Andrew Mangiapane, Rasmus Andersson advance to third round of OHL playoffs

With two goals and two assists from Andrew Mangiapane, and two assists from Rasmus Andersson, the Barrie Colts completed their sweep of the North Bay Battalion and will move on to the third round of the OHL playoffs.

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This follows up their 4-3 first round win over the Mississauga Steelheads. Up next? The Niagara Ice Dogs – who swept the top-seeded Kingston Frontenacs to meet Barrie.

Let’s catch up on how our favourite OHL prospects are doing.

Through 11 games, Mangiapane has scored eight goals and 17 points. Just three of his points have come on the power play; two have been shorthanded. He’s also taken 48 shots on net – just over four shots a game – and is second in Barrie scoring, and tied for sixth throughout the OHL these playoffs.

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Two of the players above Mangiapane in scoring – Michael Dal Colle (Kingston) and Mike Amadio (North Bay) – have been eliminated, so Mangiapane appears to be well on his way to be one of the OHL’s top scorers these playoffs.

Andersson, meanwhile, has also played 11 games: he has two goals and 13 points over that time frame. Five have been power play assists; one of his goals came shorthanded. He has 25 shots on net. Among defencemen, Andersson is the tied for leading scorer these OHL playoffs, alongside North Bay’s Kyle Wood, who he just helped eliminate.

Fourth in defensive scoring is Niagara’s Vince Dunn. Depending on how the Barrie/Niagara series shapes out, it seems pretty likely that one of these two players will singlehandedly take the scoring lead for all defencemen in the OHL playoffs.

So, what chance does Barrie have against Niagara? Well, they’re a higher seed that had eight more wins and 12 more points than them in the regular season. Just ask how much being a higher seed meant to Kingston, though: the Ice Dogs clearly can’t be underestimated.

Niagara is backed by Alex Nedeljkovic, who’s having a stellar playoffs and is currently third with a save percentage of .915%; that said, number one in that stat is Barrie’s Mackenzie Blackwood, who’s currently clocking in at .921%. (Anyone else getting World Juniors flashbacks?) They’re also evidently playing a game more suited to the never give up, everlasting grind that the playoffs bring – and winning two of the four games played against Kingston in overtime certainly fuels that mythos.

That said, can Barrie take them? Absolutely; they wouldn’t have made it to the third round if they weren’t a formidable opponent. From there, it would be just one more round to play for the J. Ross Robertson Cup – and from there, one more round until Red Deer and the Memorial Cup.

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That’s getting a little ahead of ourselves. But as Flames fans, we pretty much have two teams to cheer for now: the Dallas Stars, for an extra first round pick; and the Barrie Colts, which could potentially give us a chance at seeing Mangiapane and Andersson not too far from the NHL arena we hope they one day play in.

      • Christian Roatis

        Alongside Kylington and Hickey, there’s three potential options to evolve into that 4D. They don’t grow on trees so having three prospects who could fit that bill is encouraging. You could potentially even throw Kulak in that pool.

        The defence depth in the pipeline is all kinds of strong.

        • MattyFranchise

          I think Kulak would be a better fit at 5/6 given what I know about the prospects currently in the Flames system which admittedly isn’t a whole lot.

          If we’re living a world where Kulak is a 5/6 D then we are in a very very good place for D prospects.

        • Sobueno

          Especially awesome considering D was a weak point for us just a year ago.

          Now hopefully we can shore up RW and G as quickly and effectively. Come oooon Brad, work your magic!

  • freethe flames

    Interesting to me is that Mangiapane is putting up these points at even strength and the PK. When we talk about prospects and potential draft picks we always have to be leery of guys who are benefiting from others; this does not appear to be the case for him. He seems to be leading the charge.

    As for Andersson I hope he is as good defensively as he is offensively. What this team needs is a couple of defenders who are both physical and possess good hockey IQ to round out the unit. Another guy who is just offensively good but poor in his own end is not needed(that’s why we want to move Wideman; plus his contract).

    I am quite excited by their progress and can’t wait to see them at summer camp. BT keep adding to the prospect pool, have a great draft. Go Dallas go get us another 1st rounder please.

  • brodiegio4life

    to think before draft day last year defensive depth was a weakness in the organization. Then treliving gets Hamilton kylington and andersson in the span of 2 days and makes it a strength. All hail brad

  • knappsacked

    Crazy thing is, besides provorov, werenski and hanafin….andersson is shaping up to be the best defenseman in the 2015 draft. I read an article in the calgary sun quoting BT saying that he thinks rasmus couldve played in the nhl this year but he wouldve merely kept his head above water. The reason they sent him down was so that when he does make the show, he can dominate.

    Bcuz of this, i wouldnt be suprised to see him in our top 4 d next year.

    P.s. the best part about him? Hes exactly the type of dman the oilers want.

  • The Fall

    210lbs, Right shot d-man. He dominated last year in Penticton; he can do that again.

    I absolutely love this guy’s potential.

    TJ – Dougie

    Gio – Andersson

    Kevin – Nak

    This gives an even L/R balance, speed, size, youth, experience, PP/PK. ..And affordable.

  • Dan the flames fan

    Getting back to Mega-pain (I like the nickname;hope it sticks), I am hoping to see a line of Mega, Bennett, and Shinkaruk in the future. Tough as nails, and sneaky as hell. I find it encouraging that Andrew led his team in SH goals, and played significant time on the pk. Given a good playmaking center like Bennett, you will have a good “drive to the net” line that doesn’t like to give the puck up.