.

So his options are (in order): Calgary, then AIK, then Brandon/Stockton if AIK elects not to keep him.

  • RedMan

    trade him to edmonton for that new kid… McSomething whatever his name is… throw in a couple second round picks and goalie Hiller… good deal for both teams

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I really try to keep my emotions in check with new prospects, but I’m finding this hard where Kylington is concerned. I’m over the moon excited. At 60th overall it could be big time found money.

  • Parallex

    I have to think that if they signed him then they have an agreement (gentleman or otherwise) with AIK regarding control of his destination. I mean… why bother signing him only to send him to the place where he’d go if they didn’t sign him? Or does having him there only on loan offer the Flames more career control (i.e. they can loan him to AIK but AIK can’t in turn loan him elsewhere)?

    Gotta beleive that he’ll either be in Stockton or Brandon next year.

  • Christian Roatis

    This kid must have made quite a positive impression. His skill and skating were very impressive and really high end. Hope he ends up being a steal

  • Bikeit

    Apparently this pick went on quite the journey. It was originally Tampa Bay’s 2nd rounder, traded to the Rangers for Callahan. The Rangers traded it to Arizona for Yandle, and Arizona traded it to Calgary.

  • RedMan

    The most important thing for this kid is some stability this winter. Get him to one team so he can get comfortable within their system. Improved confidence will aid development. Are all 3 Swedish defensemen on their World Junior radar? I’ve heard they are but am not sure.

      • JMK

        From wikipedia

        For players signing their entry-level contract at age 18 or 19 (but who will not turn 20 in the same calendar year that the entry-level contract was signed), a season of professional experience is at least 10 NHL games played, and at least four such seasons must be accrued for arbitration eligibility.
        For players signing their entry-level contract at age 20 (or who will turn 20 in the same year that the entry-level contract is signed), a season of professional experience is at least 10 professional (non-collegiate) games played, and at least four such seasons must be accrued for arbitration eligibility.
        For players signing their entry-level contract at age 21 or older, arbitration eligibility comes at the expiration of a player’s first contract.

  • RedMan

    I wonder how much lutefisk the team will have to pay AIK to release him?

    payout the AIK team, move him to the AHL Stockton team. I first thought it best to start him in the CHL, but I am rethinking that, and believe that he needs to be in Stockton to develop where they can direct his development

  • flamesburn89

    Such an exciting pick. I recall thinking that the Flames could do worse than taking a gamble on him at 15, as many of the knocks against him appear to be caused by his willingness to play in a lesser league to get more playing time and thus develop better.

    Getting Hamilton and him both feels like winning the lottery. Still a prospect who could fail to pan out, but we’ll anyone outside of the very top carries that risk. Shea Webber was a late second round pick in a similarly deep draft.

    Draft picks are lottery tickets. I like lottery tickets that might result in top pairing talent instead of higher probability tickets worth third pairing talent with the possibility of second.

  • Howie Meeker

    Strange….it’s been over a decade since I’ve been excited about any of our young defenseman and goalie prospects….but 4 yrs of great scouting will soon turn this franchise into a challenger.

  • All's.Fair

    Fat Ras And Dazzle Lmao great names for the kids. Such a great move signing this guy. I dont see a downside to any league he plays in. If he goes to the Dub instantly the best skater in the league.

  • Bikeit

    Remember Backlund was buried on his Swedish and the flames recognized his development was at risk. They moved quickly to get him to a team where he could play(Kelowna). I assume the flames will leave him in Sweden if he is playing, if not they may work out a deal to get him to a North America team to get lots of minutes.

      • JMK

        I think in that case it would slide just like Poirier and Klimchuk played AHL playoffs in 2014.

        I mean more in the case where he is completely outperforming in Brandon and/or there are injuries in Stockton. Right now Ryan is saying his ELC will slide if he plays AHL but if he first joins CHL will this change?

    • flamesburn89

      Oliver has been playing against men and has NHL skills in skating. He goes to Stockton to learn defence and get his head on straight in the system. As an originally potential #15 pick (like June! – check this blog!) he could get called up to the Flames for a few games. The WHL is not a real option, that’s just Wheaties hedging. Flames didn’t sign him today to sit in Sweden eating meatballs and lutefisk at Ikea.