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Friedman: Craig Conroy a GM candidate in Buffalo

The hockey world keeps on turning and a member of the Calgary Flames front office has been touted as a contender for the open general manager position with the Buffalo Sabres.

During the Headlines segment on Saturday night’s Pittsburgh/Washington game, Elliotte Friedman reported that Flames assistant general manager Craig Conroy has either already interviewed for the Sabres job or has been granted permission to do so. His name was included among a list of several candidates for the position.

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Conroy, 45, has had a pretty interesting career since retiring from being an active player back in February 2011. First he served as special assistant to the general manager under Jay Feaster. He was retained in that position after Feaster was axed in December 2013 by interim GM Brian Burke and was promoted to assistant general manager after Brad Treliving joined the Flames the following spring.

Conroy’s duties have varied over his tenure in the Flames front office, running the gamut from scouting and compiling the team’s draft list to running the day-to-day of the club’s AHL affiliate. The approach has given him a pretty broad skillset, which combined with his affable nature and sunny disposition likely make him an attractive prospective GM.

    • Pyroflatulence

      Fear not. A new arena will get built. Nenshi may be posturing for re-election but relocation of the team would be political suicide and he would have to relocate.

      • Denscafon

        Not to derail the actual article here on FN but that Calgary Sun article to me is honestly complete garbage. The comparison of using a CRL to revitalize East village vs CalgaryNEXT is not even correct. Yes, Condo developers make a profit for building condos but unlike CalgaryNEXT, the people that buy those condos pay property tax just like everyone else. CalgaryNEXT would not pay property tax under their financial scheme as the building itself would be “owned by the city”. How do you start paying back to a CRL if the complex doesn’t pay any property tax? If you wanted a CRL for west village, that money should go towards cleaning up the contaminated land and building the roads and infrastructure around CalgaryNEXT, not actually pay for the actual building itself. I’m all for a new arena, and I don’t like how Nenshi can’t keep his mouth shut but I think Ken King (and Bettman) has been WAY worse in handling this whole situation. I’m glad Nenshi and the council aren’t bending over like Edmonton did to Katz. This is a decision that will have repercussions for 20+ years so let’s not just rush into things blindly.

        • freethe flames

          The issue remains is that the Flames want the city to pay most of the bills and receive virtually no revenue. The Flames ownership group could pay for the new building if they really wanted to. Does anyone know who paid for the NYR renovations to MSG? The Victoria Park location will at least allow the city to not have to pay for the massive clean up that the CalgaryNext project would require. The redevelopment and cleanup needs to be done but by it being condos and businesses the city will recope the costs in taxes. Do we need the new facilities (arena, stadium/fieldhouse), yes; would it create a temporary bubble in economy; yes, does it have some long term societal benefit, again yes; but for a province where people always slam government interference in the economy and blame anyone L of the beloved Conservatives for a city council to go hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to basically subisidize billionaires is hypocracy.

  • JumpJet

    Conroy is always one of my favourite guys to listen talk about the team. I’m not surprised he’s getting interest from around the league and he deserves a shot a running a team, but I sure would miss him if left.

      • piscera.infada

        How’s this for a Shyamalan twist?

        The organisation gives Burke his walking papers, Treliving becomes POHO, Conroy becomes GM. If the Flames deem that Conroy is truly ready… the people rejoice(?).

  • Kdc

    I think the comments regarding Edmonton “bending over” for Katz are a bit misguided. If you’ve been to downtown Edmonton recently, the massive building projects going on around the arena are going to have the crl amounts repaid well ahead of schedule. The employment being created is also adding to the tax rolls. So while it sure looked like he city was on the hook for bigs numbers initially, the forward looking developments will leave Edmonton way ahead of the game. Here in Calgary, the arena just can’t be stand alone, it needs to be a part of a redevelopment that will add to the city’s tax rolls. A difficult proposition in light of the downtown climate of the city today.

    • Hubcap1

      I don’t agree with the concept that a private business is somehow owed something or entitled to some axillary benefit because there are some positive benefits that spin off from their existence. If your business is successful then the additional benefits to the rest of the community will only help to compliment your own success. You, the business owner, are owed nothing but the fruits of your labour, or in this case the fruits of your capital.

      • Kdc

        Hubcap, while that’s true, can a sports stadium not be regarded as a civic asset? Not unlike a museum or concert hall, or art gallery? Those buildings are all funded by the taxpayer and generally require additional taxpayer support to remain open. As a sports fan I am biased, but what would I rather support with my tax dollars, an art gallery I may never visit, or an arena/stadium that I can attend events at? Answers pretty friggin clear!

  • BlueMoonNigel

    I have no idea how Conroy would be as a GM, but he can do colour commentary on any hockey broadcast I watch. He’s a very entertaining speaker.

    He was a pretty good player, mainly because of his work effort and not his natural gifts, so I have to think that he has worked hard and learned the ropes as an assistant GM and could be ready to become an NHL GM.

    Buffalo is actually a dream gig for a GM because the team already has a solid young core to build on. Murray, for all the criticism he got, did a good job of building future contender. I never agreed with his choice of coach, however.

    Connie as GM and either Ruff or Desjardins as coach and the Sabres will continue their climb to being one of the league’s elite teams.