Selected Quotes from the Homestand

When accumulating quotes for other pieces at the Saddledome, you happen to grab more audio than you need. In the interest of providing some context to the craziness of the last five-game homestand – which somehow saw the Flames run the table and go 5-0-0 – here is a selection of quotes from the past week or so that I couldn’t turn into full-fledged articles, but still find pretty interesting.


Was Dougie Hamilton happy to get the Boston game over with?

I think for sure. It’s just something that you don’t really want, and
it kind of dragged along for awhile there, and hopefully it’s just
the end of it tonight and it kind of puts it to rest. I’m sure it’ll
be another story in March or whatever when we play them in Boston,
just going back there with their fans I think it’ll be different, but
kinda nice to just put it away now. And nice that we won, obviously.” –Dougie Hamilton.


six points behind [San Jose] coming into tonight. A big regulation win
obviously goes a long way. We got a big hill to climb. We know that.
I’m telling you if we can keep rolling here, we’ll get back into the
picture sooner rather than later.” -Flames captain Mark Giordano assessing the Flames’ placement in the standings after their win over San Jose.

I used to work at the plant, I liked overtime. It was time and a
half. Over here, wins in regulation are a little easier on the coach
and the general manager.” – Flames head coach Bob Hartley, asked by a media member post-game about the game ending in regulation.

now we’re pulling out of a hole that we created for ourselves. And
the good thing is when you look at the standings, we’re right there.
We’re right there and I like the way that we’re progressing as a
team. We have lots of youngsters; the Bennetts, the Hamiltons, Monny, Johnny, Granny… There’s still lots of young players out there, and they’re playing some pretty solid minutes for us. They’re learning while we’re winning, the veterans are doing a great job leading the way. So we’re moving in the right direction.” –Hartley, assessing the Flames’ recent performance.


might be next week, it’s still iffy. He’s doing good, but there’s
still, remember that miracle of science and our medical staff have
done unbelievable work with Booms, and to Booms’ credit, he put in
lots of work in the gym. He shouldn’t even be on the ice at this
time. He’s way ahead of schedule, but at the same time, he’s not
ready to play.” –Hartley, assessing Lance Bouma’s health status and potential return to action.


“If we wouldn’t have pulled him out, Kris Russell would play on one leg, with one arm, with one eye, that’s who he is. So you need to pull the plug on him because he’ll never stop. And he wasn’t happy, but he understood it was the right thing to do. He worked extremely hard on the ice, he skated with Ryan Asten our conditioning coach. Even yesterday when we gave a day off to the boys, he came to me and said ‘I need to skate,’ so we skated with him yesterday morning. He said ‘I want to play.’ This afternoon we talked to the medical staff and they gave us the green light, so it was great news. He’s an unbelievable competitor.” -Hartley, assessing the impact of Kris Russell’s return to the line-up.

“He played okay. I thought that he gave us a chance. He’s recovering. We had two goalies this morning and the fact of the matter is, even this morning, we waited until after the morning skate, talked to both goalies to see who felt better. They were not at 100%, both of them, they told us but we felt that Jonas felt better than Rams and we went with Hills.” –Hartley, assessing Jonas Hiller’s performance in his second consecutive (flu-addled) start.

  • RKD

    What about, “Guys were puking everywhere…Hudler was in the dr.’s room throwing up and Ramo in the locker room white like ghosts and…Hiller was whiter than a snowman.” That’s gold baby!

  • RKD

    “I’m telling you if we can keep rolling here, we’ll get back into the picture sooner rather than later.” -Flames captain Mark Giordano assessing the Flames’ placement in the standings after their win over San Jose.”

    WOW,No Kidding!

    After beating NYR they are now only 2 points behind Coyotes for SECOND Place in the Smythe Division with a game in hand, and 2 games in hand over the Nucks!

  • everton fc

    I always thought, if we can get on a roll and get above .500 by Christmas, we’d be okay. We should be there, by Christmas.

    To hear Hartley mention Granlund with the young guns… Same sentence… Granlund won’t be demoted.

    Bollig may be the guy put on waivers, since Raymond’s found a temporary home on the left-side of Backlund and Frolik. But once Bouma comes back…

    Love him, but Ferland better start scoring some goals…

    • ChinookArchYYC

      I really hope you’re right about a Bollig demotion. For me the heart says yes please, and the mind says no chance.

      At least the always earned huuhaa has largely gone away. That was never true, and can’t be for long. Just glad they’ve stopped saying it,

      • ChinookArchYYC

        Last year it seemed like they were all going on 8 + 1 cylinders. This year it has taken time and in the meantime you can’t sit everybody. Keeping Bollig around is comparable to the three-headed goalie monster situation. Kind of a waffling just in case scenario. He has a purpose. If he wouldn’t be such a bonehead, it might help.

  • everton fc

    Raymond has happened to find a tiny little niche with Backlund and Frolik. What happens when there is a tweak to that line re injury… he may revert back to no man’s land. He can be a sniper but needs to be pushed to keep up his complete game.
    Can Ferland go down without waivers? Who else to make room for Bouma?

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Bollig should be the one going on waivers. I would like to see him go down and get some quality minutes. I don’t think he is that bad of a player. I just don’t see him being a real quality NHLer right now. It has to weigh on a guy only getting limited minutes when they are not a healthy scratch.

    Bollig needs to find his game, he needs to go down to the minors where he can mentor some players, he seems to be well liked and respected by his teammates and the coaching staff…so there is clearly some value to him….just not on the Flames right now.

    Confidence is a funny thing. Players like Bollig and Jooris have now been labeled as healthy scratches. Neither is showing great confidence in their game because they have a target on their back. Bollig goes out and tries to do too much takes a bad penalty and with the worst PK in the league, it ends up costing us. So it forces Hartleys hand to sit him again. Jooris has not had a chance to find his game but has proven that he can play top 6 or bottom 6 minutes. He seems to have fallen out of favor with Hartley.

    So what does it take for these players to stay in the line-up? There has to be an injury to a starter but even that does not guarantee a start because the organiation could feel that the players in the press box are not as good of a fit as a player in the minor system.

    But if a bubble players makes it into the starting line-up they must perform (preferably on the scoresheet) if they want to improve their chances but this has to happen in limited minutes of playing time and not always in favorable conditions. This often leads to a player making bad decisions because they try and do too much…because if they don’t do enough they are back in the pressbox. Now if you were to view, a player just on output it is hard to argue about show should be sitting. But there are always the intangibles of a player that should be considered before giving up on them.

    IMO based on output only a player like Byron gets waived but based on what he brings to the team and the effort, he should never set foot even in the pressbox. It is no suprise why the PK is as bad as it is, Byron woked hard and always kept the opposing team aware of his presence. Now, everyone know that his scoring records on break aways was not great but people forget that while he was getting the breakaways and not scoring, he was still getting the puck out of our zone while maintaining possession and putting the team in a favorable position to kill off a penalty with fresh players….all of which don’t show up on the scoreboard.