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Tonight marks the second and final meeting of the season between the Detroit Red Wings and the Calgary Flames, and we’ve asked writers from both WingsNation and FlamesNation to get you set for tonight’s matchup. We’ve also put together a few notes to get you ready for the final time these two teams will meet this year. 

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Friday, March 3rd, 2017 – Saddledome (Calgary) – 7:00pm (PSTEST)/9:00pm (EST) 

Detroit Red Wings Calgary Flames
25-26-10 (8th in the Atlantic)  34-26-4 (4th in the Pacific)
4-5-1 in their last 10 7-2-1 in their last 10
Power Play (PP%): 13.1% Power Play (PP%): 19.6%
Penalty Kill (PK%): 81.3% Penalty Kill (PK%): 80.0%
Goal Differential: -27 Goal Differential: -7
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Today’s Meeting:

The Wings and Flames meet up for the final time this season and the Flames will be looking to sweep the season series. With the Flames currently riding a five-game winning streak, Detroit will be in tough if they look to extend their own winning streak to two games. Offence could be an issue for Detroit as they moved out their second leading scorer, Thomas Vanek, at the trade deadline for a third round pick and a defensive prospect. 

Points Leaders:

Henrik Zetterberg (DET) – 14G, 34A = 48 points

Mikael Backlund (CGY) – 19G, 26A = 45 points

Johnny Gaudreau (CGY) – 13G, 30A = 43 points

Matthew Tkachuk (CGY) – 11G, 30A = 41 points

Anthony Mantha (DET) – 13G, 18A = 31 points

Frans Nielson (DET) – 13G, 17A = 30 points



Petr Mrazek 38 33 15 16 0 6 1,077 105 2.95 972 .903 1 2,139
Jared Coreau 13 13 5 3 0 3 354 38 3.27 316 .893 2 699


Chad Johnson 33 33 18 13 0 1 920 80 2.54 840 .913 3 1,893
Brian Elliott 34 31 16 13 0 3 892 88 2.69 804 .901 0 1,960


Why is your team going to win or why will your enemy lose?


The Red Wings are going to win because the universe doesn’t want a Detroit rebuild. We sold at the deadline for the first time in, like, 25 years, so now the all powerful forces are going to force the Wings to win their way out of a high draft position. 

Ari Yanover (FlamesNation):

The playoffs are in sight for the Flames. They still have work to do over this final month and change, but it’s completely within their own hands at this point. The Wings are a below .500 team – they have no excuse to lose this one, and they shouldn’t.

Who’s hot? Who’s not?


Henrik Zetterberg is kinda good at this hockey thing. He’s scored seven points in his past four games. See what I mean? No rebuild! They won’t let it happen! Who’s been cold? Mike Green, the offensive dynamo, hasn’t recorded a point in six games now. Apparently, he didn’t want to get traded at the deadline, so maybe he’s playing poorly on purpose? 

Ari Yanover:

Micheal Ferland has been feeling it ever since he got moved up to play with Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau has been feeling it too, as a matter of fact. It’s early yet but it looks like Ferland could be the solution that line needs. As for cold, we’re still waiting for Sam Bennett to fully wake up – he’s kind of the last piece at this point.

Why should people watch this game?


Because the Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames rivalry is unforgettable, of course! 

Ari Yanover:

The Flames are fighting for a playoff spot. Every win is meaningful. This should be one of those.

Say something nice about your opponent.


The Flames didn’t trade Dougie Hamilton away, despite rumours suggesting they would. Good job! 

Ari Yanover:

That was a cool playoff streak y’all had once upon a time.

Any last words?


Please Flames, help let this rebuild begin! 

Ari Yanover:

We would love to.


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    • Lucky 13

      Couldn’t agree more Fall. That was a great game for both and I like the smash em up style of play… crash bang, smash em up, smash up derby is fun.. yup sure did, had the set of those crash cars as a kid… member the ?who’s going to go against tough Tom who ain’t been beaten yet… cmon little bug em you can get it done ” (1971 series) Lol

      Now we get to change the tune to “cmon big Ferly you can get it done, crash bang smash em up, post season so much fun ”

      Sorry for the nostalgia, it came to mind and I couldn’t resist..

  • Lucky 13

    I kinda feel bad for the Wings, having to be sellers at the deadline after being one of the most successful franchises in the NHL. It just goes to show that parity isn’t just a word, but has meaning in the game.

    With the exit of Pavel, Lidstrom and Babcock this is not the same team. Draft picks have been lacking on this Red Wing team for some time, perhaps having 11 this year will be a step in the right direction for them.

    I’m hoping we can continue our success with our winning streak and even hopeful for a playoff run.

    It’s fun watching post season when your team is in it .. sorry Red Wings

  • Lucky 13

    I’m really glad that FN is updating this site. I don’t know how many comments I have lost in cyberspace, after typing my fingers off.

    Red Wings have finally crashed back to earth and we’re seeing the results of not getting draft picks in that organization. I hope we don’t forget that.
    When you continue to buy and don’t draft picks, it will eventually bite you where it counts.. wins and post season

    Our boys look motivated and loose… I’m happy about that..

  • Kevin R

    I wonder if Hrudey was referring to Elliott being totally relieved he didn’t get traded at the deadline. It would have sucked for him if he had gotten moved for Fleury or Bishop right when he’s starting to get in a groove & the team is winning games & Wideman has “finally” found the press box.

  • The Doctor

    I find it interesting that despite the fact that the Wings are now in an obvious rethink/rebuild mode, their braintrust continues to seem to prefer European players. Relatively few Canadians on their team, and probably their best non-Euro player is an American, Dylan Larkin. They really do stand out that way. Channeling my inner Don Cherry, frankly that’s why I’ve never been a Wings fan. Canadian grit!

      • The Doctor

        Just admitting my bias, that’s all. Obviously Lidstrom was a fantastic player, a shoo-in hall of famer. But last time I checked, Team Sweden was not the reigning consecutive two-time Olympic Champion, nor was it the reigning World Cup of Hockey Champion, nor was it the reigning consecutive two-time defending IIHF World Champion. Just sayin’.

      • The Doctor

        Funny, I don’t see “Team Sweden” when I looked up the following:

        1. Who is the reigning two-time Olympic Champion in men’s hockey?

        2. Who is the reigning two time Champion at the IIHF World Championships?

        3. Who is the reigning Champion in the World Cup of Hockey?

          • The Doctor

            I certainly don’t deny that Lidstrom was a great player. You seemed, however, to be suggesting that Canadian players are somehow sub-par, because Lidstrom was a really good player. Or something like that. Which is what learned folks call a classic non-sequitur.