Flames to open 2016-17 with home and home with Oilers

The Calgary Flames will open the 2016-17 season in a very familiar but very different manner. The National Hockey League today released the dates for the home openers for all 30 clubs.

The Flames will begin their home schedule on Friday, October 14 at the Scotiabank Saddledome by hosting the Edmonton Oilers. But their season will begin two days prior, as they visit the Edmonton Oilers in the first regular season game held in the new Oilers barn, Rogers Place.

The pair of games begin the 100th season of existence for the NHL (and its 99th that features actual hockey games) and the year is expected to include much pomp and circumstance given the 2017 centennial of the league’s founding and the 50th anniversary of the expansion of the league from six to 12 teams. Given the emphasis on history, it makes complete sense for the Flames to begin their campaign with a pair of meetings with their provincial rival.

All-time, the Flames posted a 47-51-12 in the Oilers original rink (which was variously known as Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton Coliseum, SkyReach Centre and Rexall Place) from their 1980 arrival in Calgary through the closing of the building at the end of the 2015-16 season. Their final visit was a 5-0 drubbing of Edmonton on Hockey Night in Canada on April 2.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    It will be nice to see the Flames play the Oilers with a decent goalie to start the season. Would love to see the Flames shut out the Oil Kings in the 1st game in the new arena.

    McDavid vs Bennett (two games)
    McDavid 0g 0a -4
    Bennett 0g 1a +1

    Flames record vs Oilers last season (with lousy goaltending):


    Record against Flames at Rexal:


    Last meeting at Rexal:

    5-0 loss to Flames.

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        Did you miss talking about hockey and not just the “promise” of a real season by your GM? Hope for the Oiler’s sake that Chia can make a trade for another number 4 defenseman using Nuge and/or Eberle as bait.

        The goalie market is actually a buyers market, unlike trying to find a team willing to give up a top 4 D-man for a #3 center.

        BTW, it’s Andersen, not Andersson. We already have Andersson (top 4 D potential) on an ELC.

        Here is the list of possible top 4 defensemen not available for the Oilers in trade:

        Shattenkirk – Boston in on that with assets to trade

        Barrie – re-signing with the Avs

        Yandle – rights traded to Florida

        Hamonic – decided to stay in NY

        Vatanen – re-signed by Anaheim

        Lindholm – will be signed

        Fowler – big maybe to being available, as they cleared Andersen’s $5m salary ask

        Faulk – what do they want from EDM? Not another #3C

        Not too many teams needing to trade for goalies this year. Lot of choices from teams that would have to protect 2 goalies in the coming Expansion Draft.


      Hmmm, you mean like the Oilers did for decades over the Flames? The score is 5 cups to 1…when are the Flamers EVER going to catch up? We are all waiting and waiting….Lord help Calgary fans if Oilers win their 6th cup before Flamers win their 2nd lol.

      P.S.- You guys call us losers, what the hell has your team accomplished in the last 15 yrs???

        • Bled Of Colour

          Just remember, the Oilers have won the Stanley Cup since the Flames last won the championship.

          Lets compare:

          Edmonton Oilers:
          Stanley Cup Final Appearances: 7,

          Stanley Cup Championships: 5,

          Playoff series record: 34W – 15L


          Calgary Flames: Stanley Cup Final Appearances: 3,

          Stanley Cup Championships: 1,

          Playoff series record: 16W – 20L

          * Oilers joined the league 1 year before the Flames *

          • piscera.infada

            No one’s arguing the past success that the Oilers as a franchise have enjoyed. Toronto was also a very successful franchise… What’s the point?

            If the best response to someone saying “we’re going to beat you down in your new building” is “we were really good in the late 80s/early 90s”, then you need to re-evaluate your comprehension of what was said initially. No one is arguing the latter point, it’s just not really relevant to the current epoch.

          • OILFANMEXICO

            99% of Flames fans are trying there best to kick us when we are down. NEVER shedding any light on there own teams lack of success current and past!

            If a few playoff appearances are success to you guys then good on ya. I personally want another cup to sit beside the other 5. I’m tired of the Walter Whites of the world, trying to brag that the Flames are a kick ass team. When, reality is your right beside us in the basement. You have Gaudreau we have McDavid(I’ll take the latter thanks).

            God help you guys if we kick your ass this season…how will you brag then?

  • Armchair genius

    Wow! I can’t believe the obliviousness of phlems fans. Lots of goalies out there??? I guess if you include what everyone, include Treliving doesn’t want. Have fun with your top rated defence next year! Maybe they can make some other half rate goalie look terrible and then take no blame. Also on a side note if we look at playoff records over the last ten years I wonder who has won more series???

  • Hockeyfan

    That will be fun opening Coil new arena 4-1 flames, then home with a 6 -2 win.
    we need Fleury, get him Tree.
    Also hearing Yak gone, hall deal close to done.