Flames re-sign Freddie Hamilton

After purging most of their restricted free agents back in June, the Calgary Flames were left with just four qualified: Tyler Wotherspoon, Sean Monahan, Freddie Hamilton, and Johnny Gaudreau.

It is Sept. 22, and three of the four have been re-signed.

F.Ham – the forgotten Hamilton, if you will – is officially back with the Flames. He has been re-signed to a two-year deal with a $612,500 cap hit, as reported by Cap Friendly.

Let’s take a look at just where he might fit in.

Hamilton seems to be one of those players who’s perfectly serviceable at the AHL level, but hasn’t been able to make things stick in the NHL. In fairness to him, he is only 24 years old – not particularly young anymore, but not past his prime, either – and has only had the chance to play 33 NHL games to date.

In those 33 games, he’s scored two goals and one assist. Two of those points came in the four games he played last season for the Flames; in a heartwarming twist, his first career assist came off of a Dougie Hamilton goal.

So it’s entirely possible there’s more than meets the eye with Freddie, at least as far as his NHL career is concerned. He averaged 12:42 with the Flames, which is more than he did during his stints with the San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche. His shot rates with Calgary went up, as well: seven shots over four games, compared to the 13 in 11 he had during his first NHL stint (and the 11 in 18 he had the season before he came to Calgary).

In short: Hamilton could be a decent (not to mention cheap, which is extremely important for this season) depth find, should he find himself able to stick on the Flames’ roster.

It would also make for a nice story to have a pair of brothers in the lineup, but that’s more of a cute little side bonus than anything actually necessary.

However, should Hamilton not make the Flames’ lineup, he’s still proven himself to be a useful player in the minors. In 2015-16, he scored 43 points over 62 games with the Stockton Heat as their third-highest scorer (numbers one and two, Kenny Agostino and Derek Grant, have since moved on from the organization). Hamilton, a right-shooting centre, could prove to be a valuable leader on a farm team that’s been completely overhauled from last season to this one.

Wherever Hamilton ends up spending his year – and it very well could be both in the AHL and NHL – he should prove to help out. This is another item the Flames needed to check off of their list, and while it wasn’t the most important one, it should still prove to be beneficial to the club.

    • Hat

      One way contract. I bet Treliving tried his level best to get a two way contract. This deal will cost a LOT if Hamilton doesn’t make the NHL team. Not burying Bollig where he belongs a lot, and definitely affordable, but if you want to be able to afford to pay the Gaudreaus of the world you need to penny pinch where you can.

      Paying Hamilton 575k this year to play in the AHL – not saying he will – is a lot more than 80 – 200k. It adds up. Just not against the cap.

  • everton fc

    If Backlund can’t go by the beginning of the season (highly unlikely), Freddie H is the 4th line centre, (or Vey) with Stajan as 3rd line pivot.

    Not saying it’s ideal… Just makes sense, “on paper”.

    • OKG

      Eh, I like Freddie but I prefer him on the wing. If Backlund can’t go then I would drop Monahan to the second line to give that line some zip, and roll something like (Assuming Tkachuk is sent to Junior here):


      Then when Backlund comes back, you send Jankowski down and re-unite Monahan and Gaudreau.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        I like Jankowski and hope he becomes a full time NHLer, but he will not get much more than a cup of coffee this year, unless there a pile of injuries (hockey gods forbid).

        • OKG

          Hate to break it to you but it’s actually exactly how it works. Or have you already forgotten Jones, Jooris, Hamilton, Ferland getting their time on the line?

          No one stacks lines anymore. You have your pairs of play drivers and a third forward to drive the dirty work. That is neither unique to Bob Hartley nor the Calgary Flames. I assure you Chiasson and Hamilton will both see time on the Gaudreau line, as will Brouwer (3rd liner), Ferland, Bouma, Shinkaruk, Hathaway, maybe Tkachuk if he sticks ATNWWT.

          Who was Sidney crosby’s LW last year? Remind me again.

  • jakethesnail

    What about Nak?????

    If Freddie didn’t go for a two-way contract – g’bye! It seems to me no one else was interested in Freddie as training camps have alrady started.

    I guess the Flames want to go to the top of the cap so they can use all of Smid’s cap hit….

  • McRib

    Brayden Burke was voted the third most likely player to lead the WHL in scoring in a poll by league broadcasters. Where he was only ranked behind Nolan Patrick (future Top. 3 pick) and Adam Brooks an overager. Burke was ranked ahead of other first round talents such as Matt Barzal, Nick Merkley, Sam Steel, etc. The crazy thing is Burke is only going into his third WHL season and still has plenty of filling out left to do.

    I don’t understand how this kid went undrafted, as a comparable Mikkel Aagaard
    has played two more years of Hockey and Dennis Kravchenko has played three. I liked those other two (Kravchenko should be signed for certain as well), but when you consider that Burke was only a year older than just drafted Dillon Dube it paints a picture to how unique this situation is (where is Burke going to be in two-three years?). I mean Dillon Dube is a great prospect, but can you honestly say he is for certain going to score 109 points in his NHL Draft +1 season like Burke already did last year and he was a second rounder. I’ll go on record to say Burke is the most legit WHL Free Agent since Tyler Johnson.

    I think because the Flames extended Burke an NHL Camp try-out he doesn’t have to be signed until the NHL season starts (otherwise deadline was today because WHL starts tomorrow)? So let’s get it done. Burke just had 1G, 1A in one scrimmage playing limited minutes (I counted seven shifts including less than a minute in second period) with another undrafted player in Aagard (whose play dropped off in third scrimmage without Burke) and Hunter Smith for all intensive purposes at this point a fighter. Ryan Lomberg looked great in camp and was everyone’s surprise, but just FYI Burke is more than two full years younger than Lomberg and has played three less years of Hockey. Where is Burke going to be in three years compared to even Lomberg?

    • MontanaMan

      There is absolutely no way that nepotism factored into this decision. This is a business and the Flames aren’t offering one way deals to players based on their families. The reality is that the new NHL is comprised on half the team paid big bucks and the other half of the team paid under $2 million. It’s a matter of future economics that the stars will continue to be paid and the fourth liners and 6/7 defence men will be near league minimum.

          • deantheraven

            key phrase here is “until they shed some of those ugly contracts.” Many bodies, few spots…

            Let’s hope some space through demotions (lookin’ at you Bollig) and trades (Stajan, Engelland) is made before camp is over. My guess is Wideman will stick around not because of his value to us, but more because of loyalty (the ongoing suspension dispute) and/or lack of trade partners willing to take him on. I’d like to see some of the Young’uns get a chance at least in the early season before any of the above are slotted into the line up.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        I am not that sure, Dougie signed for less than expected for no apparent reason. A side deal to get his Big Bro on the radar screen does not seem out of the realm of possibility to me. I was surprised that Freddie made the cut when so many other players were sacked in Stockton.

        • Baalzamon

          I wasn’t, really. Hamilton was better than Arnold (and they were the same age, same position, even same handedness), and he was better in his NHL stint than Agostino was. Agostino also got more ice time in the AHL than Hamilton did, since he was a winger and thus could play first line minutes while Hamilton was stuck behind Grant most of the year.

          Isn’t it possible the Flames legitimately like Freddie as a player, and his acquisition has nothing whatsoever to do with Dougie?

  • Just.Visiting

    I don’t have strong feelings for or against Freddie.

    However, I wouldn’t have agreed to a two year one way deal for where he projects out on the depth chart.

  • freethe flames

    Currently with Monny and Backs injured he is possibly our third best center; if that is the case for any length of time I am worried. Janko has to step up and claim the position as our top center alternative. I have said for awhile now that I am concerned about our organizational depth at center. I know that Bouma and Vey can play center in an emergency but they are not long term solutions. However in saying this my concerns about the organizations overall depth at c has changed a bit by the play of Aagard and the pest RL but both are a stretch to play this year in the NHL but should be helpful in the AHL.