Report: Kris Russell Traded To Dallas for Players and Conditional Pick

The waiting game is over for the Calgary Flames and Kris Russell.

Multiple reports have the 28-year-old blueliner headed to the Dallas Stars in exchange for defenseman Jyrki Jokipakka, forward Brett Pollock and a conditional 2016 second round pick.

Oh, and the pick is reportedly DEFINITELY at least a second rounder.

After several hours of chatter, the news broke rather rapidly.

  • BurningSensation

    This was pretty much the dream return on a Russell trade that doesn’t include the name “Nichushkin”.

    A ‘B’ prospect, a cheap, young, fringe NHL defender, and a pick somewhere between 27 and 55.


    • cjc

      Seems like a lot to surrender for a guy you won’t play 50% of the time. Probably meant more as protection against injury than poor play, given that Russell is currently injured for the second time this season.

  • McRib

    Jyrki Jokipakka has improved his Corsi+\- 5 on 5 from a -14.83 last year to -6.88 this season. So at least he is headed in right direction. I’m not a huge fan of his or even Brett Pullock, but I would take a 2nd rounder for Kris Russell all day and there is a chance those other two chips grow games over next couple of years. So all and all its a win today for us.

    Brett Pullock has great size and some finishing capabilities, he needs to work on first couple step quickness (last thing to come around for larger prospects) but once he is up to speed gets around well on forecheck. If he finds a good role next year in the AHL and grows game then I could see him as a Bottom. 6 forward in the coming years for us. If not he just creates more competition in Stockton which isn’t a bad thing.

    If Dallas gets decent goaltending I think they actually could be a darkhorse to beat Chicago. Dallas is only one point behind of Chicago in the standings with a game in hand. If they could win the Central then they would be more rested than Chicago in second round. If we end up with a 1st this trade is a homerun. Honesty if Dallas had better goaltending they would be running away with the Central and at times have been the best team in the league. Not unfathomable to think they could beat Chicago (although unlikely).

    • The Fall

      Despite their play — these are assets that BT did not have to promise any playing time. They can develop as needed in the AHL. The major win with these two players (and Hunter) is the replenishment of the prospect pool and time line from the gap that was created by trading for Dougie.

      Everything is back on track and on schedule as far as BT is concerned,

  • flames2015

    Very happy with this trade. Dallas is my second team so in happy I can still follow Russell. A lot of the Dallas fans are disappointed that Dallas gave up on Jokipakka, so that’s at least a good sign besides all the advance stats people are throwing out there.

    • RedMan

      no hesitation on Drouin?

      Personally, I have a little trepidation about a guy who holds out, who would rather sit out and play head games than develop in the minors.

  • ApolloRising

    Great trade by Treliving, absolutely amazing value for Russell. Although I was really hoping we could get a nice RW prospect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing deal. I was just really hoping for that RW. But Treliving is a deal genius. If anyone can get it done, it will be him.

  • RKD

    Glad we traded Russell, can’t justify paying him $5 million per season, we already have too much bad money tied up on the blue line for next year in bad contracts.

  • RKD

    It’s pretty good return, I really hope that 2nd turns into a first but for Dallas to go the Western final they will have to go through one of Chicago and LA but upsets are what makes the post-season.