Uh-Oh, Joe… Colborne Leaves Game With Upper-Body Injury

Some news from the game in Winnipeg, folks, and it’s not good.

Calgary Flames forward Joe Colborne has left tonight’s game with the Winnipeg Jets with an upper body injury.

According to the official stats, his last shift ended 6:39 into the second period. Colborne had off-season wrist surgery but was medically cleared for full participation just prior to the beginning of main training camp.

The Calgary Sun’s Randy Sportak is in Winnipeg and tweeted the following from the press box, which more or less tells the tale of Colborne’s game.

Outside of maybe Mason Raymond, no established Calgary Flames player needed to have a big camp more than Colborne did – with the Flames carrying several bodies that require waivers or are otherwise players that the team probably doesn’t want to part ways with.

For the record, I don’t immediately recall which wrist Colborne had surgery on, so I can’t really speculate as to whether this is a new injury or the aggravation of an existing one.

UPDATE: George Johnson of the Calgary Herald reports that the surgery wrist was the left wrist.

We’ll have more updates as they become available.

  • Colin.S

    I’m not saying an injury to Colborne is a good thing, but it might not be the worst thing for the team. Hartely seemed to like Colborne in the top 6 even though Colborne is not a top 6 player. This should ensure that the Flames ice a top 6 that doesn’t include Joe “I have as many shot attempts as Brandon Bollig” Colborne.

    At the same time, with one of the players who was pretty well guaranteed a roster spot not able to play it opens up the door to one of the guys on the fringe to get a regular spot. It could be a huge opportunity for a guy like Byron to get in the lineup regularly maybe build a little chemistry and put up some points.

      • Colin.S

        Yeah the very same Byron that almost put up as much counting stats as Colborne while playing less minutes and in worse circumstances. The very same Byron that put up a 980 PDO (good candidate to improve a little) vs Colbornes 103(tied for 2nd highest on the team and good candidate for regression). At the same time Byron put up one of the highest CorsiREL in his position while Colborne was one of the lowest.

        Byron is a guy if he can get a regular roster spot that might contribute more than he did last year which can help the Flames return to the playoffs.

        • RedMan

          I personally have a lot of time for Byron, as he brings intensity, grit and effort to every shift. his so called “lack of finish” isn’t aalarming for a guy playing the 3rd/4th line checking role. He is excellent on the forcheck and the PK, and our team seems to outshoot the other team when he is playing.

          Colborne not sure what or who he is out there. he can play strong in puck battles along the board and behind the net, that’s the upside i see in him. is there anything else you all see with colborne?

      • RedMan

        Byron had 6 goals in 57 games last year. Colborne had 8 in 64. Byron has 17 goals in his 138 game NHL career. Colburne has 19 goals in his 160 NHL game career.

        Lmao, they have almost the exact same offensive ability. Joe “stone hands” Colbourne and Paul “can’t finish” Byron.

    • King Quong

      As much as we all love Byron for all his fancy stat excellence, I’d rather the time go to a prospect that has a future on this team. Like Poirier rather than a Bandaid for a rebuilding team. Who honestly sees Byron on the flames during the teams peak?