Flames finally right a wrong: Retros are the third jerseys once again

The Calgary Flames have one of the best jerseys in the entire NHL.

Not their away ones. Not their regular home ones. Nothing with black, nothing with piping.

Just clean, simple, and what they wore when they won the Stanley Cup.

And at long last, outside of one “retro night” a season, they are back.

This marks the end of the Flames’ previous third jerseys – the odd wordmark cowboy combo – which has been rumoured for some time now, largely in part thanks to sales and hints that outlets wouldn’t be ordering anymore.

There were hints about this earlier, too, as season ticket holders’ tickets were delivered with a very nice design and colour scheme…

… and now, it’s official!

The Flames will be donning the best jerseys for 12 home games this season. This includes both their home dates with the Edmonton Oilers (which also features the home opener), the New Year’s Eve game against the Arizona Coyotes, and the regular season home finale against the Anaheim Ducks on April 2. (Hopefully they’ll have some more home games after that, though.)

Now, we just have to wait for them to become the mains. Just imagine how awesome that would be.