Garnet Hathaway reassigned to Stockton Heat

There had to be a casualty of just trading picks for Michael Stone. 

That casualty, evidently, was the only player on the roster who doesn’t require waivers: Garnet Hathaway, who has been returned to the Stockton Heat. 

It’s not necessarily an indictment on him that he got sent down, it’s just the easiest move to make for the time being – that and, well, he only averages 9:08 a game.

Hathaway had been up with the Flames for a while, playing 26 games to date for the Flames this season. His first was way back on Nov. 15, the 1-0 win over the Minnesota Wild in which Johnny Gaudreau had his finger broken (even with Hathaway’s grit in the lineup? Suspicious); his last came in the Flames’ 5-0 loss to the Coyotes, Stone’s former team, on Feb. 13.

It’s kinda like Hathaway just lost twice to the Coyotes, if you think about it too much.

Hathaway is a decent fourth line guy, but that’s about it. And unfortunately, between him and Lance Bouma, he’s never shot at a 15.4% clip, so he hasn’t been signed to a massively overpriced deal, so he’s the one who has to go down – for the time being.

There could be future moves, after all, especially with the trade deadline about a week away – and the Flames carrying eight defencemen, which is hard to see lasting.

Hey, speaking of overpriced deals! Have we finally hit the end of the Dennis Wideman countdown?

Let’s hope this is a continuing trend. Wideman likely is un-tradable at this point, and parking him in the pressbox for the rest of the season is probably the Flames’ best bet going forward. It’s not necessarily that Matt Bartkowski and Stone are significant upgrades, they’re just plain regular upgrades on a very, very low bar. (Plus neither has ever assaulted any officials that I can recall.)

We’ll see how this new configuration works, but for the time being, it’s minor roster moves for the Flames.

    • MontanaMan

      I do too, but my sense is that he needs some seasoning in the AHL. His compete level is high but he needs to work on some parts of his game and the place to do that is in the minors. The kid has a great attitude and will be back before the end of the year.

      • Jakethesnail

        Should have sent Bennett as well. What’s the harm in giving him 5-6 games in the minors?
        Bennett needs to regain his confidence,as he is producing very little with the big club.

        • deantheraven

          Definitely. Bennett cant’ be so fragile that a week or two in Stockton would kill his confidence. I think it would be just the ticket to get him outta the funk. Or put him back on the wing with 2M!

        • ThisBigMouthIsRight

          I have some reservations sending Bennett down right now, The Heat are 3-17 right now… even had a fight in practice between Ryan Lomberg & Rasmus Andersson(they made up afterwards with hugs and laughs)but Not really a great place to go to build confidence or even a positive place for learning the game it seems. Would that kind of situation be helpful or harmful? Of course this is just an outside looking in perspective.

          • ThisBigMouthIsRight

            Yeah, I hear you. I would really enjoy reading an article from A FN Writer doing some digging into “what is going so wrong down in Stockton”? Maybe the live play by play guy? or the person running the web page? Someone who is truly involved with the team but is willing to give some real answers not just the tow the party line or typical scripted response to tough questions… What Happened down there? what did they change 20 games ago to spiral down so badly? its Crazy!

          • Cfan in Vic

            I think you might have misinterpreted that one:

            “yesterday Ryan Lomberg got in a fight FOR Rasmus Andersson. Rasmus brought him his gloves & stick and hugged him”

            The Heat are a mess right now, but I don’t think they’re fighting each other (maybe figuratively).

          • ThisBigMouthIsRight

            Damn- Really, Dang I knew I just briefly read something about that, but Couldn’t find it again? I did just skim over it wrongly then… I Apologize Ryan Lomberg & Rasmus Andersson and the Heat too, I thought it was “With”…lol… Not “For”… @#$%, My Bad! Well that makes me more hopeful then.. Big Thanks ~Cfan in Van~ Now I really Wish I could have found that write up! Sorry FN peeps…

        • Stu Cazz

          The harm in sending Bennett down at this point can be significant. He is coming off his EL contract and sending him down will send the wrong message. You want this kid to think the organization is backing his development for the longer term. He needs to sign a gap contract and continue his development in Calgary given his 4th overall status. He is a 20 year old that lost a season due to major shoulder surgery hence patience is required with Bennett. Having said that I don’t agree with the team’s persistence in playing him at centre at this time of his development…..LW has less responsibility..he is fragile at this point and needs to be set up for success….my 2 cents worth on Bennett.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Do you think Wideman has been benched due to a blockbuster trade involving him??? lol, just kidding. Bollig is also UFA, anyone think the Flames could get anything for him as a playoff rental?