Flames Waive Joni Ortio

Remember the summer? Brad Treliving spoke often about the Calgary Flames’ goalie depth. They felt they had three good goalies, to the point where they were terrified that Joni Ortio would be claimed off waivers if they tried to send him to the American Hockey League. So they carried three goalies, despite conventional wisdom saying that was a horrible idea.

Then the regular season began. All three main roster goalies underperformed. And after demotions, injuries and 22 games of underwhelming hockey, today the Flames finally threw in the towel on Joni Ortio, NHL goaltender for now. (And maybe forever in terms of him being a Calgary Flame.)

Will somebody claim Ortio? Probably not. Would somebody have claimed him in October? Perhaps. He was dirt cheap with a mere $600,000 cap hit. But he’s also 24 years old (turning 25 in April) and in 19 appearances is an .893 NHL goaltender.

Ortio’s been good in flashes, particularly last winter, but he looked really out of place in the Flames’ net this season while Karri Ramo has looked at least like somebody who belongs in the NHL. And with Ortio having sat on the bench for the last 11 games and Jonas Hiller ready to return from his lower-body injury, the Flames absolutely cannot (and apparently will not) run the risk of having a three-ring, three-goalie circus around their team again.

  • Könniek

    Oh my god you guys. Seriously? After the team is not performing how they did last year all of the sudden everything sucks? Come on! Lets slow this down. This was coming, everyone knew it.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    Why do people keep on saying Treliving signed Bollig? HE DIDN’T SIGN HIM. This team didn’t sign Bollig. We traded a 3rd round pick for him. Also, Bolligs deal isn’t terrible. He makes 1.25 million per year. I would prefer it be under 1, but stop making it out to be an albatross.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    I think everyone heard Bollig’s death knell last night. Bad penalty and a meh fight that had zero effect may finally be the end. To be fair Gio hasn’t been great but the dude can still really skate so I’m not too panicked…his injury was “mentally” a really bad one…if you haven’t seen a torn biceps google it DisGusTing! I think mentally he is a little fragile right now but there is no current Flame that has faced more adversity…I honestly see him bouncing back. Hudler on the other hand I’m not so sure….

  • KACaribou

    Don’t mean to upset the Man-Love here, but the worst play last night hands down was Dougie Hamilton doing a pirouette instead of taking the man or knocking away the puck; causing another Dougie goal.

    To his defense, it was a lovely little twirl. He whirled around daintily so as not to break the sleeve of crackers so delicately placed in the pocket of his hockey pants.

    Unfortunately when he left the game he still found it necessary to crunch the crackers up in his hands for his post-game soup, as he didn’t make enough contact during the contest to do the job for him.

  • KiLLKiND

    It seems most people think nobody will claim Ortio, maybe playing Ramo so much was just to make other teams think about not claiming him. Compared to the start of the season there was a far greater chance of him getting claimed. Now we can get him through waivers let him develop in the AHL for a little longer while trying to trade either Hiller or Ramo.