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Reasons the Flames should move on from Brad Treliving

Brad Treliving is without a contract, and according to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, it’s not a sure thing the Flames re-sign their general manager. In lieu of this news, here are the reasons for not signing Treliving to an extension:

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And that’s about it. There are none. There is no logical reason to move away from Treliving. He had a bad draft in 2014, sure, but he was fresh on the job and has had two dynamite ones since then in 2015 and 2016. He hasn’t solved the goaltending situation yet but he sure tried by bringing in two established NHL goalies in both Jonas Hiller and Brian Elliott – having them both implode in front of his eyes. He’s signed some bad contracts – Engelland, Bouma and Brouwer namely – but every GM falls victim to such deals; Treliving isn’t alone and his replacement probably wouldn’t be any less prone to it.

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He’s built a playoff team that’s on the verge of being a legitimate contender in three seasons, and is entering an offseason with cap space and flexibility to vault the Flames to that next level. He was brought in to successfully rebuild the Flames and it looks like he’s well on his way. They’ve made the playoffs in two of three years, and unlike 2015, the 2017 showing wasn’t a fluke (despite the sweep) and they’ll likely be right back there in 2018.

Letting Treliving walk would be the single stupidest thing this organization has done since… maybe ever. And they’ve done some stupid things. He has his warts, but who doesn’t. The positives overwhelm the negatives and if Brad Treliving isn’t the general manager of the Calgary Flames on July 1 (or whenever his contract expires), the organization would erode my trust to a point where I’m not really sure it could ever recover.

  • Newbietwo

    The first role of a GM is to access what they have and then decide-build an identity..

    This year we are starting to see what the flames want in terms of style of play which is a quick possession game and that they value speed and size significantly added with grit or grind..

    There that is your identity if you want Tre to sign that is what he will continue to try to accomplish so it’s a matter of either agreeing that it’s working or it needs to change.. all the other things in between is just how it goes..

    • Newbietwo

      In terms of drafting they seem to be taking a BPA available now.. they look at the potential and go form there.. doesn’t mean we end up a smaller team of Phillips and dubes of the world but they are value assets

  • RKD

    I’m not sure what will happen but please don’t let them name Burke as GM. Despite Burke saying the Flames always do business this way it is unusual for any Gm and in Treliving’s case he’a the only guy in the Nhl to not have a contract for next year. He has done some good things getting Gaudreau at a steal of a contract but the Raymond signing was awful, the Brouwer contract is awful, he got a 2nd round pick for Baertschi and Glencross. He made a blunder in waving Paul Bryon. The good thing to know is that Brad isn’t shy he is in on big names like Bishop and Fleury. He got us Dougie Hamilton. Still, i need to see him get us a bonafide elite goaltender, a top line RW, a top 4 d-man. I didn’t like he waited so long to hire Gulutzan i was hoping for a veteran coach.

  • Dr.Wahooka

    “He had a bad draft in 2014, sure, but he was fresh on the job and has had two dynamite ones since then in 2015 and 2016.”

    2014 isn’t exactly shaping up to be a stellar draft class. He ended up with picking a guy that was at one point expected to go first overall who is currently holding his own amongst the other 1st rounders that year. I am curious as to how that can be considered him having a bad draft.

    • shaner

      Tre has had amazing drafts, I really like kylington. was hoping the oilers would draft him……..but we traded barzal and a 2nd for………..umm………..griffin reinhardt….lol

      oh well the talbot trade has made up for it.

  • Pyroflatulence

    Not sure why people are ?ing on the Granlund and Baertschi trades.

    We had to too many centres and Granlund was expendable. He played on a line with the twins this season and any player not named Brouwer would get points on that line.

    The relationship between Baertschi, his daddy and the team had soured. He has skill but I really don’t think he has what it takes come playoff time.

    We did use one of the picks we got to get Hamilton who is worth more than both those guys.

    • Bilman

      I blame burke more for Baertshchi than Treliving. Why in the heck would you ever publically roast a young player (with exception to someone like Evander Kane).

  • Justthateasy

    Bring in all the goalies you want with all the experience you want. You’ve got to look at their weaknesses. All the positives in the world won’t cut it. Successful playoffs is all about zero mistakes.
    If you can’t find a playoff proven goalie then you have to grow your own. And be patient until that time comes when someone may be ready.

  • RyanCoke

    From an oilers fan observing the flames. I think Brad Treliving is gold and it would be stupid to get rid of him. He made reasonable extensions and great trades and awesome drafting. The blue line is something I envy and would like the Oilers to have. Forward group has good cohesion and decent depth.

  • Alberta Ice

    Totally agree. The Gaudreau signing went way over time and cast a dark shadow over the Flames season; please get our GM signed; the longer this delays, the longer another shadow grows.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Real problem at the end of last season was how the Flames let Bobby dangle for at least a month before he was sent packing. Was that Tre being indecisive or caught in a power struggle between pro and anti Bobby camps? Was it Burke or the owners playing mind games with Bobby? Don’t know, the delay served no useful purpose in my eyes. I don’t believe Bobby had any future here after last season, so why didn’t they give him the kiss off the day after the season ended?

  • Thatz Nuckin Futz

    I wonder how long the list would be of ‘GM’s Who’ve Never Signed A Dud Free Agent’ would be? Pretty short I imagine. I would prefer some stability in the organization instead of a spinning carousel of goalies, coaches & GM’s. I realize the only constant in life is change itself but I don’t want to see a new ‘philosophy’ every 2 years. We’ve got a pretty decent core. Let’s build on the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. See ya next year. Peace, out.

  • Cheeky

    I’m good with staying with BT, however I’d like to see him ammend mistakes he makes rather than dying on the sword. Whether thats management, coaches or players at any of the levels, fix it. I’m not fully sold but with some tweaks thinking we can get to that level we all hope for.

  • slapshot444

    Ha, good article, the head line lead you elsewhere but the article is right on. He ( Treliving) might have had an other influence in the first draft (say perhaps a fellow who is challenged with the windsor tie knot) but there was no excuse for letting Mighty Mouse Paul Byron go for nothing, but hey whose perfect. Ok so the goalie fiasco not only cost us Byron, and a first round sweep, and a few million bucks but at least it wasn’t my money AND we are not in the same situation as Dallas. Here’s to three times lucky on the goalie with dare I say Ben Bishop and here’s to hoping Johnny gives a quarter mill to charity so he doesn’t feel so guilty and pressured about holding out for the big bucks (with bad advice from his agent) and then playing indecisively under the pressure. And if I have one last wish it’s kicking but in the battle of Alberta 2018 so we can send the Oilers packing just as they have to sign McDavid to his 97 million dollar 8 year contract!!

  • I think Brad is probably asking too much in terms of salary. The Flames already have a huge amount of money tied up in administration, extra coaches, multiple assists, … they can’t spare the extra money BT deserves. I’m sure Buffalo will be BT’s new home and place to build his championship team … unless King and the owners figure out their front office spending problems.

  • FOS

    It’s great to have such intellectual comments up here, you are obviously i highly knowledgeable guy to come up with these original thought time and time again. Thanks for you’re input Johnny Garbage, keep it up.

  • jakethesnail

    Damn I cancelled that comment…oh hell, ,may as well finish my thoughts!

    Go and pee up against Rogers Place, like lot of oiler fans have to do because of a lack of washroom stalls for men.. Billion dollar building has fewer stalls than the Coliseum had! Porta-potties will have to be installed!

  • Connor Mcdavid 1

    wrong bud, if we want to get technical there are actually more stalls than Rexall had, imagine if 19600 people went to a hockey game and out of that 19600 people half of them get up and go to the washroom, that’s a lot of stalls to be needed hey. Jam that many people in a building its going to be tight fitting brotha, or pay 3000/game and you could pee in three stalls at once