Shot Down In FlamesNation Episode 2

We did it. A second episode. We’re no longer a one-hit wonder! 

After many delays and a dud recording (actually recording everyone’s voices is hard, apparently), the second episode of the Shot Down In FlamesNation podcast is live!

Ryan Pike joins me as a co-host on this episode and Kent Wilson stops in to chat as well. We went in Niklas Backstrom’s first start as a Flame, Dennis Wideman’s suspension and horrendous season, the pressure mounting on an organization in year 3 of a “5 Year Rebuild”, the impending cap situation, Sean Monahan and future of the team down the middle, and even a little bit on Mark Jankowski’s possible Flames debut. It’s as fun a way to spend a lunch hour as I can think of. 

We got rid of the annoying echo from last episode, but the audio quality is still something of a work in progress. We’ll get better, I promise. 

The SoundCloud link is below and she’ll be on iTunes as well. Hope you all enjoy Episode 2 of our humble podcast. As always, any suggestions and comments are welcome below. 

  • Denscafon

    Is there an estimation on how long Wideman will be injured for? From my understanding, you can’t buy out a injured player. I’m assuming they’d want to buy him out prior to the draft in June.

    Also do you think the flames may try to sign a very cheap goalie even if he’s not that good (for now) due to cap issues? I know Kent’s prediction put in a tag of 4 mill, but if they can find someone for a 1 year 1.5-2 mill deal to see if he pans out then maybe they can keep colborne?

    I’m also concerned that our cap crunch will be much tighter than what Kent predicted in the previous articles as I think Gaudreau will probably get 7.5-8 mill and monahan will probably get his 6-6.5 mill contract. So even if we can buy out wideman, and the cap goes up to 74, we still super close to the cap ceiling. Something has to give and not signing those 2 is not an option obviously.

    • Parallex

      Depends on severity. Artim Anisimov tore his a few years back and was expected to miss 2-3 months so that’s a likely timeline. That would put it pretty close. I halfway expect the Flames to actually seek out an arbitration case to get them the second buyout window later in the offseason.