Brad Treliving on Vey, AHLers and Tkachuk talks

Calgary Flames development camp is in full swing down at the spacious Winsport complex at Canada Olympic Park, and the announcement of Linden Vey’s signing by the Flames prompted a brief media availability with General Manager Brad Treliving.

As usual, Treliving didn’t exactly gush about things he has on the horizon, but he shared his thoughts on the addition of Vey to the organization as well as the club’s depth at the American Hockey League level and a potential entry-level deal for 2016 first round selection Matthew Tkachuk.


“Well, Linden’s a guy we know quite well. A
couple years ago he was the leading scorer in the American League.
He’s still a young guy, 24 years old, right shot, two-way contract.
In Linden’s case, he’s got to come in and earn an opportunity. We
think it provides more depth, and a guy who again, is versatile –
can play center or the wing. In his career has been used in a
power-play role, was successful at the minor league level. In his
case, I think he’s still trying to really establish himself as an NHL
player. It’s been well documented, went through some personal things,
some difficult things this year that now is behind him. Like I said,
it gives us more depth in an area that we wanted to add more depth.”

Treliving also noted the familiarity new head coach Glen Gulutzan has with Vey, who was previously in Vancouver’s system. Worst-case, he feels they added some depth to the organization.


“Well, part of the process over the
course of the last two years we’ve graduated a lot of young guys, so
you’ve got to have opportunity for them to play in specific roles.
But we’ve spent a lot of time here over the last few days, even
before free agency, targeting certain guys from a depth perspective
and also from a leadership and a veteran perspective down in Stockton.
We have some things that will be on the horizon at some point.”

In other words: walking away from potential restricted free agents such as Bill Arnold, Kenny Agostino and Bryce van Brabant was purposeful and meant to provide an opportunity for the youngsters in Stockton to steer the ship to some extent.


“We’ve had a couple discussions.
That may be something that may get done sooner rather than later.”

For context: 2011 first rounder Sven Baertschi signed on July 5, 2011; 2013 first round pick Sean Monahan signed on July 22, 2013 (Morgan Klimchuk and Emile Poirier both signed that December); 2014 first round pick Sam Bennett signed on July 25, 2014. Historically, the Flames sign their high-end draft picks rather quickly.

  • McRib

    I was able to catch the practices today. Out of all the FA Invites Brayden Burke, Sheldon Rempal and Josh Healy were my favorites. Sheldon Rempal in particular really stood out as the most pleasant surprise (Burke should be signed even before this camp started). Rempal has absolutely filthy hands and finish, skating is still a work in progress as he has to continue to fill out, but he has an NHL caliber finish and is going to light it up in the NCAA this year. I mean he was so good he literally looked like he could contribute in the AHL this year if he wanted to and he was willing to forego NCAA. Josh Healy was my favourite defender showcasing impressive range shadowing incredibly well on defensive side of things in one-on-one drills. All of the NCAA FAs showed well, same cannot be said for a couple of the QMJHL invites.

    Of all the other players Mark Jankowski looked absolutely fantastic, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sees regular NHL minutes at some point this season. I can’t undersell how good Jankowski looked, everyone was talking about him afterwards. Kenney Morrison looks ready for an increased role with franchise as well. Adam Fox is a whale of a prospect super draft pick we got there, I still don’t understand how he was still on the board when we picked. Best defender on his team was the third defender off the board? Super intelligent, he always makes High IQ decisions he won’t last more than three seasons in the NCAA. I really liked everyone from this years draft class I think we could see 3-4 of those picks turn into NHLers down the road (Fox is a surefire NHLer along with the obvious one in Tkachuk).

    Tyler Parsons is as advertised he is very athletic with great reflexes. He made a couple of last minute lightning fast glove/blocker saves that were highly impressive. Mitchell Mattson showed some good skill and plays a smooth game for size. Eetu Tuulola has surprising puck skills with a good frame his skating is still raw, but should progress down the road. He has a real heavy snap shot, he should be at least a point per game scorer if he joins Everett this season. Linus Lindstrom has good skill, but has a ton of filling out to do which isn’t nessisarily a bad thing, however I don’t see him playing with Men next year. Some of the older players were on the ice following the developmental camp and Hunter Shinkaruk looked really good, he will only improve this year from last. He could easily stick in the NHL this year.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Remember when the fine people on this site were pointing at the “development” of Grant and Agostino as proof of how great of a player developer Huska has been?

    Good times…


    • McRib

      He was solid, obviously it was only a couple of practices so tough to judge full story, but he was one of the better FA prospects. He would be in my second grouping with Kravchenko and Foo. Where is he playing next season? It doesn’t look like he has committed to an NCAA team? He definitely has the talent to play pro at some point. I wonder if he isn’t planning on going NCAA and maybe he just joins our ECHL team right away? He could end up as a solid AHLer for us down the road in next two seasons if that’s the case.

      • everton fc

        My understanding is Bowles will go CIS if not signed. He’s had multiple offers. Would be a shame, though, for if he put on 10-15 pounds, he’d be quite a darkhorse, as a prospect. Keep us posted; I may try and head down there myself w/my son before it’s all said and done.

        I am not surprised by either Foo or Kravchenko. Tuulola may prove a good investment, as a 6th rounder.

        • McRib

          If Bowles is willing to take a reasonable pro contract to start (Two-Way ECHL-AHL), I could see the Flames making him an offer, especially considering he isn’t tied to a CHL Education package and doesn’t have to make a decision on pro or guaranteed CIS money, after year one.. I’m glad Sheldon Rempal is from Calgary and therefore we will have inside edge when he becomes an NCAA FA in a few years.

  • McRib

    Matthew Tkachuk has scary upside and he really has that type of killer instinct most players canrbe taught and which is the hardest thing to come by in the NHL. He is so instinctual in the slot, when things matter most it really is exciting. He has one of the best compete levels I have ever seen from someone donning a Flames sweater, absolutely refusing to give up on a single play. He also possesses a truly elite finishers touch and the moment the puck is on his blade it is already off it headed towards the net.

    What is even more exciting is he still has some filling out to do and future growth is certain to take place, which will create a more explosive first step on his skating stride down the road. Which to be frank kind of suprised me as he doesn’t look like he is already 195 Pounds, I guess after all his Dad did play at 235 Pounds. He’s going to have a really hevay frame down the road, because his frame looks very conducive to adding more muscle in the future, therefore I think he will play at 215-220+. Tkachuk was a gift from the Hockey gods!!!

  • Stu Cazz

    Adam Ollas Mattsson 6’4″ big body was very physical…this kid is really impressive!

    Brandon Hickey and Rasmus Andersson formed a very effective pairing…perhaps a future look at our D!

    • everton fc

      He’s been playing with men the past two years. I think he could be a real surprise in camp.

      Thanks for the updates. Final question: who looked really bad, or like they didn’t have a good work ethic?

      • Stu Cazz

        Difficult to answer that. As you know this is a oriental/development camp. Prime time starts in September. Ollie Mattsson has 1 year left on his contract overseas…this kid makes the big club in the 2017/2018 season..guaranteed! The future looks bright..BT has things well under control….

      • cberg

        The only two regulars that I thought were Meh! were Culkin and Carroll, though several of the invites didn’t really stand out.

        Some of the stand-outs for me were:

        Burke has a tremendous shot that scored the majority of his shots, best of the day.

        Ollas-Maatson was surprisingly better than I had anticipated with very strong skating/edges and puck control.

        Both Smith and Kanzig have shown good improvement in the power skating and now look pretty similar to everyone else.

        All the goalies were solid, and I especially noted Rittich’s quickness.

        Tkachuk showed a very high level of compete in the corners and net-front.

        Of the D, Kylington was speedy and showed good compete, Andersson demonstrated a high IQ/vision and Hickey great overall speed. Coverage overall was pretty solid, and Kanzig “accidentally” bowled over 2-3 guys.

        In a difference from the past couple of BH years there seemed to be a focus on high tempo transition drills, battle drills into the corners and defensive boxing out. Not a single shot-block drill….. hmmm.

          • cberg

            Last year one of the specific drills was on means of blocking defending a 2 on 1 against. Not specifically blocking a shot on net, but all the techniques on the same.

            This year’s (yesterday’s) boxing out drill was the first I’ve seen of that type, which was good to see.

            I may note that all the development camp is run by the Stockton coaching staff, specifically Huska, although GG was there yesterday, just as BH was watching in year’s past.

    • McRib

      Easily the most impressive thing in camp for me is how solid of a prospect blueline the Flames have assembled, without even using one first round pick on a defender. Considering more defenders develop later than forwards it’s an effective strategy (see Weber, Chara, Keith, Subban, Yandle, etc as 2-7 round picks).

      • The GREAT Walter White

        Remember when Burke gave his famous speech: “all things being equal; you take the defender because they have more value…”

        I can’t believe Benning fell for it!

        I actually think the Chiarelli would have fallen for it too, had Nail Puljarvi not fallen into his lap…


  • Thunder1

    Linden Vey put up 120 in the Dub for the Tigers not too far back. Kid’s got crap not even Patrick O’Sullivan could of imagined. Here’s hoping he gets a chance,

  • jakethesnail

    The BEST news at the camp is that Jon Gilles is healthy, looking good and enjoying camp. He says he can now walk after coming off practise. He got 2 shutouts in 7 games with Stockton playing with a painful hip. Looking forward to how fast he progresses this year!

  • jakethesnail

    Also good news is that Adam Ollas Mattson of Sweden is enjoying a playing a physical game and filling out his 6 foot 4 body. He has one more year left on his contract with Djurgardens in Stockholm and could be NHL ready sooner than later.

    I do like the depth of our D prospects!

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      I have been hoping that AOM makes the jump to North America sooner than next year. He’s the type of physical d-man that we really lack. Don’t know that he will ever be an offensive player, but you need those shut-down guys too.

      His size and mean streak give him a leg up on Jokipakka (Kevin), and we are short on LHS d-men. Maybe the Flames can buy out his final year and get him here this year. Would love to see him plaster Connor McDuck in an open ice hit.