5 Flames On Yahoo’s Fantasy Top 100

The National Hockey League season is still a ways away, but it’s creeping up on us. And with it, comes the sweet embrace of fantasy hockey.

The folks at Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports department unveiled their Top 100 NHL fantasy player rankings yesterday in advance of the kick-off of sign-ups for the season. Five Calgary Flames players made the list.

#37: Mark Giordano

Calgary’s captain creeps in at #37. He’s (obviously) listed as a defender, behind Erik Karlsson, P.K. Subban and Kevin Shattenkirk. Giordano’s been reliable point generator this season, and it seems that Yahoo’s crew thinks that he’ll keep it up on an amped-up Flames blueline.

#72: Johnny Gaudreau

The super sophomore, coming off a nearly Calder-winning rookie campaign, comes in at #72. He out-scored Monahan by two points last season, and there’s a decent chance that Monahan’s relied on more for penalty-killing and defensive starts so that the Flames can give Sam Bennett a lot of high ground. Gaudreau? He’ll probably get tons of power-play time, so he’s a slightly better fantasy bet than Monahan.

#87: Sean Monahan

There’s easily 20+ centers ranked ahead of Monahan, so I stopped counting. He’s good for 30+ goals it seems, even when he gets buried with defensive zone starts. As previously mentioned, there’s a good chance the Flames continue to sacrifice Monahan’s zone starts and line match-ups to give Sam Bennett an easier time in his first season.

#88: Jonas Hiller

Hiller is the 18th goalie ranked in their Top 100. He’s behind, curiously, guys like Cory Schneider (53rd), Roberto Luongo (63rd) and Ryan Miller (77th). Weird. Hiller will probably continue to be used in tandem with Karri Ramo (or Joni Ortio), so his ranking is likely a reflection of other guys getting leaned on more by their teams.

#92: Jiri Hudler

Jiri Hudler was 8th in NHL scoring last year. He’s 92nd on this list. He can play either wing. He’ll probably get a ton of time on the Flames power-play. I’m actually shocked that he’s this low.

T.J Brodie and Dougie Hamilton, two players I thought could creep into the tail-end of the list, were outside of the Top 100.

  • Bob's Hockey Stick

    Gio is as reliable as it gets..for 60 games .
    Treliving better think long and hard on resigning him especially if he’s trying to break the bank.
    And if you’re going to trade him. Better do it before he gets hurt. It’ll be a fine line to walk this year regarding Gio

        • The GREAT Walter White

          Probably 2. Until Bennett is ready to play in the top 6, the Flames probably only have 4 top 6 forwards. i won’t put Bennett there yet as no team would count on an unproven youngster to be in their top 6 based on junior results. The Flames do have 3 top 2 defensemen though and another who outscored most of the Oiler forwards.

          • redhot1

            Yeah, but the really funny part is that the Oilers have 3 first overall picks on their roster. And none (zero!) of them out scored Wideman. More comedy courtesy of the Coilers!

          • wot96

            Umm, no.

            Three Flames forwards scored more than Wideman. As good as he was with the counting stats, Wideman did not score more than 95% of the Flames forwards.

            Much more interesting is that Kris Russell was only outscored by the Oiler’s top line.

            Blocks shots and out scores nearly all the Oiler’s roster.

          • CofRed4Life

            No one would count on someone to be in their top six based on juniors… Except the Oilers. And we see how well it’s worked out for them in the past…

    • The GREAT Walter White

      I’m thinking a trade including Jonathan Drouin for example. Puts Tampa over the top. Gives us a potential first line player. Win -Win.


        • The GREAT Walter White

          Nothing wrong with Jenner. But to me he is a second or third line player , where as Drouin is a first or second line player.

          Potentially a Big difference…


          • Mezzo

            Another big difference is that no one would ever trade Drouin for Giordano but Jenner is actually attainable. Not saying I want him but let’s be realistic here, no one is selling their future for a top defensman nearing the latter portion of his career.

          • The GREAT Walter White

            And Boston would never trade Hamilton for a couple of draft picks either….

            Gio would give Tampa a chance to win their first legitimate Stanley cup!!!


  • Bob's Hockey Stick

    How credible of a source is this when it has Hiller as 88. Many of the fans here don’t even have him as the top goalie on the team. Some might have him as number 3. No real need to get to concerned over this.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      Ovechkin at #1…….McSuck&Luck2015 at #42 without having played a single game with the big boys…….Toews all the way down to #17………..please!!?


      • Nick24

        Remember that this is a Fantasy Hockey ranking, and does not necessarily rank players according to who is the best.

        Ovechkin is good because he scores (a lot), gets tons of shots on goal and hits quite a bit too. Although Toews is one of the best centermen in the game, he is not the best Fantasy pick. He doesn’t get a lot of shots on goal, PIMs or points that you would want from a top 10 pick.

        Just remember that fantasy hockey is a world where Steve Downey can be an impact player on your team.

  • redhot1

    Even if you took all of Canada’s Olympic Team forwards and put them with the oilers middling AHL/junior defense, you still wouldn’t have a team capable of winning the Stanley Cup.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Why are you surprised that Scheider and Luongo are ahead of Hiller? They should be. By a lot.

    The lowest save% Schneider has posted in the last SIX YEARS was .921. Over the same period, Hiller has only crested .921 once (and he’s only crested .921 twice in his entire career, and one of those seasons was only 23 games).

    • Shoestring

      How many starts are each goalie going to get? Schneider and Luongo will start more games than a goalie who expected to be part of a tandem, thus increasing their value.

  • Greg

    Averag team would only have 3.3 players on the top 100, so pretty impressive the flames have 5. Especially when you consider Hamilton and Brodie (and maybe even wideman) could have cracked it as well.

    I’m not sure how this roster went from looking like an AHL line up to a playoff caliber team in one season, but I’ll take it!