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Jonathan Drouin and Kerby Rychel trade demands, Canucks too proud to tank, Jake Virtanen a Canadian villain, Jarome Iginla hits 600, Zack Kassian speaks, Winnipeg working on outdoor game, it’s good Seth Jones is not an Oiler, Kings take on Lecavalier for some reason, fantasy hockey and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings. 

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. (Posted across all Nation Network team sites)

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  • Cubro

    I hope the oilers go after Zach Werenski from CBJ, now that they are sorely lacking any high end offensive talent. That kid showed some real skill in the world juniors and i dont think hes as far away as people think. What do you think the ask would be for him?

  • The Last Big Bear

    Edmonton dodged a bullet… by not acquiring Seth Jones? Really?

    Honestly, that was one of the most fanboy pieces I’ve ever read on the Nations Network. The only thing it was missing was the “Shea Weber for Omark and a 2nd” trade proposal at the end.

    Dramatically overrating Oilers players? CHECK.

    Pathological fear of trading golden boys? CHECK.

    “We never wanted that guy anyways”? CHECK.

    The absurd belief that a young player developing in a depth position on the roster represents a failure? Oh yeah, CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK.

    I particularly liked the part where Mr Henderson implies that Jones, a defenceman with 2 and a half NHL seasons under his belt, may have already peaked because he is 4 points behind last year’s scoring pace. He then tries to immediately contrast this with the meteoric rise of RNH, a player in his 5th NHL season who is still 10 points shy of his rookie scoring pace. One of these guys is more or less a finished product with a bit of room for improvement, but the sky’s the limit for the other one… Guess which is which?

    Seth Jones was 4th in TOI for Nashville because he’s on a team that has Shea Weber, Roman Josi, and Ryan Ellis, who are all better than anyone the Oilers have had since Visnovski left town. It’s also worth noting that Jones has the best possession numbers of any Nashville defenceman, a pretty clear indication that he’s outplaying his position on the depth chart. But hey, who care about Corsi when you can judge a 21 year old defenceman by his point totals?

    In the end though, I think I get where he’s coming from. You wouldn’t want someone like Seth Jones to come in and mess up the chemistry on that blue line.

    • TurkeyLips

      I love Henderson’s writing and wit, but by gosh you’re right. I’m so glad the Oilers missed on Jones. With their blueline they’ll miss the playoffs for another decade.

    • mk

      What I don’t get about that situation is the response by all the fans…your team has the worst d-core in the league, and has been in the basement for a decade. Everyone and their dog knows that the Oilers needs to improve their defense. If McDavid and Draisatl are the real deal (IMO: yes and mostly probably, respectively), then the Oilers could deal from a position of strength (young centres, top-6 forwards) to shore up a position of weakness (everywhere else).

      What they don’t seem to understand is that you have to give something of value up to get something. The cost to get a young but established top-pairing d-man is massive – they rarely ever get traded. So you need to go either younger (risky: will they develop properly?) or older (risk: how long will their play level be sustained?) to pay a lower, but still high price. You cannot get good players for a collection of junk.

      And yet the fans go along with the group think of ‘we didn’t want him anyways’ and ‘wouldn’t want to ruin our great (basement-dwelling) team’.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Im not even saying that it would have been a huge slam-dunk win for Edmonton.

    I think would be a pretty fair-value trade, a young and very good centreman who could be a #2 on a contender, for a very young defenceman who is currently #4 on the best defense in the NHL, and almost certainly ends up at the level of a #1-#3.

    I think it would be a fair trade which benefits both teams by addressing an area of need.

    But the entire tone of the article is that Jones is a bust, or a major question mark at best, and hasn’t lived up to his billing as a highly touted draftee. And on the other hand that RNH is a legit #1 centre with loads of untapped potential, instead of being the best center on a bad team who I think most people would agree is pretty much a finished product.

    I respect Rich Sutter’s opinion, but I definitely don’t agree with it.

    Maybe Edmonton could get a better defenceman for RNH, that’s possible.

    But regardless of their trade values, I think Edmonton needs Seth Jones a lot more than it needs RNH. I don’t think there’s any way I could agree that the Oilers “dodged a bullet”, unless Jones quits the NHL to become a painter something.

  • mk

    Ryan Murray is more even a trade. Apparently I’d be the the 100 best GM, better than 6 NHLers. When you look at what Garth Snow did to get Hamonic, he is an allstar for a year or two and now there is trade talk because of free agency. I’d cycle picks too much to get the first round win and never get high first round picks. But I’d understand UFA better than most.
    I had a dream that I was in a card shop being given a list of 20 college football names to fire. I guess two make it from each team to the NFL. They could use more education or a small biz pool to draw from.
    I’m a month of practise away from being a city club soccer D; header practise. A yr from being the goalie I was in 2003 (week away). A yr of learning routes away from being better than all but a handful of CIAU receivers, and 1/2 of USA college. A year of practise from batting .190 in the Northern League, and being above average fielding. 10th in the city at running in the dark in the wild. At 10 I was good enough at no touching ground tag to be the 10th best trapeze artist?!
    But specialization isn’t good. Ignoring inspiration, the best athletes were: Lindsay, who helped get working stiffs paid. Howe and Hull, who broke the corrupt NHL owner monopoly. And Fedorov, who went back to Russia without issue and spoke out against the USSR. My pattern recognition 2014 lobby would’ve been brutal in a biolab so it is tough to know how to spend your money. RIM guys’s investment looks good as long as no diamond computers. Many leagues could scale up EEG brain sensors, which will be useful to ensure no future Stalins or terrorists. It would help treat concussion injuries too but should maybe be voluntary to have your brain read. I’m first at SM3 battle mode. The only one who could come close to winning 1/2 the time (1/3), and would be half with a paragraph memorized. #2 designs sports games in Vancouver and would only win 1/6.
    The 3 best receivers are: Jones, Arceneaux, and Calvinator. NFLers would be tired by the # of CFL plays. The NFL would benefit from having receivers with cold weather experience. I guess the biggest downside of 4 down football in Canada is we are missing out on the truly incredible receivers needed to be near hockey.

  • mk

    …that organ sound effect was amazing. It sounded a little like an extra life in Missile Command, or world 6 of SM3. I’ve got one of those pre 8th world hand grab levels as maybe the 2nd best video game moment (with the bombs and cannons assuming no leaf), next to Savage Labyrinth without a hook shot. Maybe the Nectaris Letter map is better when they attack with air while you unpack anti-air. I’m 4th in Blades of Steel because I don’t fight well. 1st at Volfied (hasn’t been beaten in over a yr), which is also Kix and Kickle Cubicle. I’m 2nd at Atari’s Star Raiders. Someone else conserves more firepower. Atari games are too simple; I wonder if a cdn baseball could make a more entertaining game than MLB?