News and Notes – September 4 2015

There’s been a flurry of minor news over the past day or two, so here’s a quick primer for you to digest as we head into the fun of the Labour Day long weekend!


In media comments this week, Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving stated that if restricted free agent Micheal Ferland doesn’t have a contract signed with the team, he won’t be invited to camp. It’s likely both a negotiating tactic and an insurance thing, but it’s hardly surprising on either front.

Ferland is the lone piece of unfinished business from the off-season.


Is Ladlislav Smid medically cleared yet? Nope. But after a tumultuous 2014-15 campaign that saw the Czech rearguard reduced to dressing for just 31 games and notch just a single asset, it’s good to hear that he’s progressing. Per Treliving’s media comments this week, Smid is progressing and his latest doctor’s visit was positive. He’s not fully cleared yet, and Treliving noted that he might not be cleared for contact by training camp.

But it’s a lot better news than most of us were expecting to hear about Smid this fall.


Finally, the American Hockey League announced earlier this week that the Stockton Heat and the Bakersfield Condors will be playing a game outdoors. The top affiliates of the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, respectively, the Heat and Condors will meet on December 18 at Raley Field in Sacramento, California. For the curious, the game counts as a Stockton home game, despite not being in Stockton.

The event is part of the six-week “Biggest Show on Snow” that takes place at Raley Field from late November until early January.

    • SmellOfVictory

      I don’t think any information has leaked yet, but it’s almost certain that the Flames want a one year deal, given what an unknown quantity Ferland is at the moment.

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        The Fan guys were suggesting that Ferland wanted the one year deal and the Flames were wanting more. Seems Ferland thinks he can prove a lot to get a bigger deal next year. Not sure what truth there is to that though.

        • supra steve

          The Fan guys this morning were also speculating about the possibility of a 1 way vs. a 2 way deal being a contract issue, but were pretty much oblivious to the fact that Ferland would have to clear waivers if sent down to Stockton. So, I don’t think they have any inside knowledge on this one.

  • Derzie

    The Ferland hold out is silly. Love the guy but he has yet to earn the right to hold-out. He should be very happy that he is earning serious dough and playing a great game. He will get better and earn more when warranted. Oh and at this point “money & term” means we don’t agree at all.

    Glad for Smid the person that he is progressing. My hope for Smid the player is that the injuries made him bad and he will be better. If not, the spots will all be full.

    • KACaribou

      Important clarification that this isn’t a “Hold Out”, it’s still in negotiation. If they’re trying to bridge some gaps, time sometimes helps. If they can’t make a deal before camp, then it’s a probably a Hold Out (or whatever it is when the team passes on making a deal).

      That said, Without knowing any details (which begs the question why I or anyone else is giving opinion on this) Ferland might be getting some bad advice. He can only raise his value by having a contract and playing. Unless they’re only offering a long term minor league contract, or a two way he feels the Flames will use to bury him for cap reasons if he’s not an immediate superstar (both of which aren’t possible with the CBA I think), he’s poised to make several hundred thousand dollars in the next 10 months and millions more afterwards.

      One should never settle for less than you’re worth, but Derzie is right that all this will come to pass if he’s anywhere close to what he, his agent, the scouts, flames, and fans think he could be: a less Orc-like Milan Lucic.

      • The Fall

        Agreed, not a holdout.

        According to BT it is Salary and Term that is holding this up. A 1 year contract to prove he can do it for a full season (Flames) or a two year bridge contract for $4 million total (Ferland agent) is probably where it is at. No knowledge, just a wild guess.

        • Parallex

          If Ferland’s agent is looking for a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with a NHL career line of 26GP-2G-3A-16PIM then I suggest Mr. Ferland ought find himself a new agent ’cause this one is doing him no favours.

  • The Fall

    the BT quote of “term and money” was a joke he made in the interview. He said it like ‘of course that’s the hold up — that’s what the contract is all about…’

  • KACaribou

    There is a possibility that Ferly is holding out solely because Tree is trying to get him to sign a 2-way.

    I agree, he is lucky to be earning what it would take most guys 10 years to earn but in the bizzaro world of the NHL it isn’t much.

    Tree is willing to pay Engelland $3 million/season but is holding out on Ferly, and only likely just a matter of a few hundred thousand and a 1 way?

    He may not have proven much yet, but from what he has proven he has a chance to be the Flames best ever 5th rounder and one of the NHL’s very best power forwards. Not many young guys have that potential.

  • Reidja

    Given what the Captain did and said to not create an off-ice distraction for the team, woe be Ferland should he hold-out come TC time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t play another game as a Flame if he holds-out.

  • MontanaMan

    Love the guy and want him back but this smacks of entitlement based on a very limited history. The situation is very unfortunate but Ferland better be careful dealing with BT and BB.

    • Skuehler

      It’s not Ferland’s fault he made the most of his opportunity. He was a key factor in winning a playoff round – something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Good for him for commanding respect not only from his opponents but also from his employers. They should expect nothing less and reward him fairly for the effort, results, entertainment and value he generates. It’s just business. He’s a tough guy and shouldn’t roll over because some fans think he hasn’t ‘earned it’ – likely the same fans that criticize paying players based on past performance likely not sustainable for the duration of their new contract (see Gio). No guarantees in life. Ferland should get what he can now and get respect, rather than an other opportunity. That time has come and gone. There’s 28 other teams that would love to have him.

      Although if management is trying to tick Ferland off strategically, it’s brilliant. Ferland seems to play well with something to prove.

      • The GREAT Walter White

        The key factor is what has he proven? Has he proven as much as Bouma? (I think he has a higher upside) No!! If thats the kind of contract he is after then that’s an issue. None of us know what the snag is; it is frustrating for us as fans. Maybe the Flames want term and he wants money and a prove me contract, maybe he wants a one way deal(remember that was why Gio went to Russia). There is so much we don’t know. I want him signed because he makes the team more physical and dynamic; his ceiling could be as high as 2nd liner but he for sure could be pain in the butt depth forward. His shine will soon wear off if he becomes a distraction for training camp or the preseason.

      • TX Flame

        Yes, he had a good playoff series vs Vancouver. That was 6 games and doesn’t prove anything. The games he got into in the regular season were pretty unimpressive. Did he have some sort of a breakthrough in the PO games? I hope so, but it could all have been a fluke as well. There are tonnes of examples of guys who have one amazing playoff run and can never live up to it again afterwards. It’s not just fans saying he hasn’t proven anything, history says it too.