Could Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau sign bridge deals?

The salary cap is a cruel mistress. Without it, there would be no complaining about players being overpaid. It’s not our money; who cares how much an owner wants to chuck out to some guys? The problem arises when the cash distribution becomes finite, and signing one guy can prevent you from signing another.

The NHL is probably better off without the cap, though. It’s a warning to spend your money wisely; otherwise, you could face unfortunate consequences. (Just ask the Chicago Blackhawks.) Even if you aren’t a fan of the supposed parity it brings about, it at least keeps things interesting. 

Really interesting, if you’re the Flames. With the signings of Troy Brouwer and Chad Johnson, the Flames have an additional $6.2 million on their cap. They’re now up to $56.45 in committed cap space ($58.75 if you include Sam Bennett’s potential bonuses), with just around $14-$17 million left to spend on five forwards, and probably another defenceman.

Two of those forwards are Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau, and they’re expected to take up the bulk of the remaining cap space. But is there a way they wouldn’t have to?

The bridge deal

T.J. Brodie showed promise early on. His second contract, though? A mere two-year deal worth an annual average value of $2.125 million. From there, he further established his first couple of years were not flukes – rather, he was trending upwards – and earned a bigger deal from that.

There are a couple of problems with assigning the same line of thinking to Monahan and Gaudreau.

1. Players with their resumes don’t sign bridge deals

In looking for superstar or even just plain good, young players who have signed bridge deals recently, I’ve come up with the following list:

  • P.K. Subban
  • Ryan Johansen
  • Alex Galchenyuk
  • Marcus Johansson
  • Jonathan Huberdeau

There are some pretty big problems with this list, though. For one thing, Subban and Johansen ended up traded out of town so, uh. 

For another thing, none of these guys ever did quite like Monahan and Gaudreau have on their entry level deals. There’s been some promise in the final years of those deals – Subban put back-to-back near 40-point seasons, Johansen had a 63 point season, Galchenyuk showed steady year-to-year progression as he encroached on the 50-point mark, Johansson has hovered around that area basically his entire career, Huberdeau did hit 50+.

Monahan and Gaudreau have both had back-to-back 60+ point seasons, with Gaudreau scoring nearly a point per game in his second year and finishing top six in NHL scoring. They aren’t the same at all.

2. Players with their resumes go all-in

Vladimir Tarasenko exploded with a 73 point season in the final year of his entry deal. He got an eight-year, $7.5 million AAV deal as a result, and is thus far justifying it.

Filip Forsberg had back-to-back 60+ point seasons, and he got a six-year, $6 million AAV deal for his trouble. It’s not the max, but it’s much more significant than a bridge deal would have been. Brandon Saad and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ entry level stats fit in better with the first group, but they got six and seven-year, respectively, $6 million AAV deals as well.

And Aaron Ekblad’s second contract is already an eight-year deal with a $7.5 million AAV.

Monahan and Gaudreau’s entry level years have more in common with this group. If you go strictly off of points, Monahan should receive a deal roughly on par with Forsberg’s, while Gaudreau’s would be better than Tarasenko’s.

What’s to be done?

If we’re estimating Monahan with a $6 million cap hit, and Gaudreau at $8 million, then that’s pretty much all of the Flames’ available cap space right there – still without a full lineup in place. That’s not going to happen. There are two main ways I can think of to combat this: a trade to shed more cap space, or an expensive bridge deal.

A trade

The most obvious trade option is Dennis Wideman. As defencemen on the open market drop off one by one, this just might work out, particularly for any teams desperate for a right shot on the power play. Lance Bouma could be an option as well, if any teams are looking for young bundles of truculence that could potentially have a bounce back year. (I’d include Deryk Engelland on this list, but the Flames probably don’t want to lose his strongest points of value and off-ice style; his match up very closely with Troy Brouwer’s, and both were compared as two of the few players on this team who can supply that.)

If both Wideman and Bouma, for example, can be dealt without any monetary return coming back, that’s an extra $7.45 million on the cap saved – more than enough to finish signing the remaining players. If salary has to be retained or taken back, say at half the rate, then that’s still an extra $3.725 million for the Flames to use to fill out their roster, which is doable (particularly if they get any relatively cheap-ish players in return).

An expensive bridge deal

This sounds kind of weird, so I’ll elaborate. Most of the bridge deals discussed above fall somewhere in the $2-3 million range; Johansen’s is the lone standout with a $4 million cap hit.

I think a possible player for comparison here would be Gabriel Landeskog. He finished his entry level contract with a 65 point season, and scored 52 as a rookie. His second contract wasn’t a bridge deal – not with a seven year term – but his cap hit fell in at roughly $5.6 million.

If you could, say, shave a million off of a perceived Monahan deal and get him down to a $5 million cap hit for two seasons – as opposed to $6 million for six – do you do it? That extra potential $1 million in cap space could go a long way towards simply filling out the roster. Does Monahan agree to that? It likely carries the risk of a cap hit higher than $6 million once it’s time for his third contract, especially if he keeps up this whole 60+ points thing, and when UFA years are on the table.

But that’s if it even happens to begin with – and it’s difficult to imagine players of this caliber being willing to take a pay cut now.

Getting creative through the summer

A well-expressed idea of Treliving’s so far this off-season is that it’s a long one. The Flames aren’t playing again until October. They still have plenty of work to do in the summer, and determining their cap for the next season could take that long.

It could go down to the wire until Smid’s contract can be put on LTIR, assuming that’s the point reached. Do the Flames go over the cap via Bennett’s bonuses? Do they paper Bennett down to the AHL to fit everyone else in?

Or it could take waiting until the right time to make a trade comes up. Why trade for Wideman now when you can get James Wisniewski or, um… Kris Russell? Matt Carle? Dennis Seidenberg? Yikes… for free? But when options are gone, a team could be ready to make a deal.

Teams can go over the cap by 10% throughout the off-season. There’s plenty of time. And once Monahan and Gaudreau are signed, we can speculate on the 2016-17 cap with fewer hypotheticals and more absolutes.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how they manage it – and how down to the wire they get.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    They are not going to sign bridge deals. Are you kidding yourself??
    Hedman just signed $8 ml/ year . Gaudreau should slot in at 7-7.5 and Monahan at maybe just over 6.
    They are as good as their peers and they will command that type of salary. I can’t think of any good reason why they would sign for a penny less?

  • freethe flames

    Here’s a wild alternative idea: Johnny get’s his long term deal $7.5m+ for 8 years, Monny signs a one year Bridge deal $4/5m with the promise of matching money as Johnny for 7 years. For this to work there would need to be that trust. ( I wonder how the treatment of Joe C may have impacted GM/player relationships)

    But honestly I think they get done Johnny $7.5m Tarasenko money and Monny $6m+ Forsberg. Coming in between $13.5- $14m. With them signed it is 12 forwards 8 defenders(although Smid will likely be on LTIR) and 2 goalies. 1 young forward up from the farm fills the roster. Once we get to the season a team can be cap compliant with a 22 man roster and then LTIR Smid.

  • cunning_linguist

    If this team has to resort to signing bridge deals for Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan, it’s a massive failure on management’s part. The core of the team is priority one. Above the GM, above the coach, and above depth players like Brouwer, Chiasson etc…

    I understand the limited timing window for the draft, “Free Agent Frenzy” etc. I understand the attractiveness of filling needs with the Brouwer signing, the Johnson singing, Pribyl, Rittich, all logical moves. But none of these moves should be made if they jeopardize your core players. If a bridge deal is signed for either of these players, it’s a commentary on poor planning, management and will likely end up hurting us in the end.

    That being said, BT has proven to be savvy, diligent and measured in his decision making process. So I am cautiously optimistic this will not be a problem.

    • freethe flames

      Yes BT has been able to sign his core players Dougie, TJ and even Gio(but to a lesser degree) to pretty sound contracts but he also signed Raymond and Eng’s to less attractive contracts.( both UFA’s)

      I also wonder if the Stamkos and Hedman contracts both taking less what they would have received in the open market might help BT in negotiations. If these 2 superstars can do it for the good of the team why can’t you argument. However I still think they both get done and again I refer to the Tarasenko deal for Johnny and the Forsberg/Barkov deals for Monny as the bench marks.

      The point of bringing up alternative ideas like Ari’s article is to facilitate discussion. I throw out lot’s of ideas not because I think they will happen(or that I really want them to happen) but to hopefully create discussion.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      BT doesn’t strike me as the kind of GM that signs player in FA without knowing what he has to work with. He’s had discussions with player agents so he knows the ballpark he is in.

      While nobody is really happy with Brouwer’s salary and term, it’s a mid-priced contract for a top 6 RW. It doesn’t hurt after this season.

      I suspect BT is going to move the likes of Bouma, Stajan and Wideman. The first two won’t bring back much, but provide leadership and tenacity to a team looking for it. Wideman is a RHS with PP abilities.
      EDM picked up a defensive guy in Larsson, but has nobody that can score on the PP. They could use him, especially after losing out on Demers.

  • Kevin R

    The way Tre has operated his extensions, it seems like the norm max term he gives is 6 years. Seems to be a common thing with several clubs. A player that gets 6 year at big $$$ is usually young(Gio is exception) & expectation that the player will be able to perform at the level of compensation for the majority of the contract. You start exceeding 6 years then it becomes a huge risk to the team on different levels. I know everyone would just like to lock up these two for the max 8 years & not worry but if the deals are 6 years, I see Johnny closer to 7.0 & Money at 6.0 mill & the cap hit comes in slightly lower at 13.0mill. Enough to resign Jooris or Nakladal.

    Otherwise: Not sure we are really that up against it.

    Fwd: Including all 1 way deals & Raymond = $34.5mill /11 players (6 year deal for Monahan @$6.0mill per & 6 year deal for Gaudreau 7.0mill)

    Goalies: 2 $4.2Mill

    Def: $29.7/7 players-includes Smid

    Total=$69.445 mill

    So to get a full forward line up we can slot Shink(.863) & Janko (.9250) into the line up & that gives 13 forwards. We sign Naks for 1.0 mill & that brings our total cap to $72.25

    We can sign Jooris to a 2 way for $900.00 & let him duke it out with the other young forwards on ELC’s & the loser at camp starts in Stockton until we get Smid’s $3.5 on the LTIR. Naks is the #7 Wotherspoon will have to wait unless there is an injury or Wideman gets moved.

    I guess what sucks is many of us would prefer both Tsppon or Naks on that bottom pairing the other alternating in & out as the 7th D. I guess if someone scoops Naks here in Free agency we still have T-spoon as that #7. but we all will be ticked if we lose Naks.

    Surprised Jooris hasn’t been picked off yet, but if we sign him later,I am not too concerned if we have to expose him on waivers to start the year because someone else stepped up & beat him out for a spot. The forwards we can juggle a lot easier. The blue line has a few concerns about losing someone but a Wideman deal solves everything, even if we have to eat a couple million of salary, which is what Tre should do. I think the Wideman move is holding up the announcement of Gaudreau’s & Monahans deals. If we can’t move Wides soon, we probably see cheaper 6 year deals, if we can trade Wides, we will probably see 7 or 8 year more expensive deals. Tre probably doesn’t want to announce these extensions to show his cards to other clubs. I would be picking up the phone to Sweeney or Shero & offer him Wideman & we eat 2.0 mill for a 3rd round pick & call it a day.

    • freethe flames

      I’m not sure about your numbers at the forward ranks, with 10 signed we are at@22.3 w/o the Raymond buy out making it closer @23.4m add Johnny and Monny making it 12 forwards and even using your $13m(and boy if that was the deal most of us would be happy) that takes us to $36+m not $34.5m. I used numbers from General Fanager.

      Regardless though the issue remains that to add anyone else BT needs to move one of Wideman, Bouma, Stajan, or Engs and bring back significantly less contract. Who the trading partners might be; is still unknown. While I often don’t agree with BT moves I do believe he has way more information than I do and that he works his butt off in making the right choice. But I’m a fan and this is a fan forum.

      • Kevin R

        OK what am I missing:
        Monahan–6.0 ***

        Total——-$35.5 (I must have not included Raymond on my first add)

        But I get 11 players on this list not 10. I don’t think Bennett qualified for any bonus last year? So we can fill in the 2 other forwards with Jooris or any other 2 of our ELC players. We can probably make paper moves for the opener & start with 12 forwards until Smid goes on LTIR & then we are back in business.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    unrelated: Lets sign John Scott to a one year minimum $ contract (is he still available?)….

    Get him to tune Lucic in a few times in pre season. then send him down before the season starts…maybe play him in game 1 in Edmonton for fun!



      Hmmm, sounds like an admission that the Flames need size to combat what Lucic is bringing. Can’t wait for the season opener, with or without Scott 😉

      I think we all are on common ground when I say, “Both teams miss the B.O.A.”

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        He Pepe, er, I mean Speedy:

        Really don’t need Scott to fight Lucic. He will face Hathaway or Ferland and get tuned up, if that is the Oiler strategy. He will get a lot of calls to the sin bin without even dropping the gloves. Since he loses his cool, he will also get suspended more than in La-la land.

      • The Sultan

        Whatever Edmonton losers. Lucic will be no different than any of other player giving you false hope over the summer. If I remember correctly we TROUNCED you in the last game ever at Rexall place. We’ve beaten you so bad and so often over the course of the least ten years that we’ve caused your diehard fans to throw their ugly jerseys onto the ice.

        Please stop coming here and posting crap about Edmonton. No one cares. No one wants to read it. I’d prefer Lambert’s dribble to this — at least with him you can choose to ignore his posts.


          Now now don’t get your “signed” Kiprusoff panties in a knot, half my friends are Flames fans, didn’t come here to stir the pot like WW, FireScorp/Chicken and others do over at ON.

          Besides feel bad there is hardly ever very many discussions on Flamesnation (Posts wise).

          • Baceda

            Ya there are a lot more comments over at OilNation but its about quality not quantity right? There’s so much drivel and nonsense to skip over on O.N. that’s it unbearable.

            That being said, I don’t mind Oilers fans coming over here and stirring things up.
            It’s part of the fun of being a fan, getting your rivals blood boiling a bit.

            I think both Alberta teams are on the rise (nowhere to go but up though hey?) and these next couple seasons should be an exciting return to the B.O.A.’s that mean something.

          • OILFANMEXICO

            My wife was a HUGE Kiprusoff fan. We watched every playoff game in 2005(Red Deer).Could have been awesome to see a battle Of Alberta again in the playoffs, but didn’t pan out

            On my birthday she bought some game tickets for B.O.A., then she tells me it’s at the sadledome! Gotta say Flames fans were pretty decent, didn’t once insult my Messier Jersey, just the logo on the front. Even then the trashin’ was civil.

            Since Flames traded Kipper and Iggy she stopped watching and gave up on sports all together(she was pissed off Calgary never gave kipper the defence he needed in front of him). Gotta say he stood on his head every game to keep you guys in it.

            Just imagine if he was in net for you guys currently.

            Nothing better then having a sports rivaly with your better half 😉 I miss it

    • 99 to 97

      Lucic isn’t going to dance with someone who plays 3 minutes a night unless he has taken a run at McDavid (which would mean Lucic is on the ice at the same time). John Scott (or any other slope-browed goon the Flames dig up) would have to fight Maroon or Hendricks or Gadzic or someone he could catch.

      • Lucic hasn’t exactly been the benchmark of composure and smart decisions on the previous two teams I’ve watched him play for. Let’s hope the Flames don’t worry too much about “digging up a goon,” just ice the Backlund line against McJesus and friends, and stay out of Lucic’s way en route to the penalty box.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Using bridge deals for either or both Gaudreau or Monahan is an interesting idea to get cap compliant, but it’s risky. League wide Gaudreau is now Calgary’s most well known player. Thanks to 2 years of highlite reel activity, he’s now earned his “Johnny Hockey” moniker. Gaudreau is a commodity on his own, particularly in the eastern seaboard. How excited is his agent able a long term deal in a small market in western Canada? How much does his family want him near home? I’m not saying he’s going, or he has no loyalty to Calgary, but let’s make sure this issue is pushed out the full 8 up years.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Walter White

    Lucic doesn’t have to fight anymore but he will. This is about getting deep in on the forecheck and playing a heavy game complimenting the skill of McDavid if in fact he plays on his line which I’m sure he will.
    In the last year Edmonton has swung the pendulum the other way. This is no longer a small team to get pushed around.
    “It’s about time this team had a little bit of attitude and swagger” MILAN LUCIC JULY 1/2016

    • Kevin R

      Actually you are right, we played LA just as many times as we will play the Oilers & Lucic never really fought. I get more concerned with hacks like Kassian that are not as skilled & resort to chicken garbage plays. Problem is, you get too many guys like that & guess what, they aren’t as fast & are so busy trying to intimidate the puck is in your end & many times, in your net. Otherwise they are taking hooking & slashing penalties that ultimately hurt your team. You get too many of these guys, being the most penalized team in the league isn’t going to get you into the playoffs. But if you start all of them against Torterella in Columbus, it sure makes for fun Hockey Night in Canada. :-}

      Many Flames fans on here hate Bollig but I definitely see Bollig in the lineup for most of the Oiler games. On another note I had Lucic in 2 of my hockey pools last year & I tended to watch him in LA games & quite frankly, I found him to be slow 5 V 5 but very effective on the PP & got quite few points on the PP. I just don’t see how he will be able to keep up with McDavid & don’t kid yourself, he won’t be a happy camper if he isn’t on McDavids line.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        As soon as you saw that we had Lucic the flames thought we need someone like him and you got Brouwer lol. You do realize the Calgary also tried to sign Lucic?

        • wot96

          Brad Treliving is one of the hardest working GMs in the league. It is quite likely that he inquired after Lucic’s services.

          And when he found out that Lucic wanted 7X7 with a NMC clause that would have meant that the Flames would have to expose one of their young stars or a key defencemen, in the upcoming expansion draft, he declined politely. BT no doubt hoped that Lucic would be reasonable but if he was going to be CRAZY AF with his demands, then BT must have hoped that Lucic would test the market in Edmonton and hamstring them.

          Edmonton, afterall has been known to sign a forward, or two, when they really need a defenceman.

      • The GREAT Walter White

        Wideman is THE Right shooting top4 D PP specialist the Oilers have been looking for!!!!

        I would not trade him for less than RNH or Drysaddle if I was BT…especially in the Pacific.


        • The GREAT Walter White

          You don’t mind when people make fun of “crippled” or “under-sized” people……but “rainbow-parade-marching” crosses the line for you, does it?


          • I’m not thrilled about any of them, but I guess I’ve learned to pick my battles on this site. When’s the last time someone was tied to a fence and beaten to death for being under-sized?

            Also: small size and long-term injuries are pretty legit reasons to see a player as having lower value. If you put attending the pride parade in the same category, then I don’t really know where to begin.

    • Kevin R

      Not a chance. Brodie, Hamilton, Gio & Jokkipakka give us a way better top 4 than when Wides & Russell manned the 3-4 spot. Brodie, Gio & Hammy are all excellent point men on the PP. We don’t really need Wideman on the PP but he was good at that & no one knows why Hartley gave Russell so much PP time.

  • DoubleDIon

    If we have to sign Gaudreau and Monahan to bridge deals because we decided to hand out stupid money to free agents it’s a huge mistake on managements part. Can any team in the league manage a cap with 8 players who are paid double what they’re worth? Not one of them is a top 6 forward or top 4 defenseman either.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    There is no way they sign Brouwer without having sufficient money left over to sign the kids. I like a lot about BT bu I do question why the process to sign these cornerstones has taken so long. I wonder what kind of message this sends to Johnny and Monny. They see all these Hedman contracts and hear nothing on their own.

    They clearly want to sign both at the same time. Monny’s contract should be straight forward at 6 – 6.5 mil tops, while Johnny’s should not be more than 7.5 mil. The term should be a minimum of 7 years. The truth is that everything positive that BT has accomplished to move the team foreword won’t mean anything if this is not managed properly….and he knows it.

  • Waldo

    “with just around $14-$17 million left to spend on five forwards, and probably another defenceman”

    Anyone mind explaining this to me?

    According to cap friendly we have $14.8 M in space, plus the additional $3.5M in cushion for Smid LTIR placement for a total of $18.3M (GMBT as already insinuated that this is what will happem). It also shows that we have 12 forwards including Johnny/Monny and 6 defensemen that will be on the roster opening night.

    If we sign Jooris and Nakladal, then move Pribyl on to the roster we are at our 23 man roster limit. Where are these other 4 forwards we supposedly need to sign going to fit? In the AHL where they wont count against our salary cap?

    Johnny $7M
    Monny $6.25M
    Nak $1.5
    Jooris $0.9

    Total is $15.65, I also think I over estimated these salaries by just a touch each. Even if Smid does come back to play then we have to send someone down to ensure our roster stays within the 23 man limit.

    Honestly it feels like this article is just trying to create controversy/panic.

    • Baalzamon

      As has been mentioned dozens of times by now, you can’t rely on Smid’s LTIR to be cap compliant for two reasons: 1) he can’t be placed on LTIR until AFTER the season starts (that is, after the opening night roster is released, and that roster has to be cap compliant) 2) you can’t guarantee that he’ll be on LTIR all year. If he becomes healthy, he MUST return to the active roster (barring a short conditioning stint) and the team MUST become cap compliant in the mean time. If the Flames exceed the cap by Smid’s 3 million, then he comes off IR… they’re screwed, instantly.

  • Waldo

    “Gaudreau at $8 million”

    So we decide to use Tarasenko as a comparable, even though the blues had to pay for 2 MORE UFA YEARS, then decide johnny’s contract will be higher? I dont think you understand the value of UFA years.

  • Baalzamon

    Monahan and Gaudreau will not sign bridge deals. Bennett might.

    It’s not an accident that the Flames have just over 14 million in cap space right now.

  • freethe flames

    Here’s the big question for me. Why did BT fire the coach, trade for a starting goalie, sign a veteran backup and sign a top 9 power forward on FA day? To me there is one conclusion and that is thinks this team can compete to make the playoffs this season.

    IMO this team to be truly competitive needs to make more moves. The current line up is not good enough. Johnny, Monny, Bennett, Backs, Frolik, Brouwer are all good enough top 9 forwards but what about after that. Whose left to fill out the top 9? Chiasson (reclamation project), Bouma very questionable, Stajan more questionable, Ferland possible but not proven to be a top 9, Bollig ?? and according to General Fanager Shinkaruk unproven. That’s it folks. Tkachuk a rookie with high end potential but again not proven. And a bunch of young guys with potential but like Shinkaruk unproven. I would have no problem with a team made up of our top 6, Bouma, Ferland and Chiasson and the top 3 kids who every they may be but my expectations would not be nearly as high. Bollig to the AHL and Stajan as #13 or traded.

    On the back end our top 3 are very solid and all can play in every situation but after that there is a log jam of overpaid 5-7 defenders whose salary and presence get it the way of both long term development and adding the missing pieces. Smid the the LTIR will be helpful once the season starts and only as long as he stays there, this gives us cap relief not excess cap space. Eng has one last season to play as as 6/7 and any higher up in the lineup hurts the team(IMO). Wides has a huge contract and has limited role again playing as 5/6 PP guy. Then there is JJ who is better suited for a 5/6 but out this bunch should be given an opportunity to play as #4. Smid, Eng’s, and Wides get in the way of Spoon, Kulak and others from showing their value on the team. If we have to play Wides and Eng’s on a nightly basis and either are in the top 4 then I don’t like our chances of making the playoffs.

    So back to my original point; if BT is about having this team be competitive this year he has to have some other moves in mine. Otherwise we should lower or expectations for this year.

  • RKD

    There is no scenario in which I see Monahan and/or Gaudreau signing bridge deals. If there was a remote chance they did that and put up even better numbers. Then Gaudreau and Monahan would be asking for stupid levels of money and that would really backfire on the organization and their cap situation for years. Gaudreau and Monahan are the cornerstone franchise players along with Bennett and should be give a big deal with term. Signing them now would mean BT and the Flames org would be getting more bang for their buck. There’s no way BT can trade Wides or Bouma without sweetening the deal. A lot of people didn’t like him trading Sieloff but Brad may have to give up something to get rid of Wideman.

  • 99 to 97

    I apologize, Mr Wideman. You’ve made significantly more millions of dollars than I, or most of us, have in your brief (by normal human standards) career as a hockey player. Please accept my apologies. If you read this blog.

  • Flamethrower

    Ari at the end of your article what makes you think we need to replace Wideman or Bouma for matter. Give your head a shake please. This club is stocked with players that need to ne moved up. Not to mention the cap space saved…really.

  • Flamethrower

    Ari at the end of your article what makes you think we need to replace Wideman or Bouma for matter. Give your head a shake please. This club is stocked with players that need to ne moved up. Not to mention the cap space saved…really.

  • MRL

    If Treliving indeed identifies Gaudreau and Monahan as core players then it would be poor business not to sign them to long term extensions. If Gaudreau and Monahan perform at their current rate or increase their output under bridge contracts, either one being a likely scenario, it leaves the two players with most of the leverage in the next contract negotiations most likely resulting in higher long term AAV’s, especially should the cap increase. Whereas, if the Flames are able to sign both players to long term contracts this offseason, it will be the Flames best opportunity to lock both players up long term at reasonable AAV’s. The latter could potentially save the Flames two million plus in cap space per year over several seasons which would otherwise be reserved for Gaudreau and Monahan. Nevertheless, I have complete confidence in Treliving.

  • cberg

    I think the Flames are trying to sign both to LT deals with Cap hits in the range of their Captain, Giordano, and their agents are balking at it so far. It would be nice to get this done sooner rather than later so that BT can put the final touches on the team with trades and a couple more signings.