Sean Monahan named NHL’s third star of the week

Life has to be pretty good for Sean Monahan right about now. He’s nearing the end of his entry level contract, and with 79 goals and 151 points through his career so far – and counting – he’s about to cash in this off-season.

He really helped himself in regard to those points totals this past week, with five goals and seven points over four games. As such, he’s been named the NHL’s third star of the week.

Monahan was held completely off the board against the Colorado Avalanche, but had points in the other three games, including: two goals and an assist against the St. Louis Blues, a goal against the Winnipeg Jets, and two goals and an assist again against the Montreal Canadiens.

Though he doesn’t have the point streak to match – thanks, Colorado, the one game the Flames lost last week – he scored the same number of points as Sidney Crosby over the same timeframe. Any time Monahan’s name can be mentioned alongside Crosby’s, you know Monahan has been doing well.

He’s now up to 26 goals and 55 points on the season, on pace to finish with 30 and 63, respectively. That would mark a new career high in points, as Monahan’s record so far is 62 from last season. He scored 31 goals that year, so that record is within reach, as well.

Monahan is currently tied with Ryan Getzlaf, Kris Letang, Kyle Okposo, and Jaromir Jagr for 27th in overall league scoring, albeit with a couple of extra games played. Still: that’s really, really great company to be in. He’s currently second in overall Flames scoring, 16 points back of Johnny Gaudreau, and seven points up on Mark Giordano. The next closest forward to him is Mikael Backlund, who has 39 points this season: Monahan is up 16 points on him.

This past week really helped Monahan work his way to becoming the top scorer out of the 2013 draft as well. His 79 goals already leads his class, but when it comes to points, he’s now two back of Nathan MacKinnon, albeit in nine more games played. Still, Monahan, taken sixth overall, is on the verge of being recognized as the most productive player out of 2013. Aleksander Barkov is the only other player taken in that draft who has passed 100 points; he’s trailing well behind at 106, though he’s played 46 fewer games.

  • freethe flames

    And yet there are a whole lot of people who comment here that think he should be moved. 3 years in the league 3 seasons of over 20 goals (may likely be 2 of 30) with little help from a secondary scoring line. What happens when Bennett gets going and creates a second line especially if the 3rd line also continues to score.

    Get him signed before the price tag goes up.

      • freethe flames

        I have read lots of criticism of him and lot’s of people saying trade him. I don’t recall who but there was enough. Same goes for all the Backlund haters.

        • KACaribou

          Chuckfan, you are absolutely right. Back in January A LOT of people here were saying he’s TOO SLOW, and he’s just RIDING JOHNNY’S COATTAILS, and WE SHOULD GET RID OF HIM NOW.

          As they so often do, Flames give FN a comeuppance because of knee-jerk reactions typical of young people.

  • EhPierre

    I was one of the few that said we should trade him IF a good trade comes up. Sure he’s got a great shot but his skating is slow, he is reliant on JG although that isn’t a bad thing. He also doesn’t have a mean streak that I wish he had

    Monahan is a great player and I love him on our team, he just needs to work on his skating, his zone entries (his dekes), and his toughness.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    I wonder how much extra dough Monahan’s late season point splurge in these meaningless games will boost his contract?

    Safe to say that every goal and assist he gets until the end of the season is gonna kaching, kaching the price of a beer and a bratwurst at the Dome next season. You are also going to have to dig a bit deeper in your pocket to pay for parking there as well in 2016-17.

    Heck, his renewed scoring has allowed me to increase the cost of the autographed Monahan jerseys I sell on e-Bay by about 15% since the All-Star break. Keep racking up the points, Sean Moneyhoney. Big Daddy Blue will get that Las Vegas trip in June.

  • RKD

    This guy has accomplished quite a bit in his young career. He’s nearly completed his 3rd season and already he’s a 3 time 20 goal scorer and a 2 time 25 goal scorer. I know he had his struggles early on but most of the team was playing poorly and he’s rebounded quite nicely. Glad we took him over Lindholm, bet a lot of teams would love a Monahan on their roster. Well, too bad you can’t have him, he’s ours!

    • cberg

      I like your sentiment.

      As for the draft, Carolina actually picked Lindholme #5 instead of Monahan, who they left for Calgary. We picked Monahan #6 and left Nurse for Edmonton.