New Flames jersey revealed

At long last, the big day is here. Well… one of them.

Between the trade deadline, expansion draft, entry draft, and free agency, it’s an exceptionally busy start to the NHL offseason this year. But there’s one more event sandwiched in: new jerseys, for all 31 (!) NHL teams. As the league has made the switch from Reebok to Adidas, everyone has an updated look, and that includes the Flames.

No, they aren’t retros – much to the disappointment of many (check the mentions on an official Flames tweet teasing the new jersey, they are an angry place) – they’re more of a tweak than anything else.

What works

  • It’s simple. Red is the base colour, black is prominent on the sleeves and logo, and yellow and white are well used as accents.
  • The incessant piping is gone. I think I’m a fan of the black along the sides running higher up, too, though it’s hard to tell from what they’ve given us here.
  • It’s legible. This is such an obvious thing to get right, but you know, thank goodness they did, because it’s also surprisingly easy to mess up. The Flames’ numbers are big and clear, their names should be easy to read. That’s pretty important, so kudos for not bungling that.
  • The laces. This is more personal opinion than anything, but I’m pro-laces, and it’s not like they’re obnoxiously placed or anything. Besides, they provide a nice bit of a breakup which is needed because, well…

What doesn’t work

  • The collar. What is the point of that, exactly? Here’s a thin black strip that turns even thinner for no apparent reason. If you’re going to bother with it at all try having it have actual definition. Or at least make it even. Or – I wasn’t a big fan of the old script third jerseys, but I liked the black shoulders and the patch instead of the flags. The fact that you can see the stitching but they chose to just keep it completely red is especially aggravating. Why?

  • The Captain’s ‘C’. What the heck happened here? The Flames use a dual outline on their logo, which, fair enough, the white-yellow combination works on bigger pieces. The captain’s ‘C’ is as thick as just one of the outlines. It makes it look like a fake knockoff. I pray they kept the Atlanta ‘A’ for the alternates, but I shudder to think of what they might look like if this is the ‘C’. There was no reason to do this.


The Flames and Adidas played it safe with this one, keeping their current jersey design and not really doing anything to it. It’s a little more streamlined, which is good, but they somehow got the small details wrong more than anything else, which is baffling. It probably would have taken less work or innovation to nail it, and yet…

All in all, unless you’re a jersey collector or absolutely in love with this update, there’s no reason to go out and buy a new one (especially as I believe Reebok jerseys should continue to be on sale, as they’re now outdated).

It’s not a horrible monstrosity, nor is it particularly beautiful. It’s passable. The Flames will play hockey in it. And that’s about it.

The away ones look nice, though.

  • Baalzamon

    I don’t know why I expected better, but I did. The organization continues to completely ignore its fans to its own detriment. Unless they’re deliberately alienating us so it’ll be easier to leave I just don’t get it. We’re stuck with the same threads for ten years, we’re finally promised a long over-due change, and this is what we get? They couldn’t have done this, you know, the year after they first introduced the stupid flags? Does ANYONE like that affectation, btw?

    The award for most insignificant improvement goes to…

    • Baalzamon

      And another thing: who decided that every jersey needed to have shoulder patches in the first place? I personally can’t think of a single jersey that wouldn’t look better if it did away with patches altogether.

        • Aadvarkian Abakeneezer

          Me too. But then I kind of liked the fire snot alternates.

          All this say yes to the dress crap about a hockey sweater is tiresome though. Piping? Laces? Should the black strip change width or be even? Should we just get rid of it? What about the second one from the third store we tried on Tuesday?


  • Lets Get Something Clear

    The biggest change (for all of the new jerseys) is that the logos in many cases have shrunk slightly and been moved further down from the collar likely to make space for future ads.

  • TurkeyLips


    It’s not whether these look good or bad. How about a colour scheme that doesn’t almost identically match a fifth of the league?

    New Jersey, Carolina, Chicago, Ottawa, and Arizona all have livery that simply looks like our if you squint hard enough. Pretty disappointing for those with even an ounce of eccentric in them.

    These current iterations are half-assed with design and shortsighted in terms of sales. Who wants to buy another Jersey that looks exactly as uninspiring as our originals? For the love of all hockey please lower the black/red ratio of colour on our jerseys because it aint making us look like an original team. Increase the prescence of yellow by a large margin, forgoing white for black as a complimentary colour drives me insane. Yeah white crests are a pain to keep clean but there are ways of adderssing that. Why the hell did anyone have to change the Flaming C to black – damn you and your idea it has cause so much trouble.

  • flames2015

    Disappointing. I’m all for the retros like most people are but I think if we upgraded our script jersey, by just replacing the logo with the Flaming C that would have been a good updated look. I like the orginal patch design, the rockies and the C. No one is a fan of the flags that don’t match the rest of the jersey. We must have the most outdated looking jersey now as all the other teams have made some sort of update over the last 10 years. The only thing i like is the new black laces on the front.

    • McRib

      Yeah, honestly if they just put this “C” on the most recent third jersey, thus just removing the word mark, they would be a major improvement over these bland jerseys. The retros would be even better (or an updated retro), but still I liked those latest thirds (outside of the Walmart symbol script), more than these.

    • McRib

      Yeah, honestly if they just put this “C” on the most recent third jersey, thus just removing the word mark, they would be a major improvement over these bland jerseys. The retros would be even better (or an updated retro), but still I liked those latest thirds (outside of the Walmart symbol script), more than these.

  • Puckhead

    From a business standpoint you would think that they would do market research (?) and come up with something new where they could sell a tonne of them and make some $.

    That said I would have been happy with the old retros.

  • FlamesRule

    I don’t get the infatuation with jerseys on this blog. Where’s the stats to back up your eyeball opinions? We
    What’s the Corsi differential on the road jersey vs. home jersey. Get over it

      • freethe flames

        Seems like twenty. But that is what happens during the dog days of one’s team being out early and the GM not making any news for weeks on end. The other option would be to have another article on the arena when nothing has been decided. Luckily tonight LV reveals it’s team and we will get to know the side deals and maybe just maybe BT can announce some good news. Maybe a trade, maybe some college FA signings, maybe a couple of his own RFA signings. My rant isn’t against you the writers but more about what seems like inaction by our favorite GM.

  • Lucky 13

    I’m not really that disappointed in our jerseys other than where they placed the letters for “C” as captain. It looks weird and a bit small.

    I do like our road jerseys.

    If you think our is bad, take a look at Vegas… looks like they drafted the German National team? And that puke grey?

    No FA/UFA is going to sign if they see those jerseys!

  • Eggs Bennett

    Why are people so eager for a revolution in jersey design? I personally am appreciative that they did not seek to milk the fans by taking this opportunity to make older jerseys look obsolete and stand out like sore thumbs. Any radical move like that is a greedy move in my eyes to make money more off fans. And let’s be real, the economy has not been kind to us in recent years. I for one am a happy fan being able to buy a discount reebok jersey that looks close to the “latest and greatest”…

    • flames2015

      Because its been 10 years since a redesign? And a refresh is nice? I for one enjoy seeing the evolution and different eras of Flames jerseys when I go games and I bet most people wouldn’t even think twice about someone wearing an older jersey to be considered standing out like a ‘sore thumb’. Many teams have had updates and changes in the last decade, I don’t think its unreasonable the large majority of the fan base wanted the option of updated look.

  • Atomic Clown

    I’m a fan of the minimalist and simplistic approach. We don’t know four different colors. Red, black and white would have sufficed. Remove the shoulder patches, bold the C and the A for the captain/alternate, and I’d probably buy a Tkachuk jersey in a heartbeat

  • SamTastic

    Did any team actually change their design? I think Minny is the only one that got a different jersey, everyone else kept the exact same jersey and reduced the collar size, no?

  • GetRidOfBrianBurke1989

    The Flames continue to have some of the worst jerseys in the NHL. Ken King, Brian Burke & the entire ownership group have the taste of a pack of slugs. Those ridiculous flags are a major jersey faux pas, everyone knows Calgary is in Alberta and as far as the country goes, you see all the help Canada gives Alberta in bad economic times – none. Carolina screwed up their jerseys but came back strong in this re-design. When in doubt go with a classic hockey jersey – instead the Reebok up the side crap remains in the “new” update. Don’t expect them to ever get the hockey team right either, they handle that about as well as they are handling Nenshi.