The Flames make first cuts: roster down to 60

The Calgary Flames have made their first roster moves of the 2016-17 training camp. They announced via press release the trimming of their camp roster by five, and none of the names are particularly shocking.

The team has assigned Aaron Hyman to the Calgary Hitmen, Matthew Phillips to the Victoria Royals, Nick Schneider to the Medicine Hat Tigers and Brayden Burke to the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Dennis Kravchenko has also been axed, but has accepted an invite to the Stockton Heat training camp that opens next week.

The moves put their camp roster down to 60: 6 goalies, 20 defensemen and 34 forwards.

Hyman and Burke were amateur try-out players that the team took a look at for the sake of prospect camp. It’s a bit surprising that Burke wasn’t signed, but you could also argue that maybe the team felt his skillset was a bit too close to Phillips, Mangiapane or Gaudreau’s, and how many smaller skilled forwards do you need? (Answer: if they’re good, you could use many…)

Phillips was Calgary’s sixth rounder in this past year’s draft, and he rejoins a really good Royals club. Schneider returns to a Medicine Hat club where he’s the undisputed top goalie. Kravchenko gets a potential spot in Stockton if he shows well.

And ultimately, the assignments get the Flames down to more manageable numbers in camp by trimming out some bodies that were not going to play in the NHL this season. Expect to see more cuts following Tuesday’s pre-season game in Winnipeg.

Training camp continues tomorrow with morning practices followed by preseason split squad games in Calgary and Edmonton.

  • McRib

    Mikkel Aagaard 0.69 PPG in NHL Draft +1 (0.83 +2), Brayden Burke 1.51 PPG in NHL Draft +1, I don’t understand keeping Aagaard over Burke in the slightest. I mean Burke was just as productive as Aagaard in two less scrimmages in Penticton (he created the turnover where Aagaard scored) and is two years younger with a ton of growth left in his frame. Not to mention Aagaards play clearly dropped off without Burke in third scrimmage. I hope Burke doesn’t become another Tyler Johnson, but watching the WHL as closely as I do, Burke is the most productive undrafted player I have seen since Johnson. I actually would have kept Kravchenko over Aagaards as well, BUT at least we have Gaudreau, Mangiapane, Phillips, etc most NHL teams aren’t even that progressive with undersized skill.

  • Baalzamon

    I’ll be honest; I didn’t think Burke looked anything close to as good as Dube or Phillips in Penticton, and they’re both younger than he is. That said, I figured signing him was a no brainer given that the Flames would be getting a skilled forward with a 100+ point season in the WHL for nothing.

    • Parallex

      Meh, I didn’t think he showed particularly well at the prospect tournament. I mean he wasn’t bad but he didn’t wow me either. Reserve list spots are limited so clearly he didn’t show well enough to burn one.

  • freethe flames

    At some point teams need to get down to numbers. Every guy who was sent down needs to play and if the Flames have no plans to play them this was the right decision. Aargaard will probably get 1 exhibition game and then be going to Stockton too.

    Did anyone see practices today? Any update on the WCOH players being back? I see Nakdaddy has not signed anywhere at least according to General Fanager. If GG is about possession then I see him being a fit.

    Someone was speculating that the Flame should acquire Trouba and while that would be awesome I see Trouba’s trade demands as causing more issues for the Flames if we are trying to move Wideman.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Trouba wants top 4 minutes on the right side. Those positions are currently occupied by much better players on the Flames.

      Funny the Oilers couldn’t make a deal work. I guess Hall is not worth Trouba to the Jets.

    • MarbledBlueCheese

      Every time someone posts this year about trading for a really great #4 defenseman to play with Hamilton or something, it should be followed by “and in the expansion draft, the defenseman the Flames don’t protect should be ______”.

  • freethe flames

    Split squad games tonight. It will be interesting to see GG approach to the game, who the combinations will be but we can’t read to much into it with 3 of our top 7 forwards not likely to play.