Hartley Talks Goaltending, Says Very Little

Bob Hartley’s post-game press conference was pretty interesting tonight.

Not in the sense that he broke any news – Jiri Hudler’s just fine, by the way – but he had a really interesting series of exchanges with Sportsnet’s Roger Millions regarding the team’s goaltending situation.

Quotes after the jump.

(Millions’ questions are bolded. Hartley’s answers in italics.)

Has anything occurred to clarify who your starting goaltender will be?

Yeah, like, I think it’s pretty clear in our mind, where I don’t know yet on which day we’re going to come out with it, but I don’t think it would be a big surprise.

[A few other media members asked questions.]

Will you carry three goaltenders?

(Hartley smiles) I don’t know. We didn’t talk to no one yet. I would like to make sure I sit with those guys rather than they learn it by watching the news.

Had to ask.

[A few other media members asked questions.]

Do contract values muddle the decision on goaltending because of the way things are with three one-ways?

I’ll repeat an answer that I give last year: I’m not a banker, I’m a coach. You’re asking the questions to the wrong guy, Rog. You probably spend the entire afternoon to figure out those great questions.

I’m asking the right guy, he’s just not giving me the answers.

They’re pretty good, Rog.

And so the press conference ended, without much being resolved.

A decision has been made. They haven’t spoken to their goalies about the decision yet. That would lead one to believe that they’re carrying two goalies – because why would you talk to somebody if all three guys are staying, although you would probably want to explain to them why all three guys were staying if that were the case, too.

For the curious, the final pre-season stats. Hiller has the best stats but had the most home games with NHL defensive groups. Ortio had two road games with AHL defensive groups. Ramo had a mix of both.

GP MP GA GAA SA SV% Pre-Season Games
Hiller 3 119 2 1.01 57 96.5 vs EDM, vs VAN, vs COL
Ortio 3 148 4 1.62 74 94.6 vs EDM, @ COL, @ WPG
Ramo 4 191 6 1.88 101 94.1 @ EDM, @ VAN, vs COL, vs WPG
    • Burnward

      You like when the media are trolled hey Loob…but not when FN authors are trolled, you (and the other authors) here seem to get butt hurt when that happens and take offense.

      I like when the coaches/players give it back to the media and people covering the team, I’m surprised you enjoy watching the media get it tho ecause you sure don’t like getting it from us after you post a stinker. That’s a fairly hypocritical stance you have…just stating the obvious and being honest

      • RedMan

        I’m sure you are a wonderful person deep down under all tat angst and bitterness, just too bad the nice doesn’t come out, and you feel the need to spread your particular brand of silly here.

        Loob has been awesome, and because you don’t like a particular piece,. just move on. don’t be this way.

        Loob rocks!

      • Tomas Oppolzer

        There’s a huge difference between Hartley being coy with the media and the personal attacks/character assassinations commentors on here regularly throw around.

  • Christian Roatis

    So, if media reports are to believed, they’re getting rid of the statistically best goaltender on that list, and starting the statistically worst. Nice.

    • You are making a very bold statement based on the pre-season numbers, all of which btw were great numbers by each goalie.

      Again, at least Ryan Pike had the common sense to place some context along with the numbers, describing which goalies played at home and the quality of opposition. I would expect Hiller to have much better numbers as he had the easiest starts, playing in front of the best Defence, all at home. Yet his numbers were only marginally better than the other two goalies.

      The fact is he’ll be 34 this year and is not in the organizations long term plans, if he was that much better than the other two goalies he would not be on the outside looking in, he would be the bonafide stared playing 65+ games a year, he’s not though. Deal with those facts.

      • Cfan in Vic

        A bit touchy on this subject? Roatis was referring to Pikes numbers, for which context was already provided, and was stating fact.

        I don’t think that’s a bold statement at all.

  • Greg

    Really hope it’s Jonas and Joni. I don’t think anyone will claim Ramo off waivers at that cap hit, and he’d be good insurance for injuries, without needing to play a lot and keep Gilles on the bench.