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What we know about the Dennis Wideman lawsuit

In the latest development in a story that just will not stop unfolding – no matter how much we wish it would stop – linesman Don Henderson has filed a lawsuit against Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman. The story is courtesy of CTV’s Chris Epp (who broke the story) and crack TSN reporter Rick Westhead.

Since everything is still unfolding right now, let’s just lay out what we know right now.

Who’s suing who?

Henderson (and the Province of Alberta) are reportedly suing Dennis Wideman, the Calgary Flames (his employer) and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (the owners of the Flames).


Way, way back on January 27, 2016 – in the last game before the 2016 All-Star Break – Wideman cross-checked Henderson in the middle of the game. He was subsequently suspended, which led to a bunch of appeals, re-appeals, an independent arbitrator and a lawsuit to vacate the decision of said arbitrator. We all became intimately familiar with parts of the CBA that we never, ever wanted (or needed) to read.

Henderson? He hasn’t worked a game since.

What do they want?

From TSN:

Henderson seeks general damages of $200,000, special damages to pay for housekeeping, yard work and hospital expenses of $50,000, and damages for loss of income and future loss of income of $10 million.

What happens next?

What’s been filed by Henderson’s lawyers is known as a “statement of claim,” effectively telling the defendants that they’re being sued. The defendants have 30 days to file a “statement of defense,” which is effectively a rebuttal to Henderson’s initial filing. After that, things go back and forth. It could be months before this sees the inside of a courtroom, even for something preliminary.

Expect a ton of questions about this at Garbage Bag Day at the Scotiabank Saddledome tomorrow, and expect the Flames to say very little – as you’d expect them to given there’s an ongoing legal proceeding happening.

  • RedMan

    I think Wideman should sue the linesman and the NHL for failing to protect him and causing him to suffer a concussion which led him to accidently hitting the linesman which then opened him up to further jeopordy like this lawzukt

  • The Fall

    Complete conflict of interest: the refs union cannot be considered impartial while a member is suing one of the teams. Tre should request alternate refs for every Flames game until this is settled.

    The NHL needs to step in.

  • Albertabeef

    Well I did say last year he was lucky he wasn’t getting sued. Guess his luck ran out. Flames should have dumped him in the offseason. There number one reason to fire KK BB BT and while we are at it get rid of GG too. Clean house and prepare for a better future. Burke should be held responsible for the extra “truculence”. What kind of a pure dumbass cross checks a ref? He’s worse than that stupid damn Bertuzzi! These guys are embarrassments to the game.

  • grumpyKoala

    I guess that what happen when you do not follow the nhl concussion protocol. That ref should have been sent to the black room. In all seriousness that very hard to determine if what he claim is related to the hit. By NHL standard, this is a pretty common hit that most of the time would not make a ref blink

  • JusAFlamer

    oil troll. just doing it to get a rise out of anyone they can.
    why is at least half the comments to all FN articles Oil trolls with nothing better to do, you would think they would be getting their kicks on the sharks message boards at this time