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The second matchup of this weekend’s home-and-home sees the Canucks and Flames moving back to Calgary and, once again, we’ve asked writers from both FlamesNation and CanucksArmy to get you set for tonight’s rematch. We’ve also put together a few notes to get you ready for game one of the home and home. 

Please note that this article is posted at both CanucksArmy and FlamesNation


Saturday, January 7th, 2017 – Saddledome (Calgary) – 8 pm (MST/7pm (PST) on Sportsnet West/Pacific

Vancouver Canucks Calgary Flames
20-18-3 (5th in the Pacific)  21-18-2 (4th in the Pacific)
7-2-1 in their last 10 5-5-0 in their last 10
Power Play (PP%): 14.4% (27th) Power Play (PP%): 20.9% (10th)
Penalty Kill (PK%): 80.2% (21st) Penalty Kill (PK%): 81.3% (17th)
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Today’s Meeting:

After playing last night in Vancouver, the Canucks and Flames change venues for the second game in their back-to-back set and fourth meeting of the season. The Canucks took round one of the home and home by a score of 4-2 and will look to extend their winning streak to seven games. Although, the Flames lost round one they heavily outshot the Canucks by a margin of 46-13 but didn’t get the goaltending or bounces they needed to close out the victory. Will the Canucks steal another one?

Points Leaders:

Bo Horvat (VAN) – 12G, 16A = 28 points

Mikael Backlund (CAL) – 12G, 15A = 27 points

Johnny Gaudreau (CAL) – 10G, 16A = 26 points

Henrik Sedin (VAN) – 9G, 17A = 26 points

Sven Baertschi (VAN) – 11G, 12A = 23 points

Matthew Tkachuk (CAL) – 7G, 17A = 24 points



Chad Johnson 22 22 13 8 0 1 640 51 2.34 589 .920 3 1,310
Brian Elliott 20 19 8 10 0 1 515 57 2.95 458 .889 0 1,158


Jacob Markstrom 20 17 8 8 0 2 526 46 2.60 480 .913 0 1,061
Ryan Miller 24 24 12 10 0 1 731 62 2.62 669 .915 1 1,420


Why is your team going to win or why will your enemy lose?

Ari Yanover (FlamesNation):

The past couple of matchups, the Flames have vastly outplayed the Canucks. They have one of the better lines in the NHL in Matthew Tkachuk, Mikael Backlund, and Michael Frolik, who have continued to roll; if just like, two more bounces go their way – even when they aren’t outplaying the other guys – then they’ve got this.


The Flames can throw everything they want at the Canucks, just like they did last night, and it still won’t be enough. 

Why will tonight be different than last night?

Ari Yanover

Because most of the time, when you out-corsi the other team 84-22, you win. Considering how the past couple of Flames/Canucks games have gone, I have more faith in the Flames to dominate shot attempts and score more goals than the other team than for the Canucks to win on a -62 differential.


It will be different in the sense that the Canucks will now win in Calgary as opposed to Vancouver. 

Why should people watch this game?

Ari Yanover

If you like a team creating oodles and oodles of chances, then this game will probably be for you. Also, it will feature Mikael Backlund, who’s probably lord and saviour to us all. He celebrates his dogs’ birthdays and he should probably get some Selke votes this year, he’s great.

And what if Deryk Engelland almost scores a shorthanded goal again?! It could happen, and you DON’T wanna miss that. That’s the kind of thing you tell your grandkids about.


As we saw in the comments from yesterday, Flames fans love seeing how well Sven Baertschi is doing and we’d like to give them another opportunity to enjoy what they gave up on. 

Say something nice about your opponent.

Ari Yanover

Turns out Ryan Miller is pretty good, too, it looks like. I always liked him in Buffalo.


At least they’re not Edmotnon. 

Any last words?

Ari Yanover

Can I use Desjardins’?


We look forward to sweeping the weekend. Thanks for the points and your spot in the standings. 


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  • apr

    Excellent responses from our Canucks Army representative. Thank you Brian Burke for being too cheap to get Bishop and settled for Elliot. Makes up for keeping Cloutier in the West Coast express years.

    • urbzy

      Brad Treliving got Elliot, not Burke. And Bishop is having a terrible year so CGY dodged a bullet there. At least that way our below average goalie isn’t getting paid Bishop money.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    I think the Canucks Goal Coaches should be commended for Re-Inventing Miller’s career and making him a superior goal tender again. Miller is a much better goalie now then when he first came to Vancouver.

    Same goes with Markstrom.

    That will be crazy if Canucks can manage to Rope-A-Dope Flames to victory again.

  • Lucky 13

    Millers pretty good Canucks. Stole the game for you.
    Was he wearing a horseshoe, 4 leaf clover, his frosted lucky charm around his neck, cuz you know you were badly outplayed and didn’t deserve to win.. but you did?

    History is not going to be a repeated tonight, luck can only take you so far.
    We know, our 14-15 season was testament to that.

    Brace yourselves for some reality tonight.
    I like Markstrom, he’s the only guy who made sure Larsen didn’t get run over by the rest of your teammates.

    Different goalies, different game, different outcome… just saying

  • TurkeyLips

    Flames fans can say “deserve” all day long but the winning team last night had a better goaltender. Ours sucked.

    The politics of goaltending can be frustrating. Alternating from a 1A to 1B whenever a win streak arbitrarily ends on behalf of the goalie is just garbage. Having your goalie(s) constantly question their signifigance and role on the team can’t be good for confidence or mental consistency.

    It was the same song and dance last season. A recently acquired veteran defaults into the 1A position out of seniority, actually plays worse than his 1B counterpart, and it takes 75% of the season for the team to properly recalibrate and realize who is better of the two. Because of politics, this process takes twice as long as it should at the expense of team success.

  • TurkeyLips

    Last night made it crystal clear why Baertschi was traded due to conflicts with coaching staff. The skill is clearly there but his conditioning is quite pathetic for a player his age. Those huffs and puffs he displayed at the end of first period shifts contrasted starkly with Horvat’s composed nature.

    A guy that runs out of gas early and gets markedly worse as the game goes on just isn’t conducive to success in the playoffs. Still well worth the value of a second on behalf of the Canucks, however.

  • Roy

    Tanev is the keystone to this team’s success. Miller can have a fantastic game once in a while, but we need Tanev’s brilliant positioning and boardwork to make the mediocre teams wilt. Edler is good, but Tanev is much, much better and it was a huge disappointment to learn he was not flying out to Calgary.

    And while the idea is fun, the last iteration of this article involving the Oilers turned into a massive eyebleed in the comments. Calgary is a decent team with some good players that is struggling this season. Vancouver is probably an under-rated team that has seen some ups and downs. There really isn’t that much of a difference between the teams.

    Both teams have their entertainment value, and they both just might make the playoffs with luck and commitment to integrity (i.e. not tanking). Both teams share management/coaching history.

    I don’t know what terrible things people can think of to say about Calgary, other than Burke’s monstrous head occasionally looming on the screen in the press box like an Easter Island statue in a suit and tie, but let’s keep the trash talk to actual facts.

    e.g. Stanley Cups: Calgary: 1. Vancouver: 0. And yes, Vancouver is sad that it has never won a Stanley Cup.

    e.g. the last time Calgary and Vancouver met in the playoffs, Calgary won. Another fact that Vancouver fans were at the time not happy about.