A history of Flames numbers: #13, Johnny Gaudreau

I’m a firm believer in retiring numbers. I don’t think it should be done often, but I do believe that, when a player becomes so special to a franchise, his number deserves a formal retirement. Nothing gimmicky, just a to-the-point banner raising as nobody ever gets to wear that number for that team ever again.

Some players are worth it.

The #12 should be one of those. It’s early yet, but it’s really easy to see a future in which the #13 joins it.

#13 on the Flames

Johnny Gaudreau is just the sixth player in Flames history to ever wear #13:

  • RW Martin Simard
  • C Shawn Heaphy
  • LW German Titov
  • C/W Mike Cammalleri
  • C Olli Jokinen
  • LW Johnny Gaudreau

Wow, what a barren wasteland. The number itself does carry some bad luck connotations, but there really isn’t much here at all. Over decades, just six guys? And maybe that’ll be it, ever? That’s kind of insane – though #14 only saw seven players ever wear it…

The best #13


The Flames were all up there in regards to Titov, Cammalleri, and Jokinen’s careers in terms of where they spent the most time: first for Titov, second for Cammalleri and Jokinen. 

Cammalleri easily looks like the best one to wear the number, but we should note Gaudreau is only two seasons into his career. That said, he’s already got 160 NHL games under his belt, and 143 points through them.

Gaudreau is a .894 point per game player this early into his career, and I believe it’s entirely possible he reaches that career point per game mark, and maybe even passes it. He doesn’t yet have the years the aforementioned three players do, so his resume is still developing – but the way it’s going, yeah, this number is going to be his and his alone.

Previous numbers

#1Brian Elliott #3Jyrki Jokipakka
#5Mark Giordano #6Dennis Wideman
#7T.J. Brodie #11Mikael Backlund
  • ChinookArchYYC

    I hope Bob Cobb (the Oiler Troll) comes by today. He wrote a memorable comment when Johnny cracked the Flames line up out of his first camp.

    Bob Cobb wrote:

    “OVER – Wait for it – RATED!!! Sven was supposed to be good too.

    Calgary = where prospects come to die!

    Oh and those highlights, anyone could score on Germany in international play, that’s like scoring on Canada’s men’s team in soccer.

    If he was really good, he’d of been ranked higher in his draft year.

    Patrick Kane special?….Alcoholism is no joke! Get help son!

    You guys are all delusional, oh well, beats hearing about “Intellectual honesty”, two words by the way that should never be associated with the Flames or there Fanbase”.

    I love this post, it’s an all time favorite and really needs no response. 4th Rounder Johnny Hockey takes care of responding every game.

    • The Fall

      This is great.

      Speaking of accountability. I hope the moderates have all this text saved. It would be interesting to referenced later. It would be fun to see who said what at the end of the season. WW is going to have a ton of props when Huska’s contract isn’t renewed after next season.

    • lionlager

      Ya that was scary wasn’t it. I wouldn’t have thought there was anything to worry about, but Roger sounded a bit worried. Hinted that Johnny wants a shorter term.

        • piscera.infada

          It’s been a “thing” with Gaudreau forever. I’m just surprised no one is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about it. Frankly, he has never done a single thing that even gives the impression he doesn’t want to be a part of the Flames organization. I mean, I get the concern somewhat, but I personally feel about as concerned about Gaudreau’s desire to play in New Jersey, Boston, etc., as I do about Monahan’s desire to play in Toronto. The only reason one gets blown out of proportion is because he’s American (“and how could an American ever truly want to play in Canada, right?”).

      • Kevin R

        Well then we give him a 6 year deal & may have to move him as we get closer to it expiring but lets get the prime years out of him. But I don’t think that’s the case, he wants to be paid & we are going to have to pay him.

        • freethe flames

          The business of hockey. You can’t get to attached to your stars; anyone can get traded. If Johnny’s ask for buying his UFA years is to high then at some point you have to trade him. The one thing is if he is reluctant to sign long term now don’t give a NMC/NTC keep the power of moving him in the clubs hands.

          Like most Flames fans I love Johnny but I am not prepared to have him hold the organization hostage.(We have seen that show with Jarome and no thanks) johnny is a star in this league and is projecting to be a superstar so if he needs to be moved at some future date then we need as high of return as possible. I would prefer a long term deal that is team friendly but let’s not sell the organization out for him.

    • Tomas Oppolzer

      With this in mind, would anyone else think trading him to NJD for Hall be something to consider if Johnny does just want to stay in Calgary until he can leave as a UFA. Hall is a easily a top 5 LW in hockey (Johnny is heading in that direction) and he’s only 1 year young than Johnny. It would send Johnny home and we wouldn’t have to worry about Hall wanting to play closer to home eventually.

      This probably wouldn’t be something that could happen, but it’s an interesting thing to think about IMO.

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    Short and good article. Now for those needing more hockey and don’t want to read about hated rivals like Oilers, Canucks or overexposed Eastern teams, there is Jetsnation. Good writers there!