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Making sense of the Flames’ future picks

The Calgary Flames have traded a lot of draft selections over the past several months. Speaking to the media at the 2017 NHL Draft, general manager Brad Treliving joked about how many picks he’s traded – the joke being it betrays his reputation as a guy who never trades picks.

With all the picks moving, and a laundry list of conditions attached to these picks, here’s a handy guide to the selections the Flames have remaining in the next three drafts.

Conditional picks

The Mike Smith trade:

  • If the Flames make the playoffs in 2017-18, then Arizona receives the Flames’ second round pick in either 2018 or 2019 (Calgary’s choice).
  • If the Flames do not make the playoffs in 2017-18, then Arizona receives the Flames’ third round pick in either 2018 or 2019 (Calgary’s choice).

Since the 2018 second was traded to the Islanders, Calgary “chooses” to send their 2019 second to Arizona if they make the playoffs in 2017-18.

The Travis Hamonic trade:

  • The Flames will send the Islanders a second round pick in either of 2019 or 2020, depending which is available based on the Smith conditions, and receive the Islanders’ fourth round pick the same year.

If the Flames miss the playoffs in 2017-18, the Islanders receive Calgary’s second round pick in 2019 (since it won’t be sent to the Coyotes). If they make the playoffs, then the Isles receive their 2020 second round pick instead.

2018 Draft

  • No 1st rounder (to NY Islanders)
  • No 2nd rounder (to NY Islanders)
  • Possibly no 3rd rounder (Flames’ choice, if they miss playoffs in 2017-18, to Arizona)
  • Own 4th rounder and Florida’s (from Jiri Hudler trade)
  • Own 5th rounder (unless Michael Stone re-signs, then to Arizona)
  • Own 6th rounder
  • Own 7th rounder

2019 Draft

  • No 2nd rounder (to NY Islanders, unless they make playoffs in 2017-18 then to Arizona)

2020 Draft

  • Own 2nd rounder (unless they make playoffs in 2017-18 then to NY Islanders)
  • Lucky 13

    Thanks Pike!

    Kinda depressing when you look at all the picks we’re giving up.

    I hope these recent acquisitions are indicative of swinging for the fences.

    With several teams in on Hamonic, it drove the price up.. thanks Toronto

    I like Hamonic and hope his stay at home defensive game will be an asset to our mobile offensive d -men.

    Also if I remember correctly, his last injury (Hamonic) resulted in sticking up for Tavares…

    Welcome to the team Hamonic!
    Character guy and most notably a great human being.. (see humanitarian awards)

  • C Watson

    The Flames (to me) have a very poor record of graduating draft picks. It seems, if a player does not make the big team straight out of their draft class they are destined to the AHL, never again to see the light of day. Oh, they might get a sniff here and there but their way will be blocked by some over the hill, over priced temporary crack filler acquired by trade or free agency. Unless the Flames can graduate prospects they will be an also ran team forever mired in mediocrity.

    • Lucky 13

      Sorry but that doesn’t make much sense… why would we graduate prospects who aren’t ready for pro league?

      Sure there’s going to be some prospects who make it right away ( Tkachuk) as an example but that’s not the norm for most.
      Remember he was still a question mark until game 9.

      I think you’re being a bit skeptical towards player development and I get it.. we need to see what our youth has in store, but not to the exclusion of giving them time to reach their potential.

      • C Watson

        Tkachuk, Bennett, Monahan and Gaudreau never played in the AHL(As I said, straight out of their draft class). Brodie and Ferland, yes but very little else. That is over a good number of years. Pretty low odds.

        • Lucky 13

          Gotcha.. I agree we haven’t been good with our current prospects.

          I hope there’s a change in this season?
          Cross fingers…
          Thanks for the clarification!